15 Proven Ways to Earn Money without Real Job – Realtime Experiences

Did you ever have a fascination with earning without a typical 9 to 5 so-called “Real jobs”? Did your brain ever knock off to get out of the desk and do something creative and enthusiastic at the same time to make your own living?

Unless you’re lucky enough for your inheritance to pay or win a lottery, there is certainly no alternative for income except a real job. However, with skills and talent, you might win a token of passive income with a more flexible schedule whilst enjoying your life and not being under control. We were blessed with 15 alternatives to earn money without real job and running behind a “sit on a chair with a table” job.

Introducing 15 Roads Excluding Real Jobs to Make Money

Doesn’t matter if you are unwaged, or have medical issues and physical issues or got retired for being too old to fit in a specific job or simply want your pocket money to increase without your mother making you do the dishes for extra pay. Here we introduce you to some amazingly experienced people who made their living without a traditional “Blocked in 4 Walls” job.

Earn Money without Real Job

1. Observe Whether This Company Is Worth and Eligible to Give You Money for Free

The Deal Blooms: if you are an Aspiration’s debit cardholder then your life is almost free of cost and if you don’t have one then get one ASAP because who doesn’t want to take advantage of getting penny less life right?

This debit card of Aspiration provides around 5% of cashback every time the card is swiped. You have no idea how crazy it is? You are about to buy groceries and boom! It is free. You are about to buy medicines and boom! It is free.

In either way these are necessary things we have to buy now and then to survive, then why not get them free by the key process?

If you are willing to make an account in Aspiration, I guarantee it will kill only five minutes from your day and I guess getting everything free instead is worth five minutes. Isn’t it? Just sign in for an account and see the magic of how abruptly you earn so much money laying on your bed.

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories 1

A financial planner, Denisa Patrick who dwells in California, noticed that it was not doing her great fortune while sitting and wondering in a big bank’s account. Thus, that is when she shook her mind to Aspiration.

2. Infuse Your Fortune in a Real Estate Even if You Are Not Much Fortunate

Ever thought of playing real estate investment without the landlord card? Luckily, neither do you have to have a bulk amount of cash and dollars in your bank account. All that is necessary is to invest a bare minimum amount of $500 bulks only. There is already a company called Fundraise to back you up with all other heavy amounts. 

Through the Fundraise Starter Portfolio, the money will be separated into two portfolios that strengthen private real estate around the United States. This is not a blurry investment where you can’t keep track of which projects are included in your portfolios, rather it is very transparent and you have enough knowledge about the projects happening. 

Four times a year the money can be earned through payments and also appreciated value for the share, similar to stock. Usually, the penny comes from payments done through investment rents from the properties. There is a small payment of 0.85% yearly for the management fee and 15% for the advisory fee every year. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 2

A recent graduate, Katie Smith is an investor in Real Estate assisted by Fundraise. She says that as soon as she graduated she already found herself owning an entire apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Facing to the west of the coast with tiny apartment complexes scattered all around Texas and Denver, a constructive arena with many facilities.

3. Let Your Inner Talents and Desires Explore and Let Other People Visit Your Opinions

Nowadays people breathe social media and update each second of their steps taken in their lives and no matter what happens all emotions are flourished in social media. However, some of the companies actually pay you for reviews. If you put reviews about some companies, say what you like about them and the facilities and if there is any way they can be better then they will pay you. Amazing to hear right? 

To grab some penny survey sites are the go-to place accompanying gift cards. By participating in answering polls and answering a few surveys and the best part is once you are done with 5 of these surveys you are good to go with earning and boom! You earn $ 5 as a bonus. Just killing 5 minutes from your life for that extra $ 5 is worth the time. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 3

Sarah Houston is a business student and one of those few pupils included in the research of how authentic this process is to earn money without real job and if this is a legit choice. She is a 25 years old successful girl who earned about $ 600 in three years just by filling those surveys and it has helped her a lot.

According to her, she has her main focus on earning through the survey as she earns more than 70 % of her money by doing various activities on this one site. They have a huge and marvelous spectrum with services starting from radio music to enjoying the weather with some music and pizza at the same time. Food music news gossip all at one place. 

4. Assist in Small Businesses to Grow and Support the Owners

When we want to earn enormous, different ideas bloom in our head and surely some of them are real jobs you want to do but don’t want to get controlled by your boss and sit on that chair with back pain from 9 to 5 like all those traditional jobs. This is where the word “business” strikes your head. This is a real job but you have your own decisions to be made and you are in control of yourself.

To be specific, setting up a business is not as tough as it sounds. There are millions of online platforms where people run their own tiny business and there are people to teach you by hand what are the tools to build the foundation of the business.

If we look around for an example, Ben Robinson established his own business “Bookkeeper Business Launch” to assist the bookkeepers with ideas to transform the strong foundation into a high-risk business. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 4

With the inspiring course of Ben Robinson, Daniel Honan built his own position and within the first 90 days locked his first client. In an interview with The Penny Hoarder, he informed of working 40 hours per week however sitting at his home and accomplished to earn about $ 50000 in an annual. 

5. Inventing the Raw Beauty of Earning Through the Internet With a Simple Skill

In a moment, you can earn around $ 2 to $ 7 just by having a good skill which you can learn for free online. Want to know the skill? Calligraphy. Yes, it is. If you are practiced with good handwriting and have good calligraphy skills then you can take orders via the internet to design envelopes or diaries for loved ones and win people’s hearts.

It might sound very silly and less payoff but imagine getting the order to make invitation cards like a wedding with over 200 guests invited and maybe you can charge over $ 200 for handwritten cards.

Flourishing and letting the skills be free to earn is the main thing. Build a page over the internet, Make a eye catchy logo, share it with people, and let your work expand. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 5

Margo Dittmer, a calligraphy artist practiced her handwriting and built a page. Today she gets thousands of wedding card invitation orders and earns over $ 175 per period. 

6. Enjoy With Friends, Share the Bonding, Make Great Memories by Playing Word Games on Amazon for Free Gift Cards 

Spare times and nothing to do? Snatch your phone or gaming pc and lay on that soft bed with stacks of a pillow to earn money with your buddies.

A website that provides free coupons will be paying you once you participate in the survey. All the hard work is to answer some of the easiest questions and here you are being paid with free rewards. All you have to do is take a few seconds and sign up and you can easily earn a $ 5 bonus. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 6

One of the regular users of Swagbucks in Pennsylvania is a 52 years old man named Carolina who has informed that he earns $ 1200 annually. I mean why not earn these huge bulks just chilling on that soft couch. 

7. Just Infuse 15 Cents From Your Pocket and You Can Find Yourself in the Stock Market

I know it is hardest to reckon that with only 15 cents something can even happen. Like how does this even work?

If you observe closely, the last penny from the coffee or tea you had in the morning and the leftover cash from your bread can turn into around $ 1000 or more.

The Penny Hoarder is an inspiration or one can say a confident booster has helped Jeremy Kolodzie to sign up an investment account with Acorns. The app has round-up features which will turn all your amounts nearest to the dollar and take away the spare change into the stock market which is technically a way to save your money and almost annually saves $ 1000. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 7

With the savings that he made, he was able to pay for two of his best vacations. Additionally, without even studying stock prices or trading, he managed to invest and save money. Yes, this is how easy it is.

8. Customize Your Own T-shirt and Startle the Internet and Sell Them

If you have a creative brain laying, a gay mind, being funky and the pun is your style then don’t hesitate to put your customized t-shirts on amazon through Merch.

As the customers check in your page after you have uploaded your t-shirts and if they like and order them, you don’t need to have extra headaches on production, shipping, and customer satisfaction. Amazon is in control of it. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 8

Jen Smith is a private finance expert who has accomplished to earn more than an estimated $ 11400 in 2018 through Merch. Customer’s demand is what to focus on mainly and understand the market strategy. Once you know what is the most eye-catching to the customer, you have the key. 

9. Get Into the World of Freelancing

Do you know how to edit videos or music or photos or know how to shoot perfect views? Or do you have the skill of web designing? Any of these skills can help you make great fortunes. Why you don’t use Fiverr, an online marketplace to assemble all your skills for creative freelance service? Many types of services are being offered here. Maybe making a family tree or making a bright tinder account for someone. Thousands of works are going on. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 9

Charmaine Pocek became a part of the Fiver in 2011. She restarted her writing services despite being a corporate recruiter. As she was interviewed in 2017, she shocked the world with $ 1.2 million by Fiverr. 

10. Get Paid for Being Health-conscious and Healthier by Losing Fat 

What can be the biggest motivation to lose weight? Maybe getting paid? Sounds interesting right?

Here is the process:

  • 1. Go through the whole HealthyWage Review page, read everything and sign up.
  • 2. Determine how much weight you want to lose and the period within which you want to accomplish it.
  • 3. Bet yourself a $ 20 to $ 60 per month.

Relying on how much you have got thinner and within how many days you made to the goal and how much money you have, you can win around $ 10000. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 10

A couple bet themselves $ 75 per month for half a year. The lady decided to lose 40 pounds and the other partner, 60 pounds. They accomplished the goal and received around $ 3000.

11. That Babysitter Might Make You Some Money Rather Than Being in the Storeroom

Maybe your baby is all grown up or has already learned waking and that baby gear is of no work. What are you going to do about it? Leave it in the storeroom but if you can earn through it? Yes, earn? Let me show you how you can do so. BabyQuip is an online marketing platform to rent baby strollers, car seats and various baby items. A question might arise: when do we need to rent a crib? If you go abroad for traveling you obviously will not take the crib on the plane. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 11

Manuela Madrid is a housewife who listed her baby gear in BabyQuip for rent. By working less than 12 hours a month she earns around $ 12 to $ 15. 

12. Getting Customers by Your Photography Skills Through a Smartphone

The random clicks of something appealing can get you more than posting and receiving likes. Just imagine posting those shots from your iPhone or android to stock photography sites. This process might not assure a million deal. But a site like Foap will split the profit with the photographer accordingly.

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 12

Brad Hines is a person who has a lot of passive income. He uploads his photography to stock photography sites. There is no necessity of the “perfect” shot, rather they prefer it to be much more natural so there is nothing to worry about. 

13. Get Paid for Living in Your Dream House

With a house-sitting gig, you can get paid for a hangout if you are obsessed with luxurious housing. Find house gigs all around the world or even explore a house in the neighborhood. Check out some of the house house-sitting sites to find out. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 13

A Canadian couple traveled the whole world through house gigs – emerging from Honduras to Paris. 

14. Getting Paid for Test Drive Cars

Is it not amazing to get paid for driving test cars? There is some mysterious shop company like Bestmark which pays you for going out and trying to test drive cars. Mainly, companies pay Bestmark for testing products and their performance. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 14

The founder of Penny Hoarder, Kyle Taylor was a part of this process once and earned over $ 60 for each deal he placed. There is a boss to pitch, but it was worth it. 

15. Payments Through Drawing

Do you have artistic skills? Do you know how to turn a simple drawing into an eye-catching piece of beauty? Do you want to earn through it? Then here it is. Although it is not that easy it might help a bit. 

Accomplishing and Inspiring Stories Part 15

After interviewing an artist we got to know that he earns over $ 2000 by just selling his drawings over the internet. He runs his business via Instagram. He is also a motivated starter and that is to start with whatever you have. Create products that are in demand and that is all you need.

All these points given above are to help people with free souls who do want to earn money passively. There are a lot of ways in which people can earn by not doing so-called real jobs. Hope this article has brought up a solution for those who need advice.