13 Best Tourist Place in Bangladesh to Visit in Winter

Bangladesh is decorated and covered with the green basin of nature. A simple and minimal tourist destination, according to the World Bank report. The beauty of nature, fragrance exists in every corner of this country. There are numerous destinations in this country which are favorable for tourists

From 6 seasons, Winter is undoubtedly the best and perfect time to travel anywhere. We are always busy with our daily activities, but the freshness of mind can increase work speed. At every level in life, we need some relaxation as well as work, to enjoy life joyfully. Let’s continue and find the best places to visit in winter.

1. Cox’s Bazar: The Third Longest Sea Beach in the planet

One of the most visited places in Bangladesh. No one exists who never heard about this gorgeous spot. A perfect place for a long trip, where you can feel your expected feelings. You will find local fishers who are Collecting fish from the river with nets.

Coxs Bazar The Third Longest Sea Beach in the planet
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The strong waves of the river will light up your mind; you will lose yourself in the love of rivers and nature. This sea beach is located in Cox’s Bazar area, 390 km away from Dhaka (Capital City of Bangladesh) and 147 km from Chittagong. It takes 9 to 10 hours by bus from Dhaka to reach there. You can arrive there also by plane; there are 7-flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. So, be sure about its transportation system. It is good enough.

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2. Sundarbans: The Mangrove Forest

Sundarban – the largest mangrove forest on the planet. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You heard about the Royal Bengal Tiger. Bengal Means Bangladesh and Tiger at Our Sundarbans. It is only one place where Tiger roams freely.

Sundarbans The Mangrove Forest
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This world’s largest mangrove forest is a unique attraction for travellers. Sundarban is an attractive place to visit, especially in winter. This forest can be called a paradise of biodiversity. Numerous wildlife, birds and aquatic animals live here. The highlighted matter is Chital deer can be seen there. You will find local huts for shelter, from where you can easily see the deer.

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3. Bandarban and Rangamati: Most Elevated Tourist Spot

These two places in Bangladesh where we can meet with natural scenery. Rangamati and Bandarban mountain peaks where the clouds live comfortably. I can’t express in words my feeling of being touched by clouds while standing on a mountain. The highest points like Saka Huffong, Damlong and Keokradong, Boga Lake, can be seen there. There are also several mountain springs, temples and many more.

Bandarban and Rangamati Most Elevated Tourist Spot
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4. Kuakata: Another Sea Beach

Southern place of Bangladesh. To watch the sunset over the glowing Sundarbans, it is a must visited place. Bangladesh has two beautiful sea beaches. One is Cox’s Bazar, and the other is Kuakata. Maximum tourists gathered at Cox Bazar. There you will see lots of palm trees, small rivers that flowed to Bay of Bengal. Occasionally fishermen are seen there, never miss the taste of delicious curried crab and lobster.

Kuakata Another Sea Beach
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This is a place of calm, less road, beaches, uninhabited island. It is enough to repose your mind. Kuakata is a quiet and secluded place where we can meet with nature, feel the natural view. Celebrate your own time with the waves of the sea and Get yourself out of a boring life. And the most beautiful experience of Kuakata is to stand on the sand in front of the sea and enjoy the immaculate beauty of sunrise and sunset.

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5. Sylhet: London of Bangladesh

Sylhet is another popular destination for travel in Bangladesh. High hills, tea gardens and numerous fountains make winter tours enjoyable. Ratargul Jalaban, Srimangal, Jaflong, Bichanakandi, Bholaganj, Malnichhara, Khadim, Tamabil are some of the best sights of Sylhet.

Sylhet London of Bangladesh
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Hakaluki Haor, Tanguar Haor, Srimangal are some favourite places for travellers. Across Bangladesh, Sylhet is the place where unprecedented changes have been noticed. Sylhet is ahead of other districts in terms of big buildings, schools, colleges, universities and natural beauty. That might be a right spot for tourists.

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6. Chittagong: Portion of Bangladesh

It is the only metropolitan city in Bangladesh where you can get lost in the natural diversity. In the same way, You will find all the facilities of a modern city in the palm of your hand. Chittagong is another spot in Bangladesh for travelling, especially in winter. Every place like Parki, Kattli or Patenga, Chittagong has its uniqueness. So, the experience of sea viewing is different in every area. You can visit this largest port for its unique beauty.

Chittagong Portion of Bangladesh
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7. Sreemangal

Always you get the feel of green tea. Have you ever seen tea leaves directly? This is the hub place of Bangladesh where you will see only green colour. A city of golden-green tea. Everywhere green and green. You wanna ride? Inside the tea plantations, you can ride through trails by bi-cycle for another feel of adventure. Lawwachara National Park, Haamham waterfalls is another attractive spot. I invited you to stay there for a few days with a beautiful nature.

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8. Paharpur

A small town in Naogaon district. Where you can visit Sompura Mahavihara. It is also known for its Buddhist archaeological sites. Buddhists used this place for meditation in ancient times. Who love to explore the ancient traditions and curious about this generation, they should definitely visit here.

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9. Bagerhat

Its historical beauty makes it famous to everyone. Sufi Khan Jahan Ali founded it in the 15th century. Bagerhat has beautiful historic mosques. The most interesting is the sixty-domed mosque, which we read about in books in childhood. In addition to the beautiful mosques, there are many interesting places, where you will find the satisfaction of your mind. So, pack your bags and come to Bagerhat.

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10. Sajak Valley

Sajak Valley(commonly known as Sajak) is currently one of the favorite destinations for people eager to travel. It is situated in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati. It is altitude about 1800 feet from sea level. It is exceptionally simple to make a trip from Dighinala to Sajek. Sajek is about 70 km far from Khargrachari district and 40 km far from Dighinala. Mountains, cloud valleys like white cotton, will promptly entrance you.

Sajak Valley
Credit: By Abdul Momin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 ©wiki

Sajak is a magnificent spot. On the same day, the existence of three different forms of nature will surprise you. Sometimes you will feel very hot and then suddenly become wet in the rain or the blink of an eye, and a thick cloud will surround you. Sajek is an ideal place to watch the natural cosmos and clouds’ movement from mountains to cotton. You can glance around and see native life. You will love the closeness of these people.


 If you have more time to spend, you can see the outstanding beauty of Hazachhara Jharna, Dighinala Hanging Bridge, and Dighinala Forest Monastery on the way back from Sajak Valley. You can visit Sajak any time, but clouds play around from July to November, so that’s a perfect time to visit this fascinating place.


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11. Jaflong 

Jaflong is perhaps the most well-known attractions in the Sylhet territory. It is quite possibly the most adored spot of interest in the Sylhet region. It is located in the Gowainghat Upazila, adjacent to the Meghalaya border of India. The clear water of the Plain River flowing over the rocks, the hanging Dauki Bridge, the play of white clouds on the high hills have made Jaflong unique. In different seasons, Jaflong manifests a different look, which keeps the tourists interested in traveling.

Credit: By Abdul Momin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 ©wiki

Some places of interest near Jaflong Saliva, Tamabil, Jaintapur, Sangrampunji Jharna / Mayabi Jharna, Sangrampunji tea garden, Haor of DB – Shapla Bill, etc. Sylhet-bound buses leave Dhaka’s Fakirapul, Gabtali, Sayedabad, and Mohakhali from bus terminals. Green Line, Saudia, Unique, S Alam, Shyamli, ENA, and London Express buses are the first priority to the journey. Seat fare for AC bus is between Rs.1000 to Rs.1200 per person, and non-AC bus fare is Rs.480 to Rs.600 per person.

Dhaka to Sylhet distance is about 240 kilometers, and it takes about 7 to 8 hours to reach Sylhet by bus. You can also choose the sky route from Dhaka to Sylhet. Tickets for the flight from Shahjalal International Airport to Sylhet on Biman Bangladesh, NovoAir, and US Bangla Air cost between Rs 2,800 and Rs 10,000, depending on the class. 

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12. Bisnakandi 

Bisnakandi is located in the Rustampur Union in Gowainghat Upazila, Sylhet. Bichnakandi is basically a stone quarry like Jaflong and Bholaganj. Mount Khasia’s many steps on the Bangladesh-India border came from both sides and met at Bichenakandi. The principal fascination of Bichanakandi for sightseers is the unmistakable water streaming over the stones and white mists flying over the slopes. From the start, you will feel as though it is a stone bed, that sentiments will drag you to bed over and over.

Credit: By Arghya Banik from Bangladesh – বিছানাকান্দি, CC BY 2.0 ©wiki

Bichanakandi spreads characteristic enchantment with mountains, waterways, cascades, and shakes. Bichnakandi is perfect for traveling at any time. Notwithstanding, the stormy season is the ideal opportunity to go to Bichanakandi. You can see Bichanakandi’s real beauty at this time due to an abundance of water flowing around. At different seasons, there are transitory troubles in going because of stone lifting.


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13. St. Martin

St. Martin is the lone coral island in Bangladesh, situated in the southernmost piece of the terrain. St. Martin is a little island of 16 sq km, 120 km a long way from Cox’s Bazar area. It is additionally called Coconut Ginger in the neighborhood language. The island is quite possibly the most well-known traveler objections in Bangladesh. The blend of blue water of the ocean with endless blue sky, the lines, and coconut trees lines has made this island extraordinary, pulling in the anxiety for movement.

St. Martin
Credit: By Niaz.morshed – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 ©wiki

There are numerous boats to go to St. Martin through Teknaf. Therefore, if you occasionally need to go to Saint Martin, it is best to go to Teknaf in the Cox’s Bazar area. St. Martin can be reached by boat or fishing vessel from Teknaf. If you need to go from Dhaka, it is advantageous to go straightforwardly to Teknaf by transport then to St. Martin by transport/fishing boat.


On the off chance that you want to make a trip to Cox’s Bazar, you can go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and afterward from Teknaf to St. Martin. Or on the other hand, you can take the MV Karnafuli Express boat straightforwardly from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin.


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Bonus Tips 

Health: You need to check up your health, before going on a long tour. Additionally, take prescriptions, medical drugs and other items that you may need.

Money: Money is the first priority when you want to travel. Allocate money and convert to the currency of your desired country.

Local Research: Buy tickets for the place you want to visit. Get a guidebook from a reliable place. Finally, select a hotel.

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