How to Get Verizon Wireless Discounts for Retirees

Who doesn’t have a phone these days? The phone has turned into one of the vital necessities like electricity. These days people are using the phone to do any kind of stuff that requires a computer. For example from the mailing to programming and a lot more. Besides this is the most used way in the world to contact someone’s family.

Although the phone is a common need for everyone, not everyone doesn’t use the same featured phones. Everyone has their personal preference according to age, work and taste. Some prefer different cheap internet plans, some prefer the excellent quality of video and audio and some prefer according to their occupational work. For certain aged people like children and retirees usually don’t need that many advanced facilities.

According to their regular activities, they only require adequate data plans like Go Data Plans. To ease their demand, One of the best opportunities for that group of people is Verizon wireless discounts for retirees or senior citizens.

One of the case studies from Pew Research Centre is, 95% of 55+ aged people don’t use their phones that much except to keep communication between their families.

Therefore to ease their regular communication, let’s find out what are the plans for them. 


Verizon is a promising data coverage provider in the USA. In 2020 Verizon has become the 2nd largest wireless carrier along with 120.3 million subscribers, which is half of the population of the country. In 2015, Verizon was awarded numerous times from RootMetrics Rootscore reports because of 98% population coverage of the 4G LTE network. 

Despite being the best in coverage, its price range isn’t that favourable to everyone. You’ll find out that Verizon’s prices are slightly higher compared to other best internet providers. But due to its best coverage ability and speed performance, its prices aren’t that unfair. Currently, reasonable prices for unlimited plans are available from 70$ per month.  

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Verizon Wireless Discounts For Retirees

Verizon usually offers 55+ unlimited to deliver sufficient services to retirees. It’s the basic discounted version of Verizon unlimited plan according to the users. Through this, your senior members at home can easily enjoy unlimited calling, messaging, and LTE data. Also, they can access mobile hotspots using any kind of device. But note that 600 kbps are required to run the hotspot service, not more than 600 kbps.

Usually, one line plan at $60, and 2 line plans at $80 include taxes and charges. Choosing Verizon’s 55+ unlimited plan will help you to save $5-$15 if you compare this with other service providers. 

Verizon Wireless Discounts for Retirees

To simply proceed with this plan you’ll need a cell phone. Or, you can go to the closest Verizon Store. Your age should have to be 55+ to be eligible for application. You’ll also need your Billing address in Florida and a legitimate ID. With the confirmed evidence, this process will only take 30-35 minutes. You’re eligible for this plan only with 2 phones. But in your account, you’re eligible to add 10+ tablets and 25+ connected devices.

The biggest disadvantage of Verizon wireless discounts for retirees is this offer is only available for retirees of Florida. After qualifying 55+ unlimited plan, retirees can enjoy these services easily –

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data plan
  • DVD-quality streaming (480p)
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot service (at 600 Kbps)
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico

There are also offers for those retirees who live outside of Florida. Review this comparison table below to find out your desirable offer according to your need.

Verizon Wireless Discounts for Retirees

PlanPricesProvide Services
Start Unlimited$30-$35 per linesUnlimited Talk, Text, 4G LTE Data

5G Nationwide Coverage

Mexico and Canada Talk, Text, Data

International Texting

Free Apple Music, Disney+ and Discovery for 6 Months
Prepaid Plan – 6GB$35 per month6GB High Speed Data

Mobile Hotspot
Prepaid Plan – 16GB$45 per monthUnlimited Calling in Mexico-Canada
Unlimited Prepaid Plan$65 per monthUnlimited High Speed Data

Unlimited Calling in Mexico-Canada
55+ Unlimited Plans for Florida Residents$40 for per linesUnlimited Talk, Text, 4G LTE Data

DVD-Quality Streaming

Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

Including Mexico and Canada

Verizon’s 55+ data plans are most favourable to senior citizens. Their packages are planned exactly according to their digital needs. Especially a monthly $80 2 lines plan is a greater option to save up to $40. 

Verizon’s prepaid packs are also good options for senior citizens; the cost of 6GB data starts at $35 monthly if you’re running on AutoPay.

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Cell Phone Options from Verizon for Seniors

Verizon also offers smartphones for senior citizens along with plans. But only qualified users can get free cell phones. Nowadays 4\10 senior citizens are regular smartphone users to maintain their regular activities. Statistics of 2013 say that seniors are using smartphones 24 percent more than in previous years. Normally senior people use the phone to mainly contact their family. Other uses are taking an appointment with a doctor, watching/streaming videos or reading the news, using a map, overseeing health and monitoring of check-ups, scheduling regular activities, or using reminders, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

#Q: Is there a senior discount for Verizon wireless? 

The most common senior citizen plan in Verizon is a 55+ unlimited plan. This plan allows users to save up to $40 monthly. Their other current cheapest plan is Start Unlimited which offers services at $70 monthly for one line. Compared to $80 monthly for 2 lines in 55+ unlimited, this will save your money better. 

#Q: What is the Verizon 55+ loyalty Plan? 

Verizon 55+ unlimited plan offers suitable services for senior citizens or retirees. This offer is quite similar to the Go Unlimited Plan because of the same services. The cheapest offer from 55+ Unlimited is $60 monthly for one line, where Go Unlimited it’s started at $75 monthly. With the first offer, you can enjoy 4G LTE data, calling, messaging and video streaming at 480p (DVD) quality. This plan also offers unlimited hotspot services in Mexico and Florida at 600kbps. 

#Q: Is Verizon 55+ a good deal? 

Verizon is a great service option according to the basic digital need for senior people including data, calls, and messages. Still, compared to other competitors Verizon doesn’t offer you that many plans for seniors. But with the incomparable speed and 98% of coverage, Verizon 55+ is the greatest option. Besides this the most loyal service provider in the USA. That’s why it is worth it to pay extra cost thinking of safety.  

#Q: Do AARP members get Verizon offers? 

Unfortunately, AARP members aren’t eligible to get discounts from Verizon. Verizon mostly offers for senior citizens And employees. But companies need to have agreements with Verizon.

#Q: What are the basic requirements for Verizon 55 plan? 

  • The applicant or account holder’s age should be 55 or above.
  • Billing addresses should be in Florida, Texas, or Detroit, Illinois Missouri, Michigan.
  • The person should have at least one phone in his account.
  • Two lines per account should be the max number. 

#Q: Who has the best cell phone plans for seniors? 

Senior citizens are being more interested in techs these days and more likely to carry their cell phones than before. Also for some seniors, they’re not interested in tech that much. Instead, they find peace knowing that they can call their loved persons and 911.

However Here are the names of some reasonable cell phone plans for retirees. 

  • T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan
  • GreatCall Plans 
  • AT&T Senior Nation Plan 
  • Republic Wireless Phone Plan
  • FreedomPop Phone Plan 
  • Verizon Senior Phone Plan( Best coverage)
  • Consumer Cellular Phone Plans 

#Q: How do I get my Verizon bill reduced? 

  • Search your latest statement to review your recent plan features
  • Call Verizon’s customer care at 1 (800) 922-0204. You can also chat with them online but a direct call is the better option
  • Try to change your plan and save or try to get discounts inline
  • Ensure that you’re not overpaying on the insurance of Verizon phone 
  • Sign up for auto-pay or military/employee discounts
  • To Confirm your savings, get a reference code

#Q: What is the Verizon 65 Plus plan? 

The Verizon 65 plus plan is also a plan for seniors. But they must have to be basic phone users. It’s a two-year contract plan from $29.99 monthly that offers 200 anytime minutes. This offer is also not eligible for new customers or users. 

#Q: How can I get a better deal from Verizon wireless? 

There are 2 most used paths to get your suitable deal from Verizon wireless. The 1st common way is to contact the representative to ask if you’re eligible to get a discount from your employer or not. This discount is dependent on the lines that your employer has taken.

Another common way is from your military service. You can easily take advantage because Verizon offers 15% off In plans, especially for military veterans.

The rest of the options are joining a family sharing plan or plan that cuts off-price by sharing for multiple lines. If you choose your suitable plan then you can save up to $60 monthly.  


Now you can decide your suitable offers due to knowing all the information about Verizon Senior offers. Other competitors of Verizon offer numerous plans where Verizon only offers one plan. So it’s a little bit frustrating to pay extra money for a single plan among all plans. 

But you don’t need to worry about it because you are still eligible for some cheap data plan including Start Unlimited. You can sign for 4 lines because it’s at $35 per line. Another cheap option for you is a prepaid plan. You can make your prepaid plan by choosing a specific quantity of data minutes.

To not deal with the lagged connection while face-timing with your family, Verizon gives you the easy way to cross this. Now you can easily get rid of poor service or dropped calls if you’re not out of the state. It’s nice to learn that Verizon truly meant unlimited data With unlimited message, call, data including mobile hotspots. From now on you and your beloved family can enjoy the limitless services without facing any difficulties.

Despite not being eligible for every state’s seniors, there are no other options like Verizon in the USA. No other network service provider will give you perfect coverage and decent internet speed. Verizon isn’t full of complexity. Therefore it’s very easy to choose plans from their service. Anyways, it’s hoped that the above-said information is gonna help you to find out about senior’s discount.

If you still have any questions about Verizon’s offers, contact Verizon’s representative or visit the closest Verizon store.