How to Make a Logo with DesignEvo in Minutes

Many people who want to start their own business or build a small brand of their own will always face the first big problem in the early stage of designing a logo or even corporate identity.

Of course, this matter is left to Professional designers are the first choice. Still, if you are taking your interest as your starting point and don’t want to spend money on entrusting people to help design.

Then not everyone can quickly get started with the design work by themselves.

DesignEvo Review: Making Your Logo in Minutes

How to Make a Logo with DesignEvo in Minutes

Logos play an important role in publicizing a brand or product, making it easier for customers or followers to quickly identify your brand.

Why make a logo?

A logo or logotype is a corporate image that allows a brand, product, or organization to be visually identified. We could say that it is a badge or emblem designed from letters, images, or both elements.

Logos allows viewers to recognize a brand with just a glance, an essential element for any company, organization, and personal brand. So, no wonder why you should make a logo to start your project.

There are many methods and programs for designing logos with really professional finishes. For example, you can use professional graphics editing programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Still, these systems’ complexity prevents them from designing their logos with moderately acceptable quality for many users.

For that reason, this post brings you a fascinating online tool to design logos for free without downloading any type of program. A logo generator system that allows you to create a logo in just a few minutes. The tool without any question is DesignEvo.

The killing features you might be interested in.

Massive stock of logo templates

It is a creation and editing tool with hundreds of designs and all the rights for their use and dissemination. It is a powerful free online logo maker with over 10,000 templates that allows you to create a memorable and professional-look logo in minutes.

Make your logo by choosing templates.

The tool puts more than 10,000 pre-designed icons at your disposal and has more than one hundred stylish fonts so you can take your logo to the next level. It is a truly professional online logo designer.

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Customizable your logos at will

All available logos are fully customizable. You can edit them completely to design a unique and genuine logo. Your creative possibilities are unlimited with this creation tool.

Create a logo for your YouTube channel

You can create amazing logos for companies or organizations, logos for profiles of your social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Do you have a blog? Well, design an attractive logo for your website and attract more visits to your site. Have you developed a mobile application? Use the online tool to create your application logo and get your app to get many downloads.

How to make a logo online?

Register an account

DesignEvo is really easy to use. You don’t ask to download any program or anything like that. You just need to register a free account in DesignEvo, and with just a few mouse clicks, you can design as many logos as you want.

After entering its homepage, click the button to make your logo for free.

Customize your logo with your creativity

You will then enter the log template page, just start from scratch, so you will be redirected to the logo editing page. You can enter the logo icon of the search-related category,

In the text below, you can add the company name and slogan. The fonts are divided into classic fonts and artistic fonts.

The shape below has seven categories to choose from, including badges, decorations, lines, solid shapes, hollow shapes, banners, and symbols.

Just save and download your logo freely

After finishing, click the preview at the top. The website will show the appearance of the designed logo on the carrier, and it looks very professional!

The most interesting thing is that the downloaded files are also thoughtfully divided into two types: the backgrounded PNG and JPG after the logo is made. You can use different pictures at different times, the most amazing. Yes, there is no need to log in or register during the process, and it is entirely free! It really only took less than 10 minutes to finish the logo. It has never been so efficient.

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