How to Withdraw Money from GO2bank Without Card? 7 Indirect Ways

GO2bank account holders wonder how to withdraw money from go2bank without card. There are several ways to access your money from a GO2bank account without a card. GO2bank has been serving money transfer services for years and people now easily send and receive money anywhere without hassle and excessive fees.

Once you link available funding sources with US Bank or Visa-Mastercard, you can get money off with your GO2bank account. GO2bank accepts most online banks in US. You can even instantly transfer funds with an eligible debit card to a GO2bank account. A debit card is the best way to withdraw money from your GO2bank account.

What if you don’t have a GO2bank debit card, or you lost it a few days ago? Can you withdraw money from GO2bank without a card? Though you can use GO2bank without a card, withdrawing money without a card is not a straightforward process since there is no Cardless Withdrawal feature at GO2bank ATM.

Are you out of luck? Don’t worry, there are other indirect ways to withdraw money from GO2bank without card. This article will focus on how to withdraw money from go2bank without card.

Can I Use GO2bank Without a Card?

Yes, you can use GO2bank without a card. Nowadays, it is common to transfer money and pay various types of bills without a physical debit or credit card. You can move money with GO2bank by linking another bank account, debit card, or ATM card where you want to send or receive money.

By using GO2bank – Mobile banking app, you can pay utility bills, rent bills, and restaurant bills without using a card. Since, GO2bank provides a smooth banking experience, businessmen and merchandisers use it to complete their regular payments. And of course, it is less time-consuming when transferring, exchanging, and withdrawing money anywhere.

Does GO2bank Offer Cardless Withdrawals?

Sadly, GO2bank doesn’t offer cardless withdrawal at ATMs. That means, without a debit card from GO2bank, you can’t withdraw from the ATM. Currently, GO2bank has no functionality to identify these types of transactions.

GO2bank debit card is the only option to get money off from an ATM that charges a $3.00 fee per withdrawal from any out-of ATM network. With this debit card, you can withdraw up to $500 per day.

Can You Withdraw Money From GO2bank Without Card?

Partially, you can use GO2bank without a card but withdrawing money without a card is not possible directly. The reason behind, due to a lack of support for GO2bank cardless withdrawals. So, it is impossible to withdraw money from GO2bank without card at ATM.

However, Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We organized multiple ways to withdraw money from GO2bank without card that help you to get funds in your hand without even touching your GO2bank debit card.

7 Best Ways To Withdraw Money From GO2bank Without Card

Directly you can’t withdraw money from GO2bank without card. So, the indirect path is a great way to get money off from a GO2bank account without card. Here is the best way to withdraw money from GO2bank without card.

1. Send Money to a Friend and Get Cash

Find a friend or relative who has a GO2bank account, then send money to his/her account and ask for cash. You just need to find someone and convince them to receive money and exchange it for physical cash.

You can use GO2bank’s “Fund Transfer” feature to do this. Your friend or relative may ask for a fee, you should add extra funds when transferring money to their account if you really got this money on hand.

2. Papercheck Yourself

Sending a paper check is a bill pay service that helps you to access your bank remotely. You can use it to send or make payments. When you want to withdraw from GO2bank, sending yourself a paper check is another way to get your money off.

You can set up bill payments and pay yourself as to anyone else. You can send a check through the mail or use a digital checking service. Both are the safest way to receive and send money.

3. Use Mobile Wallet (Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal)

Fortunately, GO2bank account holders can use third-party wallet apps to withdraw money without a card. There are numerous available apps such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, you can choose as an alternate payment method to GO2bank debit card. To make transactions with those apps, you have to link to your debit card. Here is a guide to link Google Pay to a GO2bank card.

  • Download, Install, and launch Google Pay on your phone
  • Tap on “Profile Picture” icon on Google Pay
  • Select a credit or debit card
  • Position your card on the camera frame. It will automatically collect your card information or you can type it manually
  • Enter the CVV code from the backside of GO2bank debit card
  • After that, GO2bank will receive and validate your card. They may also ask for additional info to validate
  • Then, your card will be activated on Google Pay. Then you can start fund transferring

4. Transfer GO2bank Funds to External Bank

Let’s talk about how to transfer money from GO2bank account to another bank account. Before doing that, you have to set up GO2bank with another bank. Another legit way to move money is by using a different bank.

This time-consuming process can help you to withdraw money. First of all, account holders should link a bank account to the GO2bank-Mobile banking app. Here’s the process.

  • Login to GO2bank app
  • Tap on “Move Money”
  • Tap on “Bank transfer” from the menu
  • Choose a bank you want to link in
  • Enter credentials to log in with this bank (Note: GO2bank use Plaid which is a secure and private path to link a bank account)
  • Complete all verifications required
  • If everything is right, start transferring funds immediately

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5. Use Another Bank Card (Visa or Mastercard)

When you don’t have GO2bank debit card, you can go for using another bank card to complete withdrawal. Any linked debit card can be used for withdrawal purposes. By using a second debit card, transferring money from a linked bank account to a GO2bank account via bank wire or ACH is possible.

For GO2bank, you can use another debit card but it must be issued from a US bank as well as the name on the card must match with GO2bank account holder’s name. You just need to link your Visa or Mastercard debit card to GO2bank from a mobile app or website. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to transfer money to a linked debit card.

6. Get a Virtual Debit Card

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a GO2bank card. A digital virtual card allows you to make payments. Remember, virtual cards are specially made for low amounts of transactions. For international travelers, virtual cards are a great option that meets all banking needs. Nowadays, most Virtual bank has virtual card access. However, to access GO2bank virtual debit card here’s go-

  • Login to GO2bank account
  • Go to “Manage Cards”
  • Tap on “Show card info”
  • Toggle to see Virtual card number, expiration date, CVV code
  • You can use this information to make payments anywhere

7. Make ACH Transfer with Friends

If you lost your GO2Bank debit card and want to withdraw money from your checking account. You can use the ACH Transfer feature from GO2bank. To make an ACH transfer, you need the banking details of another person you want to send money to. It is just like a fund transfer. Here’s the WikiHow tutorial to do this.

Video Tutorial on “How to Withdraw Money from GO2bank Without Card?

Final Thoughts

What to say about GO2bank, this bank provides the most appealing features and benefits compared to banks that fit a modern lifestyle. Additionally, it is a safe and secure online banking solution for all types of people to complete all financial transactions. However, if you don’t want to use a debit card for withdrawal purposes, you have other options as we earlier shared about how to withdraw money from go2bank without card in 7 ways.