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Thank you for your interest to start write for us!!!

Hello!!! Swipe On Idea, Lovers

Do you ever think about publishing your article to another site that so-called guest posting? We are here to serve you the opportunity. We accept Tech and Finance niche guest posts from anyone. If you have a new thought, new creativity which will be interesting to our readers. You are highly welcomed to publish articles on our website.

Guest Post Requirements

Given necessities are freely benefited both of us by SEO. Take it carefully. We always focus on SEO optimized in-depth content. Our wide range of visitors like tech related article deeply. If you are guest post seeker and want to contribute with your tech related article. You are highly welcome here.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Guest article must be 100% original-unique, copyscape free, well-researched and relevant to our niche. We don’t publish spin and paraphrased article.
  2. Article must be well-decorated with proper headings that serves a unique value to our valuable readers.
  3. Make sure your article never publish anywhere before. (Duplicate articles are highly prohibited.)
  4. After submit the article to our website, you have no permission to publish it anywhere again.
  5. Check your articles structure, grammatical mistakes and proofreading. Maintain readability score.
  6. CBD, Casino, Gambling, Betting and Adult Content are not allowed.
  7. Attach necessary picture, images, graphs, screenshots, infographic that relevant to article. Ensure all images/pictures are copyright free. Pixabay is good place to pick copyright free image. Don’t forget to mention the image source.
  8. Contact us for more query at [email protected]

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