7 Fastest Wi-Fi Router for Gigabit Internet

Maybe you’re a streamer or online gamer and streaming/watching online tv, very regular on twitch.tv. You can rely only on internet connection to download and upload huge and sophisticated files from the web. There can be many reasons you might need a high-speed internet connection. Even if you have lightning-fast Internet, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get Gigabit speed on every device you use. That’s why you need a router that can connect to the web at gigabit speeds. You can easily purchase any router for gigabit internet but a proper review can push you to buy the best and fastest router for gigabit internet. We’ve compiled a list for your benefit.

Best Router for Gigabit Internet

Check out the list of some of the best Wi-Fi router for gigabit internet. You can use this router in your home or small workplace. As a result, it will be worth your money and satisfy your high-speed internet requirements. Don’t forget to check Buying Guides below.

1. TP-Link AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 -Wireless Router

The TP-Link AX6000 is a cheap gigabit router, so you could expect it to fall short in a few areas. However, this router is as excellent as it gets on every level. Unlike the Netgear AX8, it does not exclude any Ethernet connections and instead provides an ample eight of them.

Because of its huge size and plenty of features, this 802.11ax router provides pretty fast throughput. As long as you don’t expect too much from the software and 2.4 GHz performance isn’t stellar, this is a good alternative. We can estimate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges to be roughly 60 feet and 45 feet respectively, under ideal networking conditions.

Product Differentiator:

When you buy this router, it comes with 8 external antennas that have a lot of power. and wireless speeds of up to 5952 Mbps.

Performance is awesome out of the boxNeed AX clients to take advantage
No wi-fi dropsNot compatible with third party firmware like DD-WRT
No buffering or stuttering when streaming and gaming
You can create a single SSID which can handle both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz device

2. D-Link AC2600 MU-MIMO Dual Band Gigabit Router

For $150, the D-Link EXO AC2600 dual band gigabit wireless router provides all the features you’d expect. Dual-band 802.11ac router with 800Mbps and 1.7Gbps theoretical throughput on each of its two 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. 

Because of MU-MIMO and Advanced AC Smartbeam, it can interact with numerous devices at the same time and revitalize any areas of your house with Wi-Fi. You can connect additional Wi-Fi items to your super fast home router at rates of up to 2600 Mbps with an AC2600 dual band router. This router is an excellent choice for someone with a big house who wants complete Wi-Fi coverage. 

Product Differentiator:

Dual Core Processor and Multi user MIMO technology make this router great.

Perfectly work with firestick and Xbox No separate 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks option
Setup is the so easy from other routerAdmin page timeout ridiculously short
160-180 Mbps on Wireless

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart Wi-Fi Router 

The Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 is a three-band router that can connect to WiGig. It’s built on the 802.11ad standard, but not with the normal 802.11ax. If you’re using 802.11ad-enabled devices, you can access the 60GHz band easily. This router has MU-MIMO, four external active antennas, and a built-in Plex Media Server also.

When it comes to the Nighthawk X10 AD7200 from Netgear it’s a little bit hit or miss. However, the 5GHz band performance of this router is outstanding, and the installation of the Plex Media Server is a major advantage. It’s Wireless coverage of up to 1800 square feet is possible with this router’s for more than up to 30 devices.

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Product Differentiator: 

With a 1GHz dual core processor, Beamforming+, 3 amplified antennas, Dynamic QoS, and Smart Connect, this router has everything you need.

Strong performance when multiple device connectedWAN cable is a Cat 5e, but you need Cat 6
Ethernet Port Aggregation via 802.3adNeed extra Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
Strong Wi-Fi performance
6 Ethernet ports
Active antennas
Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS)

4. Gryphon AX Advanced Security Mesh Router for Blazing Fast AX4300 Gigabit Speeds

For the most part, the Gryphon AX Advanced Security Mesh Router checks all the boxes when it comes to best gigabit Wi-Fi routers. It will help you get the most of your high-speed internet connection, manage several devices with high bandwidth requirements at the same time, and prevent dead zones in big houses. 

An area of 3,000 square feet can be covered by one unit. Moreover, it’s a fantastic solution that removes almost all of your home’s dead zones. It has Tri-band 2.4GHz and 2x 5GHz bands, which is almost a standard for gigabit capable routers. It can interact with several devices simultaneously thanks to MU-MIMO which helps revive Wi-Fi in your house. 

Product Differentiator:

A WiFi 6 mesh router that has 4.3 Gbps of WiFi all together. 

Interface is great, simple to use and fairly intuitiveOnly 1 LAN port
Gryphon can constantly block  lot of MalwareURL history is slow to update
Excellent configuration app on your phone

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5. NETGEAR Nighthawk 8-Stream AX8 Wi-Fi 6 Router (RAX80)

There are many reasons why the NETGEAR Nighthawk RAX80 is one of the finest consumer routers for a home with a lot of devices. Most probably, this is the best mesh router for gigabit internet out there. 

5 gigabit Ethernet ports, link aggregation, a quad-core CPU, and 802.11ax wireless technology, often known as Wi-Fi 6, are all included in the RAX80’s outstanding feature set. Assuming no obstructions like walls or interference from other devices, the Nighthawk AX8’s antennae can broadcast to an area of 2,500 square feet and up to 40 devices. You can also say it’s one of the best Wi-Fi 6 router right now.

Product Differentiator:

WiFi 6 technology is built in, and it can work with any service provider up to 2Gbps.

Can handle 20 streaming clients without any issuesNeed AX clients to take advantage
Gigabit fiber speed test is 940mb/s up and down with a 2ms ping to testing serverNetgear’s status lights are incredibly bright
No wi-fi drops
Setup is super easy with the Nighthawk app

6. ASUS Wi-Fi Gaming Router (RT-AC5300) – Tri-Band Gigabit Wireless Router

With the ROG Strix brand of devices, ASUS Wi-Fi Gaming Router (RT-AC5300 has a significant presence in the PC/laptop gaming market. These guys know what they’re talking about in terms of PC gaming hardware.

There are two 5GHz bands and one 2.4GHz band in its arrangement of eight external Omni-directional antennas. Up to 5334 megabits per second can be sent at distances of up to 5000 feet. Dynamically changing bands depending on speed, load, and signal intensity, ASUS Smart Connect ensures reliable bandwidth for all connected devices. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and top-notch speed, it’s an amazing gaming router.

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Product Differentiator:

Waist gamers’ private network (GPN) and MU-MIMO technology are built in.

Extremely fast wi-fi, strong signalTricky to setup
Covers 8000sqft OfficeTroubleshoot when connecting to printer
Work with Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Roku and firestick 

7. Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual-Band Router for Home-Office

Linksys’ new WRT router, the WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router ($249.99 list), joins the WRT family. In terms of gigabit internet, it’s often regarded as the greatest router for the house.

It has Tri-Stream 160 technology so that it is able to reach greater throughput rates on the 5GHz band. With 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, you might just get throughputs of up to 2.6 Gbps plus. The dual band gigabit wireless router like this one can be one of the best ones on the market right now.

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Product Differentiator:

MU MIMO technology, open source firmware, and more are available from this router.

4 powerful antennaNo easy way to block websites for all devices
Two firmware supported for two partitionsNo menu for monitoring bandwidth usage
Guest Networks & WPS (not secure at all) can be disabled.Amazon Prime streaming won’t work behind a VPN

Buying Guides of Best Router for Gigabit Internet

It’s worth buying a Gigabit Speed Router if you can afford. Because it can support a very fast internet. However, it’s not quite easy to choose the best Wi-Fi router for Gigabit Internet. Some features are mandatory to look at before purchasing a router. Let’s see the key points.

Bands with Different Speeds

Dual-band Wi-Fi routers often feature 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz choices, which are different in terms of speed and range, but they can be used together.2.4Ghz Wi-Fi is weaker than 5Ghz Wi-Fi, but it has a longer range and is better able to handle interference than the latter. Although the 5Ghz band is capable of faster speeds, its range and susceptibility to interference limit its usefulness.

Tri-band routers, which comprise a 2.4Ghz and two 5Ghz channels, are available in addition to dual-band routers. Three-band routers are excellent when several devices are linked to the network connection. Actually, tri-band routers are a great option for gigabit internet routers.

Ports with High-speed Ethernet

Gigabit ethernet ports are the best way to guarantee that your router has the fastest possible ethernet connections. The USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, for example, can be used to enhance existing Ethernet connections. However, these are frequently not an ideal option and can not provide the internet speed that is attainable with the right ethernet connection.

Multiple Antennas

When you buy a Wi-Fi router, you’ll find an antenna that can send and receive. People who buy routers that have up to six antennas will find a lot of them out there.

With the help of a lot of Wi-Fi antennas, your devices will be able to get more bandwidth and keep the network from being too slow. Sometimes, the software that runs an array is more important than how many antennas it has.

Enhanced Security Options

Gigabit routers need strong security features. If it doesn’t have WPA2 at the very least, it’s not secure enough. For further security, Wi-Fi Protected Access Protocol, known as WPA3, is the best option. Setting up a firewall and setting up parental controls should be easy with this device.

Some routers provide further encryption features, the ability to block unwanted users from the network, and more.

Use High-quality Wi-Fi Technologies

Make sure that all of your gadgets are up to date in terms of Wi-Fi standards. New device pairing capabilities, improved security standards, and faster wireless transmission are all part of Wi-Fi 6’s impressive list of features. The Wi-Fi 6 router has MU-MIMO capabilities, which allow it to manage more devices on a network. 

You should also make sure that your computer has a powerful enough CPU to handle the increased speeds that come with newer operating systems. For the most current high-speed, security, and Wi-Fi protocols available, you should also upgrade your router’s operating system software.

Customer Satisfaction

Some high-end routers have a function known as quality of service, which prioritizes traffic based on its importance. The end consequence is an increase in network traffic performance. With VoIP phones or Free Phones, or on LANs and WANs with plenty of local traffic, you can use QoS technology effectively.

People Also Ask

#Q: Do I need a special router for gigabit internet?

Yes, you need a special router for gigabit internet. But at first, gigabit internet connection from your ISP is necessary.

#Q: Can my router handle gigabit speed?

802.11ac Wi-Fi operating on the 5-GHz band with MU-MIMO routers employing two or more antennas, may achieve rates of up to and somewhat faster than 1Gbps in the finest Wi-Fi routers.

#Q: How do I know if my router is gigabit?

If you want to make sure that your router is gigabit, look up its model number on the website for the company that built it. There should be a note in the name or description of the router if it’s gigabit-ready.

#Q: Can all routers handle gigabit Internet?

It’s not true that every “consumer-grade” router has ports that can go at gigabit speeds over the back. And sometimes, the ports can handle gigabit speeds, but the router’s CPU can’t keep up with them.

Final Words

There are numerous routers in this list. If you want premium services in the long run, you’ll need high-tech equipment. ISP-provided routers and other devices can slow down luxury services because they can’t keep up with the speed of premium services. When using gigabit internet, performance and a robust feature set are essential. If you’ve read this far, you should know which is the fastest router for Gigabit Internet.

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