(3 Ways) Can You Watch ESPN on Amazon Prime? (Update 2024)

We believe Amazon Prime is the best streaming service that meets our needs on both sides such as reasonable subscriptions and lots of content. In 2020, Amazon reported 200 million members using Amazon Prime. It shelters various films, movies, shows, and latest TV series such as Pivoting, Cleaning Lady, GoodSam, Women of the Movement, etc.

Most are produced by Amazon Studios.  All of the amazing content is available on Amazon but the good news is ESPN sports channel is also here. Today our discussed topic is “Can You Watch ESPN on Amazon Prime?”

Can You Watch ESPN on Amazon Prime in 2024?

Yes, you can watch ESPN on Amazon Prime in 2024 because it is available as add-ons on Amazon Prime. But you must go through several steps to watch this. There are numerous indirect ways to watch ESPN. These processes are simple and straightforward and you can acquire ESPN, if you don’t have one already.

Since, ESPN supports all streaming platforms, so there is no hassle. But, how can you watch ESPN on Amazon Prime? I below shared 3 ways to access all of your ESPN channels at a time. Keep on reading to learn it.

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1. Subscribe to ESPN+ Subscription

2. Use Amazon Fire Stick

3. Use Amazon Fire TV

Top 3 Ways to Watch ESPN on Amazon Prime 

Watching ESPN on Prime is the luckiest thing. If you have an Amazon Prime account, nobody can stop you from watching the latest and most trending content. As Sports lovers, we love ESPN most.

Because ESPN broadcasts most of the popular sports across the world. They grabbed most of the flagship sports channels such as ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNews, ESPNU, ESPN on ABC. Amazon Prime Video collaborated with various sports streaming services and platforms. ESPN is one of them.

So, you shouldn’t miss Thursday night, just enjoy full football mania with Amazon Prime. Remember, Amazon Prime subscriptions require some additional add-ons.

1. Subscribe to ESPN+

Currently, ESPN offers a new streaming service named ESPN+. ESPN+ replaced ESPN3 with its all content. ESPN+ is an updated version, you will see a lot of new channels and on-demand content such as Top Rank Boxing international soccer, MLB, EFL, NHL, MLS, Wimbledon, etc. which was missing in ESPN.

ESPN+ starts from $9.99 per month. Before watching ESPN premium channels with lots of features, you must subscribe to ESPN+ plan. Follow the process to successfully subscribe.

  • Go to https://plus.espn.com/
  • Tap on “Subscribe to ESPN+ only”
  • Choose any ESPN plan such as Monthly Plan ($99.99) or Yearly Plan ($99.99)
  • Fillup credentials (Email, Phone Number, Password etc.)
  • Choose any payment method (PayPal or Credit card)
  • After successful payment, you will get all ESPN channels at a time.
  • Now click “Get Started” to start watching ESPN+.

2. How Do I Get ESPN on Amazon Prime with Firestick?

With a Firestick, you can completely get the opportunity of watching ESPN channels. ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPN3, and plenty of sports channels are available on Fire TV stick. Check out how you can have ESPN as your sports mate.

  • At first, launch Amazon Fire Stick from Home Screen
  • Then type and search “ESPN” from the search bar.
  • Tap on “Get” to install.
  • Now start the ESPN app
  • After successfully entering, tap on “Settings” then “Subscription”
  • Now select “ESPN Plus”
  • Instantly you will get an “Activation Code”
  • Go to http://espn.com/activate with your browser
  • Just place the activation code with what you got before.
  • Then continue
  • Log in to the ESPN account. Then link your subscription to Amazon Fire Stick to use all supported devices.

Finally, your most awaited ESPN, ESPN+ on-board. For your needs, you may utilize firesticks to enjoy trending sports.

3. How to Watch ESPN+ on Amazon Fire TV?

Don’t get confused with Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. They are popular tools for sports lovers and cord-cutters. They provide a variety of content on your TV. Fire TV Stick and Fire TV have NFL, FOX SPORTS, ESPN, NBC SPORTS, FOX SPORTS GO channels.

How can you watch ESPN on Amazon Prime Fire TV? There are two processes to watch ESPN+ on Fire TV. Follow the step by step process to get ESPN on Fire TV.

Download ESPN App on Fire TV

  • Use login info to sign into https://plus.espn.com/
  • Go to Amazon Fire TV
  • Look for Apps section
  • Choose sports category. Search for “ESPN”, if not visible there
  • Tap on “ESPN+” and then “Download/Get”
  • After download, launch ESPN app
  • Try to login on Fire TV screen, place the activation code here
  • Now start enjoying ESPN+ on Amazon Fire TV

Link ESPN Subscription to Amazon Fire TV

  • Launch ESPN app on Amazon Fire TV
  • Tap on “Settings ⚙️”
  • Choose “Subscription”
  • Find and select your “ESPN+” subscription
  • Tap on “Log In” button
  • Copy the ESPN activation code and Go to http://espn.com/activate and paste it in the blank box to “Continue”
  • Now try login with ESPN account
  • Yes, you subscription is now linked to Amazon Fire TV
  • Now enjoy ESPN

How Much Cost is ESPN on Amazon Prime?

Can You Watch ESPN on Amazon Prime? Yes because ESPN offers budget-friendly access with great sports content. From month to year, ESPN offers great deals. In Annual purchase, the cost is around $70 which breaks down to $5.89 per month.

A huge cost-saving opportunity. Comparing live-streaming services that normally charged 10X more for ESPN streaming. No doubt, it’s incredible to go for, if you really love to watch sports every day. Grab an extra bundle at $13.99 per month with Amazon Prime subscription. These products are ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, Hulu.

ParticularsESPN Plus Feature
Monthly price$6.99/mo
Annual price$69.99
Free trial lengthNone
No ads
Number of screens3
Live channels available?Yes
Types of sports coveredSoccer, Baseball,
Hockey, Tennis,
UFC, College Basketball,
and Golf
Offline downloadsYes
Original contentYes
Streaming quality720p
Live StreamingYes, for select sporting events

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Amazon?

Fade up with ESPN+ subscription? Want to cancel? It is easy to cancel ESPN+ subscription bill from Amazon at any time. Just follow the below process-

  1. Go to App Store Subscription
  2. Sign with your Amazon account
  3. Find ESPN+ subscriptions
  4. Tap on Actions
  5. Choose Cancel Your Subscription to cancel
  6. Confirm the cancellation when prompt a notice

Is ESPN3 the same as ESPN Plus?

No, ESPN+ is a subscription-based service that you may cancel at any time, but ESPN3 is included with the majority of cable or TV subscriptions. ESPN3 is not included with an ESPN+ subscription.

What channel is ESPN on Amazon Prime?

ESPN is a kind of channel that is available on Amazon Prime. ESPN has a built-in streaming app named “ESPN+”. Further, you can check its availability on the Amazon Prime app store.

Does ESPN Plus have a free trial?

As a sports fan, you may want to know about ESPN Plus free trial. Currently, ESPN has no free trial option. Though ESPN Plus had 7 days free trial, in August 2018, ESPN ended the option officially.

Is ESPN plus free with amazon prime?

The clear answer is no. In 2018, ESPN ran a free trial opportunity which ended immediately. Currently, no free opportunity is provided by ESPN through Amazon Prime.

What quality are ESPN+ streams?

Generally, ESPN+ streams HD video at 60 frames rate but it can increase by following device configuration.

Can I watch multiple ESPN+ streams?

At least five streams possible from ESPN+ at a time. Aside, pause, rewind or restart, anything you can operate when streaming ESPN+. But, you must be a subscriber.