Linksys Router Not Connecting to The Internet – 5 Effective Fixes

Guaranteed that Linksys routers are the best networking devices out there and they function without affecting you from many difficulties maximum time. There aren’t any reports about the connectivity of these routers except for some remarkable examples of things going bad so you can be ensured that they are going to last longer than you might believe them to be.

The optimization is an entirely different thing and you have to know that maximum issues are caused because the router is not configured appropriately and optimized. Here are certain things that you need to examine if your Linksys Router not connecting to the internet on laptop.

Linksys Router Not Connecting to The Internet

1. Restart the router

Restarting your router again is one of the early things that you should focus on. This is the assurance that you don’t have any bug or error on the router that might be affecting you to face this difficulty and you are incapable to keep the connection between your laptop and your router.

If you do this step primarily, it will all be fine on its own and you will be able to connect your laptop with your Linksys router again except facing any kind of issues related to error messages on it.

2. Check Frequency

While restarting will take off all the errors and bugs, there are some other aspects that one requires to concern as well. Check the frequency band that the router is transferring the signal on.

The majority of Linksys routers that are being proposed by today are dual-branded which means they support both frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, Therefore you’re needed to assure your laptop is congenital with the correct frequency with what your router is broadcasting on.

If not then you’ll need to ensure that the according to the laptop frequency is congenital and then for the settings restart the router formally to take place. This is going to be effective compared to other tricks based on time and further you won’t have to deal with the error issue.

3. Check Encryption

The majority of people might not be concerned about it as a big deal, but encryption matters seriously. Your regularly used category of encryption on your router for Wi-Fi safety should be adjusted with the OS that you’re been using on your laptop before.

Or else the firewall of OS will not allow your laptop to be connected to that specific Wi-Fi network or router. That’s why get your devices repaired and to get operations perfectly for you make sure that both the settings are compatible.

4. Check MAC Filtering

Another alternative called MAC filtering is an aspect here and it is surely something that you must check. The feature that lets only specific devices connect with the router whose MAC Address is previously saved on the admin panel of the router is MAC filtering.

Thus, access the router admin panel and before doing ensure that the MAC filtering should be turned off. Saving the settings navigate to restart your router afterward so the settings can be more effective than before.

5. Distance from The Router

To ensure the stability of the internet signal, you’ll need to ensure that your laptop is within the range of the wireless router. Because of interference from neighbouring wireless devices laptops may also have issues connecting to wireless networks, such as microwave ovens and cordless phones. To avoid these kinds of wireless interference, remaking the channel of your router is advised.

Some Information Based on Conclusions

Updating the firmware on a Linksys router to reset to factory insolvencies is something you might need to do. Either You need to back up your router settings or after the reset procedure, you might have to reconfigure the router. If you want any support in reconfiguring the network settings of your router then contact Linksys authorities.

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