How to Use EBT Without Card? Is It Possible or NOT?

Instant access to the EBT has made the transaction easier for everyone. You can take access immediately when purchasing the needs. You can even leave the normal POS system also. Just show the card proof and get the access. The process of EBT is easier than other cards. Most of the time people think ‘how to use EBT without card’.

In answer, I can say, just directly deal with the cashier and confirm the payment. Just keep the card physically with you when providing the payment for the purchase. You can easily provide the amount by showing the card only, rather than going to the ATM and collecting money. Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) has worked for the idea and stayed beside poverty eradication.

What is EBT?

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is a program taken by the government. This is a process to avail the benefit of the government. The families and people cannot maintain the food cost, daily necessity costs are permitted for taking assistance from the government. It is easy to use like other banking cards. After doing registration to enjoy government assistance. The government will provide the card and the PIN. Users can get Govt. fund on EBT account. They can also check EBT balance without card.

What is EBT Card?

An EBT card is a government benefit transfer card. It contains various benefit balances depending on what the card is intended to cover. Usually, there will be at least SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. This can only be used to purchase food for home consumption. In Pandemic season, Govt. run P-EBT program. This P-EBT card is reloaded every month.

So, users get instant cash. If you are getting cash benefits, this will be a separate balance, which you can use like a debit card or at an ATM specified by the contractor to get cash. You may have WIC food benefits attached to the card. This is a program that provides free nutritious foods to women, infants, and children. Think of them as a Kroger Free Friday Download coupon (or coupons) that are downloaded by prescription of the agency doing the WIC program.  

What is The Difference Between EBT and EBT Card? 

There are few differences between EBT and EBT cards. The differences are given below.


  • It is an authorized government system 
  • SNAP is permitted by the government for availing food and other niche services
  • This is the way to provide financial assistance to a limited number of people.
  • This is a program to provide support to poor people.
  • People can use restricted offers through the EBT system

EBT Card

  • This card is used for taking the service
  • People may enjoy the service by card POS system
  • Can get to the facility and collect money from the ATM booth by using the card.
  • You can collect the government reward by card.
  • The restriction is auto-generated in the card so you cannot use it if you wish in various sections.

How to Apply for EBT Card?

For this, you have to visit sites like,, or similar sites. This service Here just put the personal details, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Income, and the relevant information. If you are applying for other family members then you have to provide their information also. Your income information will be verified by the government.

2nd Step

The government people will schedule an interview

  1. Can take interviews through the phone.
  2. At the time of the interview session they will monetize you and make a decision will come under these criteria or not.
  3. They can use a translator if they do not understand English.

Information Should Be Proven

  1. They can ask for relevant income documents like salary slips and others as proof.
  2. You may ask to verify more information if they want.

You can send the documents over email or direct mail also. It will take 30 days to verify your condition and approve the EBT card. If the government disqualifies you and if it is not right and feels that you deserve better assistance then you can send a complaint to the USDA for next review.

How to Use EBT Card Online?

If the local stores have online options and accept EBT cards. Then you can save your card details on the site and take service. After entering Walmart you will find the items are eligible for EBT access.

  1. You can review it and process it for checkout.
  2. Select the option ‘Pay with EBT’ from the payment method system.
  3. Just enter the product amount and you have done.

How Can You Use EBT Card in a Grocery Shop?

You can use the POS system or the cashier may complete the process in a grocery shop. If you go through the process with the cashier just follow some steps given below-

Step-1: Inform the cashier of the service you want to take and hand over the card. If you want to cut from SNAP account then he will cut from SNAP or if you want to cut from the cash account he will cut from the cash.

Step-2: Must input the PIN (Personal Identification Number) by yourself. Do not think of telling the PIN to the cashier or any other person. For security purposes, input the PIN by yourself.

Step-3: Your amount will be charged from the account either from SNAP account or neither from the cash account.

How to Use EBT Card at Walmart?

Just go to the Walmart page and select the items permitted for purchasing. After selecting the items process for checkout through the online payment system. Here tick the option ‘pay with EBT’ and complete the payment.

How to Use EBT Card at Target?

After collecting the products from the mall just separate the EBT accepted items and the normal items. Then the cashier will check out the EBT items and then submit the amount by swiping the card.

How to Use EBT Without Card

How to Use EBT Without Card?

You cannot use EBT without the card. You can leave the normal POS system. Can easily get access and purchase the specific food items or can get access where you are permitted but if you give only the card number on a piece of paper it will not be approved.

What is The Reason, Why I Can’t Use EBT Without Card?

To provide better service and keep your account secure the card provider agency has decided to show the card at purchasing time. For example, anyone can take access to the card. So if anybody knows the card number, they may access the card by ha*king. To give release from this type of phenomenon the FIS has made some restricted rules. However, do not share the PIN with anybody, not even an employee of the FIS also. Because once it is exposed, anybody can use the card and enjoy the service. So keep the PIN secret.

Can I Use EBT Card without a PIN?  

You cannot use an EBT card without a PIN. If you forget the PIN just call this number 1-888-328-6399. They will ask for some information and will proceed with PIN recovery. You can resolve the PIN issue from the social service office also.

Where You Are Not Permitted to Use EBT Card?

Mostly in drug addiction businesses and adult-related businesses you cannot use the card. Here showing some sections where you are not permitted for using EBT

  • Any adult business
  • Night clubs
  • Smoke and Cannabis shops
  • Poker or card game
  • Spa & saloon
  • Racetrack
  • Cruise ship
  • Gun purchase
  • Tattoo company

Final Outline

To speak truly, it is an amazing step to provide support to the non-facilitate people. They can use this card for many purposes. You can use this card in an ATM also. So keep the card secure because once it is lost. You cannot use this for buying or completing your needs. However, we come to a conclusion about how to use ebt without card. Hope you find this information helpful.