How Can I Convert DSL to Ethernet? Easy Technique

People commonly believed that DSL or Digital Subscriber Line or Digital Subscriber Loop and Ethernet’s function is similar. However, that’s not true at all. Usually, those who are related to internet connection know that Ethernet networks are used to connect DSL connection to computers port. DSL and Ethernet both are independent technologies as well as work independently.

DSL to Ethernet

DSL internet connection has nasty internet speed and slow Wi-Fi connection compared to Ethernet line. To get better network speeds, most users wish to move DSL to Ethernet connection. Happy to hear, every DSL user able to convert DSL networks to Ethernet networks. If you are a true subscriber of a reliable fast bandwidth-based internet provider, then you can get benefited from both technologies.

Because they are highly compatible with any fast-paced internet provider. Before jumping to, how to convert DSL to Ethernet, let’s discuss each of them. If you can’t convert DSL to Ethernet. Just purchase best DSL to Ethernet adapter below. It is a wise decision, if you don’t want to work hard.

Best DSL to Ethernet Adapter

List of Top 20 Best DSL to Ethernet Adapter


DSL works ability is fairly simple. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line or Digital Subscriber Loop. It is treated as a communication medium that delivers digital signals via copper line. DSL function use Dial-up Internet Service style. Except for dial-up service, DSL “Two Wire” technology allows users to connect no credit broadband internet and at a time receive the phone calls.

The reason behind, DSL utilizes existing telephone lines so that no extra cabling is required for this service. Moreover, users able to download online files, streaming free videos, and finally backup important data. A gateway and modem are sufficient to connect the current network to the DSL network. An interface card will help your computer to be connected to a DSL network. 


Ethernet cables are the well-known network cable in our regular life. It is designed to simplify communication among multiple electronic types of equipment like computers, Scanner, Fax Machine, broadband, etc. Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 are known Ethernet cable version. Each successive category promotion facilitates better bandwidth speeds and enhances the signal-to-noise ratio.

For homes and offices, the Ethernet connection is a standard solution. But, the Ethernet connection is so expensive compared to DSL. Since it is a wired connection, so data transferring is an amble and fewer data losses. To establish a secure Ethernet-based connection at home or office, better to use Amazon Best Choices “RJ cables”. DSL connections are extensively utilized for connecting your computer to an existing Internet network. 

DSL vs Ethernet Cable Speed

When we decide to buy cables, it is important things to think about capable speed. We are comparing DSL and Ethernet Cable speed.

DSL Speed

Generally, DSL connection’s average download speed range is 1Mbps to 35Mbps and upload speed ranges 1Mbps to 10 Mbps. When DSL delivers you the speed of 1 MB per second, then it is sufficient for sending or receiving emails and normal web browsing. If the speed turns 6Mbps to 7Mbps, you can stream online music and video but may face buffering issues in HD videos.

Ethernet Speed

Ethernet gives you download speeds from 10Mbps to 500Mbps, and for upload speed, it is 5Mbps to 50Mbps. Important note: these speed ranges are for home use only. For particular areas, internet providers may offer another level of higher speed that may 1000Mbps. Its faster data speed allows you to enjoy HD audio streaming and VoIP service.

As described above, both DSL and Ethernet cable serve decent network speed. DSL is cheapest for lower speed, while Ethernet is expensive for higher speeds.

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Necessary Equipment

It is mandatory to have the necessary equipment when converting DSL to Ethernet so that you can establish a fluent network. Robust wires, Compatible Modem, and Super Fast Router will establish your expected network without facing slowness or high latency problems. Cooper is a valuable material that is used in both DSL and Ethernet networks.

But, Ethernet has twisted wire pairs. It may vary from various types of Ethernet cables. Ensure a quality full copper wires as it can load extreme data transferring from any network. A poor quality wire may prevent network speeds. Moreover, purchase standard plugging devices and ports that are necessary for setup. Remember, Ethernet requires larger plugs. Another way, DSL networks use previous telephone plug, that’s not interchangeable.

You should use common standardized cables like CAT5, CAT6 for Ethernet connections. RJ11 is also the best Ethernet cable, you can opt for. There is no doubt, Ethernet connections are good and it won’t run into an issue normally. Although, you face anything wrong, just unplug the wire from a portable device then plug it back in. Take a look at your equipment every month, and ensure faster speeds continuously. 

Methods of Converting DSL to Ethernet

It is so convenient to convert DSL to Ethernet line. Anyone can easily convert their existing DSL networks by following the few simple steps below. Before jumping to convert, make sure you have bought good quality equipment so that further you don’t need to change any of one frequently.

1. Using Adapters to Connect

You can simply convert DSL to an Ethernet-based network with the help of Adaptors. We recommend using at least two adaptors that Ethernet wires require.

List of Top 20 Best DSL to Ethernet Adapter

  • First, connect one end of the wire to the dedicated router.
  • Now connect another part to the telephone line.
  • One end of the wire act as an Ethernet cable that enables internet connection on your devices.

2. Connect to WAN Port Supported Router on DSL Modem

It is a simple way to convert a DSL modem into an Ethernet connection. It is processed by utilizing Ethernet output. In defaults, a single modem allows Ethernet connection in one device only.

Top 20 WAN Port Supported Router

  • Use the WAN port from supported router on the device to Start
  • With this port, you will be able to connect PC or other devices that Ethernet cable can connect with.
  • You can connect only one device in a single setup.

If you follow the above instructions step by step, you can easily convert existing DSL networks to Ethernet networks.