If My Cash App Card Says Shipped 2 Days Ago – What to Do?

Now, we live in a world where cashless transactions and digital wallets have become the crucial mode of payment. And with the increase in online or virtual marketplace shopping, the Cash App Card stands top with its innovative features and a higher degree of convenience. 

Following this, like many others, you might also have ordered the card and got to know that my Cash App Card says shipped 2 days ago. If your Cash App Card says it was shipped 2 days ago, but hasn’t arrived yet, it raises concerns about timely delivery.

Getting a Cash Card at the right time is crucial for users who rely on Cash App for regular transactions. Whether it’s for withdrawing cash, transferring funds, making purchases, or managing personal finances, users expect Cash Card to deliver timely to avoid any transaction.

Why is the card still not in your hand even though the notification shows that the card was shipped two days ago? Here, we examine this context in detail for your convenience.

Why Does Your Cash App Card Status Matter?

1. Access Funds Immediately

To access your funds instantly on Cash App, it’s crucial to deliver Cash Cards timely. Users highly depend on physical cards for quick and convenient transactions to avoid any delays in receiving and managing their funds.

2. Security Concerns

It raises concerns when your Cash Card is delayed in receiving. A user expects to get the card on hand to reduce the risk of unauthorized access or potential misuse. A delayed card delivery makes us anxious about the security of their financial information and transactions.

3 Common Issues with Cash App Card Shipments

1. Lost Cards

There is a possibility of Cash Cards getting lost in transit. It could be due to logistical issues, mis-leveling, or mishandling by the shipping carrier. Addressing lost card concerns is important to ensure users receive their cards without any problem.

2. Wrong Address

Another common issue is users mistakenly providing the wrong address. Incorrect delivery address, system errors, and miscommunication during the Card shipping process may result in not receiving the card in the right location.

Detecting and correcting such errors is essential to deliver cards to the right recipients.

3. Shipping Delays

High shipping volumes, logistical challenges, weather conditions, and holidays also contribute to delays in Cash Cards shipment. Figuring out why shipments are late and fixing the problems fast is really important to make sure people get their cards on time.

What Does “My Cash App Card Says Shipped 2 Days Ago” Mean?

When you see the message “Shipped 2 days ago” on Cash App. It means, your Cash Card has been sent out on its way from the distribution center to your mailbox. This status means that your card has been processed and sent to your mail address.

However, it won’t tell you the exact location where it is or when it will arrive.

1. Factors That Affect Delivery

Several factors affect your Cash App card to arrive on time. It includes the shipping method you choose, the shipping carrier’s efficiency, the distance between the Cash App Card distribution center to your mailbox, and any unexpected errors during the delivery process.

Cash App offers two shipping options: Standard Shipping, and Expedited Shipping. Standard shipping is free and takes longer to arrive and Expedited shipping costs $5 and takes 1-3 business days.

2. Typical Delivery Time

Cash Cards typically arrive 10 days after ordering. “Shipped” status in your Cash App indicates your Cash Card is on its way. Once the card has been shipped to the destination hub, it will arrive at your address within the time frame.

Usually a few weeks, depending on location and delivery process.

How Long Does Cash App Card Take to Arrive After Shipped?

Though the system informs you that the card is shipped 2 days earlier, there is a standard delivery timeline. Cash App offers two primary delivery options for the Cash App Card. First is the standard delivery system, which comes with a specific estimated delivery time frame, which usually requires 10-14 days to get the card in your hand. 

You may see Cash Card was shipped two days ago, but the logistics have its own rules, regulations, route plans, etc., which makes the delivery delayed. There is also a faster delivery option.

If you are in urgent need, Cash App offers faster shipping and delivery of the card in exchange for an additional fee. It can significantly reduce delivery times, ensuring that you receive the Cash App Card promptly.

Can You Track Your Cash App Card Shipment Status?

No, you can’t track your Cash App Card because there is a microchip on the Cash Card that is used for security purposes not for tracking. So, what can you do?

  1. Wait 7 to 10 days for your Cash Card to arrive.
  2. If the card doesn’t arrive in the actual time frame, reach out to the customer support team for help.

How to Track Your Cash App Card (Indirectly)?

While Cash App doesn’t provide direct tracking options for Cash Card tracking, you can still use indirect options to stay informed about your Cash Card status. 

  1. Check Your Email: Check for Cash Card updates in your email. Cash App may send emails with tracking information or delivery dates for your card.
  2. In-App Notifications: Open Cash App and go to the “Card” tab. Look for updates about your card’s status and tracking details there.
  3. Contact Cash App Support: If you’re worried about your card or if it’s taking longer to receive. Reach out to Cash App support through the Cash App or website. They can give more specific information about your card’s location.
  4. USPS Tracking: Cash App Card uses the USPS (United States Postal Service) delivery option. Use the tracking number in your shipment confirmation email then check your card’s current location on the USPS website.
  5. Be Patient: Usually, standard mail services don’t offer real-time tracking updates. There may be misinformation in tracking until your card reaches the local post office. So, be patient.

How to Contact Cash App Support About Shipment of Cash Card?

If 10 to 14 days have passed since your card was shipped but has not arrived in your place. You should contact Cash App support for further information on your card status. It’s super easy. Here’s how you can do it-

  1. Open up “Cash App” on your device.
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Support”.
  4. Now tap on “Something Else”.
  5. Then scroll down and tap on “Cash Card”.
  6. Again scroll down to the bottom, and tap on “Contact Support”
  7. Then click on “Not about a transaction”.
  8. From here, tap on “Chat” to contact customer support.
  9. Now ask your cash app representative “Has your card been dispatched, and if it did”.  Then “How many days will it take to reach your place?”.
  10. Or fill out a form with your account details and a short description of the issue.
  11. Tap on “Submit”

Here is a sample message to send:

Subject: Inquiry Regarding Delay in Receiving Cash App Card

Dear Cash App Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out to get an update on my Cash App card, which I haven’t received even after X days. Today, the card still hasn’t arrived, and I thought it best to bring this to your attention to see if we can sort it out.

I get that unexpected things can cause delays in delivering cards. Just so we’re clear, I’m not complaining; I’m looking for a bit of help to understand what’s going on.

Here are the important details: My Cash App account is under the name [Your Name], and the associated email is [Your Email Address]. I made the order for the Cash App card on [Order Date] and got a confirmation email for it.

Could you please check on the status of my Cash App card and speed up the delivery if needed?

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Cash App Username, if applicable]

[Your Contact Information]

Hopefully, the cash app representative will help you regarding your issue.

How To Order a Replacement Cash App Card?

According to the Cash App website, if more than 20 days have passed since your Cash Card says “Shipped” but the card has not yet arrived, it might be lost in the mail. Don’t worry, you will get a replacement Cash Card by reporting it as Stolen/Compromised.

Then submit your replacement order. Keep in mind, that when you report a replacement card, your current Cash Card will be deactivated. Even if the current Cash Card arrives later, you can’t use it for any type of transaction. To order a new Cash Card if yours is lost or stolen:

  1. Tap the “Cash Card” tab
  2. Select “Cash Card Support”
  3. Select “Report your Cash Card”
  4. Select “Card Stolen/Compromised” or “Card Missing”
  5. Follow on-screen instructions

What to Do After Receiving My Cash App Card?

Activate your card and start making transactions with it.

How to Activate Cash App Card?

1. Using QR Code

You can activate a Cash Card using a QR code by Cash App.

  1. From the Cash App, tap on “Cash Card”.
  2. Tap Activate Cash Card.
  3. Tap OK, when the Cash App asks for Camera permission.
  4. Now, Scan the QR code.

2. Without QR Code

Without a QR code, you can also activate the Cash App card.

  1. Tap on “Cash Card” option
  2. Tap on the green Activate button.
  3. Tap Missing QR Code.
  4. Enter the CVV Code located on the back of the Cash Card.
  5. Then follow the on-screen instructions to activate successfully.

How to Set Up Cash Card’s PIN?

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Tap on profile icon
  3. Choose “Cash Card” and then “Set PIN”
  4. Enter your PIN two times in two blank boxes. Enter it correctly or you’ll have to start all over again.

Remember, Cash App PIN and Cash Card PIN are the same. So, please choose a unique and secure PIN that you can remember easily.

Is a Cash Card a Debit Card?

Yes, a Cash Card is a Visa debit card. Unlike traditional debit cards, you can use the Cash Card to pay for goods and services both online and in-stores. Cash Card balance involves Cash App Balance.

So, when you buy with a Cash Card, it will eventually reduce your Cash App balance. Since, you have access to Cash Card details. You can easily link the card with Google Pay and Apple pay to make purchases anywhere.

Transaction LimitLimit Will Reset at
$7,000 per dayDaily limit: 6pm CST
$10,000 per weekWeekly limit: 6pm CST every Saturday
$15,000 per monthMonthly limit: 6pm CST on the last day of the month
Source: Cash App

Final Words

The notification that my Cash App card says shipped 2 days ago is the beginning of an exciting journey. It is going to open the opportunity to blend the digital and physical interconnectional context of finance. However, even if you realize that my Cash App Card says it shipped 2 days ago, it does not guarantee that you will get it soon.

In most of the cases, you can expect to get the card within 10-14 days. The reasons behind such are logistic issues, weather problems, logistics route plans, etc. Finally, after receiving the card, enjoy its benefits, and stay connected to the ever-evolving world of Cash App and financial technology.

People Also Ask

Can I change my shipping address for the Cash App Card after it’s been shipped?

Once your Cash App Card is shipped, it’s challenging to change the shipping address. Ensure that your address is accurate when you place your order to avoid delivery issues.

What should I do if my Cash App Card arrives damaged or with errors?

If your Cash App Card arrives in poor condition or with incorrect details, contact Cash App support immediately. The customer care unit will guide you through the correction process. Sometimes, it includes requesting a replacement card.

What if my Cash App Card is lost or stolen during transit?

If you believe your Cash App Card has been lost or stolen during transit, contact Cash App support as soon as possible. They can assist you in addressing the situation. They will void the previous card and arrange for a replacement card.