How to Turn 100 Dollars into 200 Dollars – 17 Ways

Making 100 dollars is easy but turning it to 200 dollars is quite tricky and tremendous. We are going to achieve it. No one in the world who doesn’t need money. Think different, and you need smart level investment that can help you turn 100 dollars into 200. Willing to work hard for a hard life, but for a bright future, investing $100 is not a big problem at all. Always remember childhood emotions-expansion “Tiny tiny grains of sand, droplets of water form the continental ocean abyss.” 100 dollars be the first investment trip.

Here, I have outlined a list of 17 ways to turn 100 dollars into 200 for you.

Turn 100 Dollars into 200 Dollars

How to Turn 100 Dollars into 200 Dollars

1. Start Selling on eBay

It is a natural method of earning huge amounts money fast on eBay. eBay is an online selling products platform. This is the classic way of frugality. Enter a local store or online auction and find some cheap things to resell on eBay. It only takes 30 minutes to sell. Okay, here is a real-time experience I heard from my cousin.

Start Selling on eBay

My cousin, Jack, is well-qualified and well-intelligent. Money earning is a left-hand matter for him. Once, he bought some stuff from an auction for only 100 dollars. He chose a near online auction that stays behind his home. He used to buy regularly. First, he confirms that these products are new and demand is mid-level, then checks the eBay and Amazon price.

Last time he brought Dr Dre Headphones from auction worth 249 dollars on Amazon, for only 35 dollars. However, there was no box or cases; that’s why he collected it from amazon for 4 dollars. So, total cost $35+$4=$39, about $40 investment. In the end, surprisingly, he sold it on eBay for 155 dollars. So, instantly he made 155 dollars. I was shocked. It’s just an example, but everything is possible; be patient and trick your mind. 

2. Return and Get Refund from Old Purchases or Gifts

Most people return unlike or unfit gifts now and then. Several reasons lie on returns such as a particular gift that doesn’t suit your taste or just want to swing the mood. However, there are small criteria regarding the components of the return policy, sometimes companies refuse to return the sold product.

Return and Get Refund from Old Purchases or Gifts

A probable factor is, the scheduled return of the product has been expired or if the product is scratched. There could be more different reasons. Pass these problems, you can return the disliked gift items. With these returns, you will get a good amount of money back. So now, return any unnecessary products and accept $ 200.

3. Recycle

Though recycling can’t make you rich overnight it’s a simple and easy way to raise money. For example, save a container that offers 5cents or 10 cents at basic refund collection and cash them in your pocket. Also, collect empty bottles, cans and sell them in a shop to earn money as well.


By using the recycling technique, you can money as well as the helping environment to be clean. I have seen that in Germany, ordinary people collect cans and bottles and sell them in different shops. In this, they get a fair amount of money.

4. Be an Uber Driver

Nowadays, most people want to choose this opportunity as an earning source. Also, students are not backward. They want to pay college fees with the money they earn, Uber Driving, they like most. Overall, and Uber drivers can earn up to $21.90 per hour. If he works 30 hours per week, he would earn approximately $660 and the annual projected amount $34,164.

They occasionally receive bonuses from passengers, though it’s rare. But obviously, it has little more advantages such as a sign-on bonus, referral bonus. Check the report, in the cities of the United States, how much money do drivers make, just by driving.


5. Cleaning Business

Whether cleaning windows, cars, or houses, these small businesses cost very little to set up and can make decent income quickly. You should keep in mind, you will not get many clients, just make every client trustworthy, at one stage if your popularity increases, and you will get more clients than demand. Just need a little patience.

In the United States, residential cleaning costs, $25 to $40 per hour. Suppose, if you are charging $30 per hour and work 30 hours a week to satisfy your clients. You can make approximately $900 in a week. And $46000 for one year. As a small cleaning business, this money can be minor at first but honestly, you can change the amount by showing your cleaning skill.


Read 10 Best Books about “How to Make Money and Become Rich

1. Automatic Millionaire (By David Bach)

2. Money Master the Game (By Tony Robbins)

3. I Will Teach You to be Rich (By Ramit Sethi)

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad (By Robert Kiyosaki)

5. The Richest Man in Babylon (By George S. Clason)

6. Everyday Millionaires (By Chris Hogan and Dave Ramsey)

7. Smart Women Finish Rich (By David Bach)

8. The Other 8 Hours (By Robert Pagliarini)

9. Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement (By Rachel Richards)

10. Prince Charming Isn’t Coming (By Barbara Stanny)


6. Tuition

Tuition is an honorary profession, you can earn money by distributing your talent. Students will be able to succeed in the difficult steps of life using the knowledge you have to serve them. This is the biggest earning. Then, a lot of money can be made in the tuition profession.  You may need to contact some tuition agencies to get tuition, it may cost you $ 50- $ 100. However, within a month of receiving tuition, you can get back this money.

That means you can turn $ 100 to $ 200. May 14, 2021 report says, Private Tutor earns up to $21.53 per hour. ZipRecruiter analyzes the reports and finally sees a shocking amount that says high volume is $31.73 and low volume of earning from tuition is $10.58.Turn 100 to 200 - Tuition

7. Be an Overtime Employer

Due to the extra working hours, most of the workers turn away from overtime, but only if you really interested in earning extra. Then you should work extra working hours. Overtime earning is the most obvious perk for every employee. In California, employers pay one-half times in employee’s normal working wages for every hour.

This amount should apply to those who are capable to work more than 8 hours a day and 40 hours in the whole week. For example, if an employee makes $20 for 7 hours of overtime, he/she would receive $210. Some other opportunities may get by showing better productivity. Some companies also provide, extra money and promotions depend on employee’s expertise. So, overtime really matters if you are a hard-working person.

8. Write for Money

When writing is a profession, then money earning is mandatory. Writing effective blog posts about product reviews is one kind of product promotion. Suppose you are already a skilled person in article writing. Appropriately use your talent. Start your first journey in Medium, Vocal Media, Hubpages, DailyWorth, eCommerce Insiders, FreelanceMom, IncomeDiary, etc. Since these are very authoritative websites, millions of readers visit these websites to read articles. These are the highest-paid platforms for article writing.

Catchy Title, Topic, Thumbnails are highly recommended to create a clickable and readable article. If you ever try affiliate marketing, article writing is mandatory because of customers’ depth knowledge. Its dual way of earning one is writing for money second is affiliate link for commission. I think there is no other better way to make money from 100 dollars to 200 dollars.

9. Taking Online Surveys

You may earn more than $200 from online surveys if you are stuck at home in this quarantine. Consider this opportunity that may fill up your pocket. I will always prefer paid surveys because there are some authentic liability and trustworthiness as well. In a real sense, taking paid surveys is easy to complete at home without hassle.

Just need a speedy internet connection. Don’t fear your survey skill. I got 12 sites that don’t require higher education or skill. You can start it from worst. Surveys could be simple and easy depending on a particular website. Though this job time consuming, and you should be patients as well as do the work perfectly to avoid repetition.

My collected Sites are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, MyPoints, Opinion Outpost, i-Say, OneOpinion, Toluna, and VIP Voice.

10. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best legal ways to double your funds. It’s an ultimate process of promoting products that are already on product-related websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, AliExpress, and Newegg, etc. Products promotion helps product owners to get more sales as well as a simple percentage you will achieve. It would be best if you started it with capable knowledge.

Without fruitful experience, you won’t be successful. YouTube, website, and social media marketing are basic and powerful approaches to increase sales. You just need to put a specific product link, then people will click it, and you get a commission from bought products. Following free Affiliate Marketing Training will prepare you to double your investment.

11. Paid Ads

To grab affiliate product is easy but sell them more tricky. Affiliate marketing benefits are praiseworthy; there are such products you can earn 100 dollars-200 dollars effortlessly. Free marketing is tough to sell your selected products, but paid ads instantly do this. Yesterday, I analysed the CPA marketing strategy; firstly, they create a catchy landing page (Get more Google ideas about it).

Many websites create landing pages for free. Then add Facebook’s Pixel to your landing page, a better way to learn Facebook ads targeting technique from website or YouTube. Always focus on the audience to avoid losing $100.

12. Social Media Promotion

Website owners, New YouTubers, or Seller find a source to boost up their platform. As a newcomer, they don’t realize how to grow fast. If you have a MasterCard, Visa Card, or any other international payment system. You can help them by social media boosting. In the technology era, this strategy surprisingly works.

People are searching for this opportunity, a promotion agency. You just need to open a Facebook page, then increase engagement, and people will find you, work with you. Maybe it will cost less than 100 dollars, but a chance to level up your position and money will generate quickly if you even sleeping.

13. Outsourcing Brokering

Outsourcing is another source of making money—outsourcing forms with different platforms such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Skilled persons gathered there and fled away from one corner to another corner just for a work order. There are a lot of available jobs; they will complete your order only for money. It is high time to storm your brain to collect a massive amount of money from these websites. You can take full advantage of this opportunity. In that case, you can act as a broker.

Just simple steps to go, Sign in and choose high-paid work after grabbing any order, just transfer the project to another skilled worker, local office, or any other marketplace for less payment. In that case, you will get an extra amount from high paid minus less paid. This is your real benefit. I found some brokers; they already open up work agencies just for handling work from Fiverr.

Instant income will be generated to your account. You won’t need to work; you just have to transfer work to your team. It’s an instant way to double your investment.

14. High-interest Savings Account

Look, no further option than the bank, which gives high-payable interest. It is the easiest way ever to invest 100 dollars and turn to a surprising amount. The secret is not to spend that money and let the interest accumulate. It needs much time but the surest way to grow your money from a little seed even while you sleep.

Good Financial Cents pointed out that after increasing your funds to 200 dollars in this way, you will have more choices. Invest 100 dollar though it’s little bit of money but it can yields around 1.9 APY to make your money double.

15. Start a Small Business

To be a Boss of business, you have to take the first step gently. Don’t deal with clients, employees first because of high investment requirements. Small business doesn’t need maximum investment. Every entrepreneur starts from zero levels with a mini investment.

Small pop-up local business or online businesses idea lets you turn 100 dollars to 200 dollars fast—a different type of small business you can choose. Here is my personal tip for you, print some business cards with your name and contact info so that customer can find you easily.

Soft drinks, yummy ice cream, tea stall, coffee shop are unique and popular in every area. Within 24 hours, you can raise up your investment. Proper place, good service is required to stay longer with this business. Similarly, craftsmanship is also a lucrative small business.

Don’t shame on little business. All the prominent businessmen in the world have reached that position from small business.

16. Lease Room for Short-period

Leasing is another tactic of boosting money. For example, my elder sister leases one unit on the 6th floor for ten years. Then she rent the unit to others. However, it like brokering, but a legit way to earn money. You can try this technique. I advise renting a room using Airbnb.

In an already prepared room, you can invest 100 dollars for extra decorating, just to catch the room finder’s attention. They will definitely convince if you give a proper presentation, proper decoration, and comfortable luxurious equipment. This is one of the easiest method.

17. Buy at Low-Sell at High

Although $100 is not a significant investment for buying a large number of products, investing in the right products can turn $100 into $200 stocks. The price of every product varies from day to day. Choose wisely the right products and buy at a low or discounted price before the market’s price rises up. Stock them up in your room, then sell them at the market when prices are high. In this case, you can make a lots of money. Take it seriously, get prepared for your $100, go and buy stuff in a garage sale or online, hope you can make it 200 dollars within a short time.

Summing Up

I just shared only 17 ways; I hope these will help you make 100 dollars into 200. Start from zero levels, pray for your success. Hey dude, life is full of risk, investment also. No risk, no gain. Increasing financial reserves is an investment, but we usually forget about patience, effort. Never lose hope; success will be stuck in your net.

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