At&t Internet Goes Out When It Rains? – 16 Free Solution for You

“Oh no! It’s gone again? Now at&t internet won’t work indefinitely! Shit, and double shit!”  When the rains start, the weather gets wet and you are stuck at home. In this situation, you can treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee and crisp, while watching your favorite shows on Netflix. But, If it’s not possible, how do you feel? Unfortunately, your at&t internet goes out when it rains.

Isn’t it frustrating when your internet connection goes out without any notice? In the rainy season, slow or poor internet connection is common due to poor weather. But what is the final reason behind the issue? Your at&t internet goes out or drops when it rains in torrents. There are some possible reasons behind this. Let’s find and punch them strictly.

16 Solution of At&t Internet Goes Out When It Rains

What to do when you lose at&t internet? My research says there are a couple of ways that may help you to diagnose and resolve no internet connection issue on at&t. These detailed steps are…

At&t Internet Goes Out When It Rains

1) Check Maintenance

When at&t is in maintenance mode, possibly it is the reason behind the internet going out. To check maintenance visit at&t eRepair and check if your area is under maintenance or not.

2) Reboot Gateway

Unplugging the gateway could be a better solution. Try unplugging the getaway from the power outlet for 2 minutes then plug it back. You may see a yellow signal first, eventually, it will be green that indicates broadband and service are restored successfully. If you see a continuous yellow signal, that means something is wrong with the internet service provider. Call them and know the issue.

3) Turn Internet Devices Off

For continued internet connection, all internet devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets may stop working. Turn these devices off for 30 seconds then turn them on. Otherwise, force reboot these devices to get optimum performance.

4) Check Your Cables

Re-check all physical connections (Ex. phone line, ethernet line, power cords, DSL line) that At&t set up when establishing an internet connection. At&t announced that the gateway should not connect to a third-party router. For using third-party equipment get instruction from at&t representatives.

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5) Check for Spyware or Viruses

Spyware or Viruses are ugly culprits that can deplete a computer system instantly. Virus-infected computers may generate a lot of network traffic that causes slow internet issues when watching local tv online or streaming web series. Regularly use anti-virus and anti-spyware to prevent unauthorized connection.

6) Check Hidden Updates

Along with technology updates, various devices are also being updated regularly. Your phone or computer may be updated invisibly. So check all the updates. If you see that the update is running, turn it off soon. Otherwise, it will interrupt your daily internet connection.

7) Rush Hour Internet

Internet Rush Hour is a common cause of preventing internet connection. It is a certain time when the majority of internet users are available online. Typically, the exact time from 7 to 9 PM is called peak hours or a rush hour on the internet. During this time internet, users may experience sluggish and slow signals when browsing or watching sports on ESPN. That could be a cause of the AT&T internet. Rush hour is only for 2 hours, after that at&t internet will get its own track.

8) Copper Wiring

If your ISP offers DSL, ADSL, SDSL to establish the internet. That means your internet signal will come over copper phone lines that are generally buried in the ground. These lines are too old. Nowadays, copper lines are not suitable for stable signals. If your Internet Service Provider uses these lines, be sure you will definitely face a drop in connection. When rainwater enters the cable’s cover, it interferes with a signal that causes a connection drop. So, avoid copper wiring.

9) Distance Router

Router distance really matters in a stable internet connection. Normally, we place the router on the TV or table, but inside the room, you may get a poor signal due to unadjusted air. It is better to keep the router in a good signal area. How do you find a good signal area? Check your mobile phone’s cellular network coverage, where are all signals stable? Find this place and set up your router there. A safe and minimal distance is required to get the best signal

Though a safe distance is determined by the wifi router, ever so I will pour extra taste on it. Suppose, you have a 30mW wifi router that is placed at 30 cm and 1m distance from your place. According to inverse square law math, the power density function will be, for a 30 cm distance 30/4Π(0.3)2 to get a power density of 26.5 and for a 1m distance 30/4Π(1)2 to get a power density of 2.387. If you don’t understand the upper calculation, just avoid this and go for all signal places to set up your router.

10) Re-locate At&t Gateway

Long-distance gateway, long-distance routers are wireless signals obstructions, which may affect your regular internet connection. Check out the below instructions for optimal network performance.

  • Set the wireless router on a central place at your home
  • Setup wireless router minimum 3 feet away from the signal sender
  • Don’t place the router on the wall or cabinet

11) Force Stop Other Wi-Fi Access

You don’t use the Internet alone in a family. There are other members in your family. They are also watching movies and local TV channels to keep themselves busy during this rainfall time. The network signal is a little unstable when it is raining. So as much as possible, turn off your other wifi access and keep your connection running to see if it works.

12) Unplug Everything

For a certain time, try to unplug everything related to establishing an internet connection in your room. Because of continuous connection, internet gadgets may stop working. These tools need some rest like you. 

13) Hit Reset Button

You may use the fastest router for the internet, but to avoid incapable speed you need to reset the router. Find the reset button and reset your router. It is wise to remember after resetting the router, you have set up all settings again. So, do the work at your own risk. Otherwise, get help from an at&t representative. Call 800.331.0500 and request help.

14) At&t Intentionally Throttled Internet on That Time

Why does at&t internet goes out when it rains cats and dogs? One of the major reasons is internet throttling. You should believe this matter. At peak hours and rain time, they reduce connection speed, so they can save a lot of bandwidth. They won’t confess it to you. I face throttling issues at the hotel. In this section, you should try some techniques to avoid throttling. For example, use VPN, avoid peak hours, change the internet plan. For further help read the below articles.

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15) Use Official At&t Troubleshoot and Resolve Tool

The troubleshoot and resolve app is designed to solve connectivity issues. It will assist you with some common tasks such as managing the home network, U-verse remote control, configuration, computer settings, network settings, etc. Follow the steps for troubleshooting internet issues.

  • Tap Menu on U-verse remote control
  • Scroll down and Tap on Help, then OK
  • Choose Information
  • Tap on Troubleshoot & Resolve, then OK
  • Select your area to Troubleshoot
  • Allow the diagnostic test to start
  • Follow screen instructions

16) At&t Support Tool

As an at&t user, you may install a self-support app on your computer. Use this app to detect internet problems and resolve them by web surfing.

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Final Output

For wet weather, Internet signals can go up and down. This is nothing new, but in some cases, only rainy weather is not responsible. At&t internal issues or your network structure may act as a barrier to slow the internet. So don’t just blame the rainy weather, try the above solutions. And fix the issue of at&t internet goes out when it rains. Hope you find your solution.