7 Ways to Combine Two Audio Sources Into One Headphone

Hey, Music lovers. Hope you are well. You are here to combine two audio sources into one headphone. Headphones gives us real freshness of songs. Modern music lovers use best wireless headphone. Combining audio sources reason may be because you love so much volume in your headphones. You just need some gadgets to perform this work. Before proceeding with this process, make sure you use portable devices like mp3 players, laptops, computers, and other portable players that have male and female ports. Let’s get into the main topic.

Which Gadgets Can Combine Two Audio Sources Into One Headphone?

There are several gadgets I found on the web. Then, I analyze and find out the most used gadgets that maximum users suggest to pick. Please, go on.

1. Rolls Mixer

A simple mixer can combine or mix two devices in one headphone. With a simple audio mixer, you can plug in the headphone output of a maximum of two devices with a single headset. For example, if you want to practice instruments with headphones as well as want cool background music to play at a time, you have to connect your phone and digital phone. Micro Mixer can help you with this. The mixer has several benefits like sound designing, sound mixing, sound collaborating, and signal adjustments. Buying a micro-mixer will not be in vain. You can take enough advantage of it.

Roll Mixer
  • Excellent quality, compact, powered mixer anyone needs perfectly
  • Perfect for podcasts also
  • Perfect for multiple inputs paired with studio monitors
  • Small And Sturdy And Easy to Use
  • Phenomenal beast
  • Little humming issue

2. Y Splitter Mini Stereo (2 to 1)

I think you are searching for cheap material that can do combine with audio sources. This two-three adapter allows a standard cell phone mic-earbud headset can be connected to separate audio-in and out jacks with only one port. Though connecting two audio signals combining is not a good idea, if you have expertise with electric stuff, you can try it but at your own risk. Put 10 to 30-ohm resistor in series with other four signals. Then connect the outputs of those together in pairs like this. By doing this, you may experience a minimum level of volume.

Y Splitter Mini Stereo (2 to 1)
  • Unique, long, and flexible tail
  • Good strain relief at connector molds
  • Solid, well built, and works well
  • Sound is not so good

 3. External USB Stereo Sound Adapter

This is a purely electrical adapter that will probably work to combine audio sources. For professional, academic, or institutional purposes, an audio mixer with two sound cards, an external audio interface, or a dedicated power combiner, I would like to use. An external audio interface is the cheapest option. I think you have a decent computer with an audio-in jack. If no built-in audio-in jack is not found in your computer, you will need two of these. Also need two ⅛” stereo TRS cables to the input jacks. These cables are commonly known as aux cables since they are used in iPods. After getting the adapter, you will need to use some free sound mixer software to mix up two audio sources together, then monitor the output to headphones.

External USB Stereo Sound Adapter
  • Good Low budget adapter
  • Plug-in and Play
  • Small in size
  • Not durable

4. Multiple-input Headphones

This is another small gadget that can adjust 2 audio sources simultaneously into a pair of headphones. It has several 3.5mm audio ports that work for headphone connection. You just need to add the other two-port to it, then add its main port to the device you want to connect. It is handy, small, durable and very cheap that can feed your demand. This 3.5mm headphone adapter splits lets you connect 5W headphones and speakers at a time. Also works with all MP3 and portable devices. Its standard controller can control mixing and fade-ins for each device.

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Y Splitter Mini Stereo (2 to 1)
  • Cheap price
  • Simple pass-through device
  • 5-way splitter in one gadget
  • Small in size
  • Not so much durable

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5. Dual Headphone Jack

I like this cool gadget. It looks very nice to me. It has built-in two separate 3.5m ports that finally added to only one output. Featured with Split audio systems, Handy for music or movies, Super sound quality, Stylish and compact, and Universal compatibility. 

Split Audio: You can listen to audio in 1 portable device from 2 stereo speakers or headphones with a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female audio splitter.

Note: It has No Microphone facility.

Dual Headphone Jack
  • Best Sound Splits
  • Perfect for devices in cases
  • Pretty slick
  • Wire is very thin

6. Audio Mixer 2 Input 1 Output

Here is another audio mixer that has 2 input connections with 1 output. This is a bi-directional switcher for 3.5mm audio ports. The installation process is so easy, even you can operate it without any guide. It is built with plug-and-play technology. No extra power supply and software are required for this.

Audio Mixer 2 Input 1 Output
  • Impressive RCA A/B Switch
  • Great For Connecting 2 PC’s To Set of Speakers
  • Very cost-effective and useful!
  • Easy to use, good quality device
  • Not super reliable

7. 2 Optical Inputs into 1

This is a digital 1 in 2 out optical fiber splitter. With this product, you can connect one optical audio source to two audio signals through a Fiber splitter. At a time it supports 1 male input to 2 female output. For 2 female outputs to 1 male output, you have to turn off one female input device because 2 female outputs can’t work at the same time or if they can, you will experience intolerable noise. ZEXMTE Digital Optical Fiber is ideal for connecting other digital audio sources to the recorder and receiver as well as DVD or CD player. Finally, for listening to two devices with one pair of headphones, it’s a good idea to cart it.

2 Optical Inputs into 1

  • Dual output works perfectly
  • Plug, split, and play
  • No-Fuss Splitter
  • Works with TV Ears and Soundbar
  • Cheap and Good Quality
  • Loose connections

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you connect two audio sources to headphones?

Yes, It’s possible. A mixer is a good option to combine both audio sources. But, also some adapters, products, switchers, splitters can do this. If you don’t care about audio quality, you can use lightweight adapters, switchers, or splitters.

Can you split audio between headphones and speakers?

How do I combine audio inputs in Windows?

Can you combine audio inputs?


You will feel real happiness when you can combine two audio sources into one headphone successfully. Obviously, it would be possible to go through a few steps. You may find a manual guide with products. Check this out properly, do as they said. Hope you will get better feedback.

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