(6 Ways) How to Get Money Off Cash App at Walmart Without Card?

Cash App is an easy app to send and receive money without hassle. No matter, if you have a bank account or a debit card, you can still get your money off from the Cash App. If you are at a Walmart store and want to withdraw money from the Cash app, then there are several easy ways to do this. In this article, we will complete all steps on how to get money off cash app at Walmart without card.

As there is not so much information available on the internet, we will give our best effort to teach you. Here, we share a step-by-step guide to getting money off the cash app at Walmart without a card. It’s a hassle-free transaction in seconds.

Can I Get Money Off Cash App at Walmart Without Card?

Yes, you can withdraw or get money off Cash App at Walmart without card by using Cash Card, Walmart Pay, Walmart store with a Cash App enabled ATM, and many more. Each method requires a separate process to complete a transaction but ATM withdrawal costs you a $2 fee and a paycheck to deposit $300 before with Cash App.

I think you are not so dumb and it is not always recommended because you are a savvy guy who wants to save on ATM withdrawals. No fear, we have a clear solution for you!

How to Get Money Off Cash App at Walmart Without Card?

It’s a simple task to withdraw money from Cash App at Walmart without card. Here are a few safest ways to do so, in order to avail more features and seamless transactions. Here we go…

1. Use a Bank Account

Since you don’t want to use a Card for Cash App withdrawal at Walmart, consider using a bank account. If you really need to get money off the Cash App at Walmart, you can use a linked bank account to withdraw money from an ATM. Here’s a process to link your Cash App to Walmart in order to get money off Cash App at Walmart.

  • Open Cash App from phone
  • Tap on “Banking” tab
  • Choose “Add a Bank” or “Add a Card”
  • Follow on-screen instructions to link the bank account to Cash App
  • Once you linked Cash App to your Bank account and Walmart, you can use it to pay for any purpose or withdraw money from your Balance

Once you’ve done this, go to your nearby ATM to withdraw money from this account or go to Walmart to purchase essential things. Unfortunately, not all Walmart stores accept Cash App as a payment gateway, so make sure you check the compatibility before using this app. 

2. Use Someone’s Cash App

You can use someone’s Cash App account such as your friend, teammate, family member, or the person you trust. If you still haven’t received funds from a sender, you can use someone’s Cash App details and send the information to the sender for receiving funds.

Inform the sender and receiver about the story and they will inform you when the money is out of the box. In 2023, almost everyone has a Cash App account but if you are having an issue with your account. Then it is okay to use your family member’s or friend’s Cash App account. Make sure you discuss the source of the fund with the person.

3. Use Someone’s Debit Card

You can also use someone’s Debit Card such as your friend, teammate, and family members, or the person you trust to withdraw funds from a Cash App without a bank account. Get permission or contact the person to use their card for a Cash App account.

You may need to input an OTP code, to add this debit card. So, your friend should give you the OTP code to access and add his card to your account. Be aware, never use someone’s debit card in a Cash App without informing them.

Don’t use their card for illegal purposes or transactions. To withdraw money on a Cash App to Debit Card, see the below steps.

  • Open Cash App
  • Tap on “Money/Balance” tab
  • Tap “Cash Out”
  • Select an amount
  • Then “Cash Out”
  • Select deposit speed
  • Use PIN or Touch ID to confirm the transaction

4. Using a Cash Card to Walmart

Cash Card is a certified debit card from Cash App. Any Cash App user can order it and use it anywhere like Walmart. Here’s a below guide to use, order and activate Cash Card.

  • Download and install Cash App on your iPhone and Android.
  • To access Cash App balance, tap the “Cash Out” option from My Cash/Cash Balance or $ tab.
  • Find any nearby Walmart store
  • Choose your item to buy
  • Then go to “Self-checkout” counter
  • Scan the item
  • From POS (Point of Sale) screen, set “Debit Card” as a payment method
  • Insert the “Cash Card”
  • When you get a prompt for “Cash Back”, Tap “Yes”
  • Enter an amount to withdraw
  • Enter Cash Card PIN
  • Complete all payment step
  • Then, collect Cash from machine
  • Now, take your Cash Card out

Congrats! Finally, you just did a Cash-back transaction. Fortunately, there are no fees for Cash-back transactions in Walmart or Cash app.

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How to Apply for a Cash Card from a Cash App?

You might not be familiar with Cash App Cards. An important feature comes from the Cash App. The “Cash Card” from Cash App lets you help to manage your balance more flexibly. Ordering a Cash Card is totally free. See the guide to ordering a Cash Card.

  • Tap on Cash Card tab from Cash App home screen
  • Tap “Get Cash Card”
  • Tap “Continue”
  • Follow on-screen instructions to be available for Cash Card for transactions.

How to Order a Replacement Cash Card from Cash App?

If you, unfortunately, lost or stolen the Cash Card. Cash App allows you to report it as stolen or lost. Then, after a second order, you might get a replacement card in a few days. Check the card replacement guide-

  • Launch Cash App from phone
  • Tap on “Cash Card” option
  • Choose “Cash Card Support”
  • Choose “Report Cash Card”
  • Choose Card Stolen/Compromised or Card Missing
  • Follow on-screen instruction

How to Activate Cash Card from Cash App?

There are 2 separate ways to activate Cash Card. (1) Using a QR code (2) Using CVV Code. Here’s how you can do it.

Using a QR code

  • Download, Install, and Launch Cash App
  • Then go to “Cash Card” option
  • Allow Cash App to access phone camera
  • Scan the QR code on your Cash Card
  • Then follow on-screen instructions

Using CVV Code

If your Cash Card doesn’t have a QR code, you can use CVV code instead to activate the Cash App card. Follow the steps below.

  • Open Cash App
  • Tap “Cash Card”
  • Tap “Activate”
  • Choose “Use CVV Instead”
  • Type the correct CVV Code and Expiration date
  • Now this card is activated successfully.

5. Using a Walmart Pay

Still, there is another way to withdraw funds from the Cash App at Walmart. Walmart Pay is an insider app of Walmart. It can add your Cash App as a payment gateway.

It’s probably a worthy option to do without a card but some POS don’t allow Walmart Pay to cash back. But, you could try it once. Follow the below guide to get money off Cash App at Walmart without card.

  • Download and Install Walmart on your phone.
  • Use the necessary information to add your “Cash Card” to “Walmart” app as a payment method.
  • Go to “Walmart” store
  • Pick an item to buy
  • Go to “Self-checkout” counter
  • Now, scan your item
  • Select “Walmart Pay” code as a payment method, when it prompts
  • Go to Walmart App, then tap on “Scan Codes” to scan Walmart Pay codes on the POS (Be sure you’ve set Cash Card as a default payment option on Walmart App)
  • Follow the on-screen prompt for Cash Back, then select “Yes”
  • Enter the withdrawal amount
  • Now, enter your Cash Card PIN
  • Complete the Payment
  • Then collect the cash from machine
  • Take your Cash Card out

6. Using a Cash App-Enabled ATM

If you have a setup Cash App account with a Cash Card, you can use a Cash App-enabled ATM to withdraw money from Walmart in no time. Here we go-

  • Launch Cash App from phone
  • Tap on “Cash Card” from bottom of the screen
  • Tap on “ATM” option
  • Allow the app to enable your location and find nearby ATMs
  • Now, search for Walmart stores with Cash App-enabled ATMs. You may see the Cash App and Walmart combined logos on those ATMs.

After some research, we found that there are insufficient Walmart stores with Cash App-enabled ATMs available. So, it is best to check online and call to ensure Cash App compatibility with an ATM you want to visit.

Once you find the right one, you can easily withdraw cash from your Cash App account. You should follow on-screen prompts on the ATM to withdraw funds. Remember, additional fees may be required when you use a Cash App-enabled ATM at Walmart.

As per a report, Cash App cut off $2.50 for ATM withdrawals and Walmart may charge a short amount for this. Make sure, you are aware of fees from the official website before starting withdrawal.

Limits on Cash Back with Cash App at Walmart

There are limits on cash back at Walmart. You can’t even cross the withdrawal limits. Here’s a quick view of withdrawal limits at Walmart.

  • Per transaction up to $310
  • Up to $1,000 per 24-hour
  • Over $1,000 per week

When you perform a cash-back transaction, it will be considered as the value of the item purchased. So, consider buying a small price value of the item so as not to cross the withdrawal limits.

How to Check Cash Out Status from Cash App?

After getting money off the Cash App successfully, you should check the Cash Out status. Follow this guide to check Cash Out status.

  • Tap on “Activity Tab” in Cash App account
  • Find and tap on each transaction from the list
  • Press the button from bottom of the screen

How to Avoid Charges on Cash App?

You can only have the option to avoid charges on the Cash App when you use a Cash Card or Bank account. On Cash App, you have two deposit options; Standard Deposit and Instant Deposit. But, Instant deposit charges a 1.5% fee with a minimum fee of $0.25.

With this deposit, your cash will arrive within 30 Minutes. Consider using, the Standard Deposit option to avoid getting charged. But, you have to wait 1-3 business days to receive funds in your account. Here are 7 shortcut ways to avoid charges on Cash App.

  • Don’t make a purchase😊
  • Don’t use ATM
  • Use a Debit Card, not a Credit Card
  • Keep account balance lower
  • Use Cash Boost Feature
  • Stop using International Transactions
  • Pay Taxes on time

How To Get Money Off Cash App at ATM Without Card?

There are few options to get money off a Cash App at an ATM without a card. This process is only applicable when you forget to bring the ATM Card or it was lost, or stolen.

  • Send Cash App balance to a friend having a Cash App account, then take the money with his card.
  • You can add another bank card to Cash App, then go Cash Out on the same screen where it says Add Money
  • Download Cardless App, then set up an account. Now find an ATM with a Cardless Withdrawal facility


Cash App is incredible when transferring money, shopping online and offline. You can even withdraw your money when you forget to bring the card from home. This Cash Card is a great payment option for withdrawal. Just follow our above guide attentively. We have broadly explained the matter of how to get money off cash app at Walmart without card. I hope you got it right.