(100% Working) How to Cancel WoW Subscription?

WoW or World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer game that Blizzard Entertainment officially launched in 2004. This game went through its utmost level, a report says over 100 millions of people have created accounts to play this game that bring huge amounts of money to gaming companies. Your watch is not staying alone, it is running. Users move forward to new games such as Pubg, Minecraft, and other online attractive games.

Cancel WoW Subscription

WOW really has every regard for its longevity in the field of gaming. This game also served a free starter edition to newbie players. With a free starter edition, players enjoy the gameplay to level 20 without any hassle. If you are in a premium subscription, worried about how to leave the subscription. I am here to give you a lesson about how to Cancel World of Warcraft Subscription aka WoW subscriptions to avoid auto-renewal.

2 Ways to Cancel World of Warcraft Game Subscription

1. Through Blizzard Account

Blizzard entertainment account lets help you do the cancel process easily. Your account will become inactive after the game time expires. If you ever changed your mind and wish to continue where you left, just renew your WoW subscription and add more game time. Check details on Blizzard Account for Cancel Wow.

  • Go to Blizzard account from your browser
  • Input your account credentials to successfully log in
  • Find your account to cancel this subscription
  • There is a Manage option behind the screen. Click on it.
  • Click the “Cancel subscription
  • Now you have successfully done this.

Note: If a cancel subscription is not found in the manage option, that means you haven’t any subscription in this account or maybe already cancelled.

2. Through Battle.net account

There is another option to do your job. If any unexpected issue comes through Blizzard account, you can try Battle net to complete the cancellation. It also offers a similar manner.

  • Open browser and Visit https://us.battle.net/login/en/
  • Put credentials and Login to Battle net account
  • Go to Games & Subscriptions page
  • Choose one which you want to cancel
  • From Manage option select “Cancel Game Subscription” Subscription
  • Now your Wow (World of Warcraft) game successfully canceled

How to Renew WoW Subscription?

If you change your mind for a while. You can switch back to World of Warcraft game. That means, you can renew WoW subscription. There are no tricky way to do this. Let’s see the procedure!

  1. Go to “Games and Subscriptions
  2. Tap on “Add a subscription” next to WoW account.
  3. Choose WoW Subscription time (1, 3, or 6 months)
  4. Then “Subscribe now

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can Blizzard Entertainment Free trial renew become a premium subscription?

Blizzard Entertainment has an optional subscription to enjoy enticing portions of World of Warcraft without charge. They set additional paid subscriptions to access further game options. It won’t be imposed or registered automatically by Blizzard Entertainment. Free trial and Paid subscription are not the same thing and free trial will not renew automatically to paid subscription.

Will Blizzard refund the subscription fee from World of Warcraft subscription?

Recently, Blizzard entertainment promised to give a refund to every WoW Subscriber but it depends on preferable conditions. First contact support team and you have to fill up a refund receipt. Your luck may shake.
–Select Support option from upper right corner.
–Choose Contact Support
–Go to Payments
–Go to Refunds
–Choose the refund of World of Warcraft purchases

Is it possible to make WoW game time be paused?

Sadly, it cannot be possible to pause game time. That being said, if you have no access to the game for the rest of the paid game time, Billing will give you a refund or any spare time instead of the time you have not played.

Does Cancelling WoW delete characters?

If you cancel your subscription, Blizzard will not remove or delete your characters. Your account will be frozen before your game subscription is reinstated or use a game token/game time card to reactivate your account.

Can Blizzard Entertainment Free trial renew become a premium subscription?

They still have a paying subscription to select, but Blizzard Entertainment will not apply or automatically register for this service until you choose it. Your free trial and a paid subscription are two separate items, your free trial will never be renewed to a paid subscription automatically.

Bottom Line

World of Warcraft is not as inexpensive, but it is not something that can’t be accomplished. There are several choices to test, due to the stress the subscription will bring in the budget. Everybody can find a way to play the game and not overpay the single-off game time purchases, WoW Tokens, and G2A deals.