5 Best Broadband Deals with No Credit Check

Getting broadband deals with no credit check or bad credit is the luck we have always hoped for. Truly, broadband internet service most used internet access that serves convenient and speedy internet to their users. This praiseworthy connection is faster than traditional dial-up internet access. Old dial-up connection is non-broadband even so much cheaper slow internet service, nowadays people are moving towards broadband internet. Broadband internet forms and offered DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), Fiber-optic, cable, and satellite.

What is broadband with no credit check?

Broadband no credit check means you don’t have to show off bank statements with a credit check to sign up in broadband lines. Though your current financial situation is not favourable or you have got bad credit, you will achieve the connection. Some broadband providers do not glance at financial history or black marks, so you aren’t barred from switching to broadband. No credit check involves one of the three credit counselling agencies in the UK Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

5 Providers That Offer Broadband No Credit Check

1. Direct Save Telecom (DST)

Maybe you haven’t heard before that it’s a smaller broadband line provider, but they have convenient and exciting offers that feed your current demand. DST has short time contract options, which is rare in the UK broadband market. This provider promises to serve cheap broadband deals, discounted phone calls, and flexible contracts. Now take a look at broadbandgenie’s annual home broadband survey that helps to understand shortly, what’s the current condition of this service. It’s not fiction; customers rated it. Overall combined scores are

  • Customer care: 91% (average: 81%)
  • Value for money: 85% (average: 70%)
  • Trust: 90% (average: 80%)
  • Would recommend?: 82% (average: 74%)
  • Overall DST broadband customer rating: 87% (average: 76%)

DST Packages

Deals NameTypeIncludesFee Per MonthExtra Fee
Unlimited usageFREE Wireless Router + Free Set Up£18.95Post, packing & ins £9.95
No Contract
Unlimited usageFREE Wireless Router + Set Up only £24.95£27.95Post, packing & ins £9.95
Fibre Broadband
Unlimited usageFREE Wireless Router + Free Set Up£24.95Post, packing & ins £9.95
Source: DST official website

Short time contract is a smart preference; a long time contract has more liability that we don’t even like. It’s great if you are not sure about living space in the long run or would just want to abstain from commitment with ISP for one year or more. Equally important, the contract terms cover broadband and telephone services.

Direct Save Broadband customers can use Direct Save’s loyalty discount club, which can save up to 25% in stores, hotels, air travel, utilities, and rest days. Possibly it is useful, but it depends on whether you use any participating retailer.

Rating for Direct Save broadband: 3.5 / 5.

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2. Now Broadband

Now TV Broadband is a home broadband service that is offered by SKY. They eventually combined with Now TV and served flexible and convenient terms with the low hassle. It was founded in 2012, worked as an Internet TV provider, and can access Sky TV content without signing a long-term contract or providing a satellite antenna. In 2016 it moved to home broadband from its parent company with additional short-term agreements. Now broadband offers ADSL and fibre optic both love Openreach (BT) landline with free wifi connectivity at your home.

Now Broadband Packages

Deals NameDownload Speed (Avg.)Monthly FeeExtra Fee
Brilliant Broadband11 Mbps£18 / month£5.00 delivery fee.
Fab Fibre36 Mbps£22 / month£5.00 delivery fee.
Super Fibre63 Mbps£24 / month£5.00 delivery fee.
Source: NowTV

The average download speed in ADSL 11Mb and 36Mb or 63 Mb with fibre. DST also provides a flexible short time contract agreement, which means any time you can cancel their service without paying the termination fee. After joining now tv broadband, every subscriber gets into entertainment hubs with top channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, and UK Gold.

Optionally you can access 11 movie channels if you add a Sky cinema pass. Passes are easily removed and added to your current package. Now tv broadband telephone number 03303 323 050. You can speak to customer service for the necessary information or use a live chat function as well.

Rating for Direct Save broadband: 4.5 / 5.


3. BT Basic

Basic is a low-cost package-based broadband service, providing the best connection to meet the subscriber’s universal service commitment. With no credit check permission, BT allows broadband+ BT basic package cost for £10.07 per month. No connection charge applicable for setup, but the customer will charge for postage, packaging for BT Home Hub; this is necessary for BT broadband work.

It has an average 10Mb download speed; now it changes to unlimited. Previously, the customer’s usage limit was 15GB per month; BT removed this rule during the covid-19 outbreak, BTV refuses to restore it, at least for now. BT Virus Protection also a benefitted function for every subscriber; such offers are 5Gb of cloud storage and BT Parental Controls. They can also use wifi connection at home or using a cable tv through wifi.

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Do BT credit check for broadband?

BT basic has two opting credit check broadband and no credit check broadband. A good quality credit score may give you high level package of BT basic and no credit score or less score report may be bit less opportunity. But, end of the day, no one can deprive you from getting broadband line.

BT Basic Packages

Deals NamePackageSpeedMonthly UsageContract TermMonthly Price
HyperopticFast (50Mb)50Mb averageUnlimited12 months£22
£29 setup
Virgin MediaM100 Fibre Broadband108Mb averageUnlimited18 months£26.99
£35 setup
Source: BT official website

BT also contributes to Home phone lines. Home phones are not dead; they are still alive and keep making good relations with relatives. They aim to keep phones ringing in every household by charging only £5.16/mo. The call subsidy is £1.50, and the weekends are free to call 0845 and 0870 for a maximum of 60 minutes.


They provide exceptional features, unlike other broadband providers. Although most telephone lines in the UK are compatible with BT, some telephone lines (such as Virgin Media) are not consistent, so BT Basic will not be available. In that case, BT willingly installs a line free of charge. BT Basic customers can get access to Call Barring and free of charge with Caller display.

4. One Stream Broadband

One stream broadband (Part of Hampshire-based broadband specialist Onecom) officially launched in 2018 summer. It also uses the Openreach network like other UK broadband providers.

Average download speed17Mbps, 35Mbps & 63Mbps
Average upload speed1.5Mbps, 9Mbps & 17Mbps
Home PhoneYes
Contract length28 months
Prices£19.99 per month

Speed of Onestream Broadband

There are three broadband deals Onestream provides. One is Jetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband. One of the cheapest packages of One stream. This is a very unusual fibre packaging. Its average speed is 17Mbps, which is between the average 10Mbps speed of ADSL broadband. Then come Jetstream Fibre Max Unlimited Broadband. Its average download speed is 45Mbps, and its upload speed 8Mbps.

This package perfectly suits you if you have multiple devices to connect to the internet at a time, especially if you are a movie or series love, love to streaming Netflix or iPlayer to more than one TV or laptop. Finally, Onestreams Xstream Super fibre Unlimited Broadband that serves up to 66 Mbps and 17Mbps speed. It is far better than fast internet. At a reasonable price, Onestream would be a perfect choice for the middle-class family. And yes, it will not require a Credit Check.

5. Plusnet Broadband

It is one of the cheapest broadband services in the UK. Like Onestream, it also bears three types of speed packages: ADSL broadband (10 Mbps), fibre optic broadband (36Mbps), or 66Mbps fibre-optic broadband. Don’t ever feel tension about the limits of download. Plusnet has no download limits; every package is truly unlimited.

Plusnet also offers home landline services; you can pay on demand. If you are on a tight budget and never miss streaming Netflix, Plusnet is for you as the best broadband provider. Their service is praiseworthy, as far as I know. By the way, this is a secure broadband connection that does not require a credit check.

۞ Special Broadband Deals with No Credit Check

Also, we made a table list of special broadband deals with better types. These deals are beneficial at a reasonable rate; you can navigate any of one and keep connecting to the internet.

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Deals NameAgreement with ExtraTypeAverage SpeedUsageMonthly FeeFees
Post Office Broadband12 month contract + PhoneUnlimited Broadband11Mb / secondUnlimited£17.00 / month£0 upfront fees
Hyperoptic Broadband12 month contract Fibre + Phone30Mb Fibre Connection – Broadband Only30Mb / secondUnlimited£17.99 / month£9.99 upfront fees
Direct Save Broadband12 month contract + PhoneUnlimited Broadband11Mb / secondUnlimited£18.95 / month£0 upfront fees
Plusnet Broadband18 month contract + PhoneUnlimited Broadband10Mb / secondUnlimited£18.99 / month£0 upfront fees
John Lewis Broadband12 month contract + PhoneUnlimited Broadband plus Evening and Weekend Calls.10Mb / secondUnlimited£19.00 / month£0 upfront fees
Onestream Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneJetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband17Mb / secondUnlimited£19.99 / month£0 upfront fees
Hyperoptic Broadband12 month contract Fibre + Phone30Mb Fibre Connection – Broadband & Phone30Mb / secondUnlimited£19.99 / month£9.99 upfront fees
Community Fibre Broadband24 month contract FibreSuperFast50Mb / secondUnlimited£20.00 / month£0 upfront fees
Origin Broadband18 month contract FibreOrigin Fibre18Mb / secondUnlimited£20.99 / month£0 upfront fees
Wightfibre Broadband24 month contract FibreFull-Fibre 5050Mb / secondUnlimited£21.95 / month£0 upfront fees
Direct Save Broadband12 month contract Fibre + PhoneSuperfast Fibre Broadband35Mb / secondUnlimited£21.95 / month£9.95 upfront fees
Onestream Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneJetstream Fibre Max Unlimited Broadband45Mb / secondUnlimited£21.99 / month£0 upfront fees
Shell Energy Broadband18 month contract + PhoneFast Broadband11Mb / secondUnlimited£21.99 / month£0 upfront fees
TalkTalk Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneFibre 3538Mb / secondUnlimited£22.00 / month£0 upfront fees
TalkTalk Broadband18 month contract Fibre + TV + PhoneFibre 35 TV Lite38Mb / secondUnlimited£22.00 / month£4.95 upfront fees
Community Fibre Broadband12 month contract FibreSuperfast50Mb / secondUnlimited£22.00 / month£0 upfront fees
Hyperoptic Broadband12 month contract Fibre50Mb Fibre Connection – Broadband Only50Mb / secondUnlimited£22.00 / month£29 upfront fees
TalkTalk Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneFibre 3538Mb / secondUnlimited£22.00 / month£4.95 upfront fees
Shell Energy Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneSuperfast Fibre35Mb / secondUnlimited£27.99 / month for 3 months£0 upfront fees
Plusnet Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneUnlimited Fibre36Mb / secondUnlimited£22.50 / month£0 upfront fees
Onestream Broadband18 month contract Fibre + PhoneXstream Superfibre Unlimited Broadband67Mb / secondUnlimited£22.99 / month£0 upfront fees
Vodafone Broadband24 month contract Fibre + PhoneSuperfast 263Mb / secondUnlimited£23.00 / month£0 upfront fees
Vodafone Broadband24 month contract Fibre + PhoneSuperfast 135Mb / secondUnlimited£23.00 / month£0 upfront fees
Source: Usave

Final Recap

Broadband internet means you have permission to use the internet broadly. And broadband deals with no credit check package means you don’t need to show the credit check information when dealing for broadband service. However, we have shared some packages relevant to your daily need. Price and package may be vary depending on providers. We are only Idea Sharer. Thanks for being with us.