No Ethernet Port in House? 9 Best Alternative Fixes

Today’s world revolves around the availability of high-speed internet connection services. Every day people are completing their tasks with the help of the internet. One can’t do anything that doesn’t need the help of the web. The internet plays a significant role in serving us in several ways. People carry out business jobs, receive education, do banking, and receive regular entertainment with the help of it.

The usage of the internet extends beyond the above-stated activities. In this case, if there is no ethernet port in house which you need to access high-speed internet, it will be a problem for you.

What To Do If No Ethernet Port in House?

If there is no ethernet port in house then it is quite difficult to receive a high-speed internet connection. If the house was not built a long time ago, it will be easier to get access to an ethernet port or other ways to receive good internet service. If you are looking for cheaper ways to fix the problem in question then the following points are going to help you a lot.

But, you can always install a port if an ethernet port is not available in your house. For that, you need to have the means to afford it because it can be very expensive at times. As a result, if there is no ethernet port in your house, there are some ways you can follow to deal with this inconvenience:

No Ethernet Port In House 1
No Ethernet Port In House

How to Get Internet Without Ethernet Port in the House?

Now the situation involves missing an ethernet connection in the house. It might be solved in several ways. We should look forward to some effective way that really comes to work. The following steps you to go through such as.

1. Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter 

USB to Ethernet device can connect to ethernet cable through a USB port. It allows connecting multiple devices at a time via Ethernet cable in place of USB cable. Generally, It is shorter and less reliable. You may hear about Plug-and-Play technology. This device uses this technology. That means you just need to plug each device into a USB port.

After connecting to a USB port, connect it to an Ethernet cable. After a while, users need to connect Ethernet cables to other sides to separate devices to share internet connection, transfer or share files, or communicate via application data.

The best facility of USB to Ethernet line, if you have one computer that is already connected to a wall-based Ethernet port and wish to connect it to a second computer with the same internet connection. You should use a USB to Ethernet adapter to establish an internet connection between two computers via the first computer’s USB port.

USB to Ethernet Adapter

Best USB to Ethernet Adapter for Non-Ethernet Port Users

Essential Things to Use USB to Ethernet Connection

Even when there is no ethernet port in house, ethernet wired connection services are often easily accessible. If you want to get easily accessible internet, use a wired ethernet connection. To serve that purpose you just need an adapter. And then –

  • You need to acquire Cat5E or Cat6 cables. Checking the type of cables before connecting everything up is necessary. 
  • Generally, a gigabit adapter or a USB 3.1, or a USB 3.0 adapter is required. That adapter needs to be plugged into one of the USB ports of a computer or laptop.
  • If this method is available for you, getting high-speed internet will be easier. Moreover, you get access to the Wi-Fi internet almost instantly.

Using an adapter has its benefits like its data transmission range, signal strength, and fast internet.

  • It helps you to be able to transfer bigger files without affecting the signal quality. 
  • For people who have to work from home, this method will work very effectively as it is able to meet their demands of reliable connection like wifi.
  • It is very easy to carry. One can set up one of these at any place and time as per their wish. 

Before purchasing, compare the product quality with numerous other products and choose the one that is more reliable and comes with warranties.

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2. Using an Internet-Over-Power Adapter

If your room does not have an ethernet wall port to connect you to an internet hub, that’s not mean that you can’t get internet. The first and foremost thing you can try out is to get someone to install one. But if there is no scope to do that you can simply use an internet-over-power adapter.

Best Internet-Over-Power Adapter

The idea of it might seem a bit unconventional at first but once you get the gist of it, you are ready to go! 

  • In this case, you’ll need an ethernet cable apart from DSL to connect the adapter to your router and plug it in. 
  • Similarly, another one of them needs to be connected to the power supply. You can have one at the gateway and another one in your preferred room. If you use a Netgear AV2000 adapter then you can get around 300mbps to 500mbps through it. 

Some Internet-Over-Power Adapter’s That Helps to Be a Part of Ethernet

  • Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters are one of the best ethernet cablings alternatives. These devices can send data signals via the home’s electrical wiring. It would be a very wise decision if you pick a powerline adapter as an alternative to an Ethernet port. Find a powerline adapters store that offers a good return policy so that you can get back your money if your purchased adapter is not fitted with a wall port. However, to install powerline adapters you need to go through some easy steps. 

  1. Simply connect the ethernet cable into the router’s one side. Now, it’s time to plug another side to the wall outlet.
  2. Plug the other adapter to the wall near the device, now plug the last ethernet cable into your device.


Ensure first, you plug powerline adapters to the wall UPS battery backups, surge protectors, powerline conditioners, surge protectors. You can filter strips and power as well as block network frequencies to avoid unwanted noise. After purchasing powerline adapters, you will find security instructions, have to follow these instructions. To keep your information from evil eyes, consider setup a strict password for the powerline network.

  • Power Over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE)

Power Over Long Reach Ethernet mostly known as PoLRE is an alternative solution for ethernet cabling. If you have no ethernet port on the wall, PoLRE is a good choice to go. PoLRE provides network data to the device that are in the distance from the router to receive a Wi-Fi signal. To send data signals through the home using current infrastructure. PoLRE relieved you from latency issues that we may face in wifi connection and no ethernet installation is required for this. 


PoLRE over COAX extender kits gives users the privilege to exceed the 100-meter limitation of ethernet cables. Apart from powerline adapters, you can supply not only data signals but also the power to PDs (Powered Devices). With the existing infrastructure, it’s not limited to WAPs (Wireless Access Points) and VoIP phones at your home or office.

  • Ethernet Over COAX (MoCA Adapter)

You may be finding out Ethernet alternative. MoCA adapter is also an ethernet alternative as well as a powerline adapter. (So, funny right? Alternatives everywhere). As with powerline adapters, MoCA adapters are super fast than so-called wifi and easier to install. MoCA transmits network frequency from router to devices via existing COAX cables. MoCA is also known as Multimedia over COAX so that you can achieve promising ethernet network speeds like Ethernet network without running any cable through your house.

Best MoCA Adapter (Alternative of No-Ethernet)

Best MoCA Adapter (Alternative of No-Ethernet)

Unfortunately, some internet providers like At&t and DirecTV’s U Verse don’t support MoCA. If you already listed those providers consider change your decision and move on to others. But, maximum modern modems support MoCA, which means you have to buy one MoCA adapter to deliver the best network signal to that place you want. Or else, you have to buy two adapters: one is to convert ethernet signal to COAX signal and second one to convert COAX signal to ethernet after they have arrived at their final destination.


The installation process of MoCA adapters is pretty easy.

  1. First, attach the PoE filter to a router where you want to connect the COAX cable. It easily screws like your COAX cable and prevents the MoCA signal from going to the router.
  2. Install a second PoE filter to prevents the transmission of the data signal on the mainline where the COAX cable enters your home. This extra security procedure is for the safety purposes of the network from intruders on the same COAX line.

In the end, MoCA is a reliable way to provide network signals to devices that already keeping distance from a router to achieve a strong wifi signal, without wasting money and time. The above process should help you to acquire an average-speed internet connection.

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3. Using Range Extenders

Some people have connectivity problems like certain portions of their homes lack a high-speed internet connection. If you are one of them then this option is best for you. A range extender is a device that is connected to the router which results in providing you with a better connection.

A wireless range extender is a great option to pick as an alternative to an ethernet line. It brings extreme wifi signals that just can’t do by your router. Sometimes, they also work as a repeater, using radio communication for so many years. Your main ambition is to get an ethernet alternative. By using a wifi range extender, you can do the same thing as an ethernet connection.

If anyone uses a range extender, receiving a good connection in all the parts of the house is not a big deal. The only step is to connect your router to an internet-signal range extender. People with connectivity problems of this sort can rely on this.

Top 10 Wi-Fi Range Extender for You

Type of WiFi Range Extenders

  • Desktop Range Extenders

These types of extenders look like small routers but they will have several Ethernet ports. Since these range extenders have ethernet ports, it should not be a problem even if you don’t have an ethernet port in your home. They will work as an ethernet option as well as boosts wifi speed through a direct connection to the devices you use. The main drawbacks of the desktop extender are they comparatively large and have sufficient space to place. 

  • Plug-in WiFi Extenders

A plug-in extender usually connects to the electrical outlet in the wall. They also have a single ethernet port and power that allows using electrical sockets while the extender is connected.

So, pick an extender that really suits your budget and demand.

4. Use Router’s Wifi Connection

WiFi routers are actually used to spread web links worldwide between 2 or more consumers without the risk of losing visitor traffic speed. They act as receivers on desktops, smartphones, and also a bridge between data programs. They are working together with ethernet wires, wifi signal, or dual-band connection that the router receives in several phases and forms. So, recommending a super fast wi-fi router for your need.

Having super-boost wifi is a wish everyone always hoped for. Though, they are not powerful as a classic Ethernet-based router but provide minimal wifi speeds for component usage. The Wifi network gives you the privilege to connect internet on pc or laptop also on a smartphone.

  • Some key benefits of wifi technology such as the wifi is free from wires. You just need a router and adapter to plug in a location within a particular range.
  • Wifi is for only one but for multiple users simultaneously to be connected to the internet.
  • The costs of installing wifi networks are comparatively low rather than wired ethernet connections.

5. Consider A Mesh Network

A modem mesh Wi-Fi system is a cool opportunity to make you live on the internet. Mesh Networks is a kind of network that enables every router to work in unity and to deliver super-fast and stable Wi-Fi. In a mesh network, every device connects to another device in place of connecting to the internet service provider directly.

But, you have to pay upfront fees for this aside you will get a whole house with a reliable wi-fi connection that will act as a single network. Mesh network helps all devices to shuffle between routers so that they can achieve possible signals. If I come to talk about ethernet ports, most mesh systems have ethernet ports on access points to plug legacy devices into second or third routers.

This process will also work if they are not connected to the modem. A mesh network has sufficient range and no doubt about its faster and stronger network connectivity than a normal Wi-Fi connection. To extend the range, need to add nodes. Mesh networking is the best alternative to ethernet ports.

How Can You Know if Mesh Network Is the Best Fit for You?

I will suggest picking mesh over Wi-fi for these reasons.

  • You have poor internet coverage, poor internet output, buffering on video streaming with the current network, and want to be free from these problems.
  • No ethernet port or wiring in a house, home, or office. (Ethernet can build a single full-featured wifi network gateway.)
  • Enhance network performance without doing extra configuration and placement in the future.
  • Want to updates firmware automatically.
  • Dislike configuring network by entering web administration dashboard and having check 100 options.
  • Finally, you don’t want to think again about your wifi network speed or how it really works.

6. Switching Over To Cell Data

If you live in an area where you can get a good cellular data connection, using 4G internet on your smartphone is an ideal option. It is considerably affordable nowadays too. This way, no wall socket is required. So it won’t make any difference if you have no ethernet port in house.

Minor Benefits of cellular internet access

Nowadays cellular internet means 4G, 5G mobile technology that runs with multiple mobile networks where a wired connection is not available. I called this internet connection a “Good friend in bad times” because it helps me when I am out of the wifi network.

  1. Back-up connectivity
  2. Pre-leased line connectivity
  3. Not-spot connectivity
  4. Quick and mobile deployment

As society becomes more evolved, numerous companies have begun to provide improved cellular data connections at a low cost that average people can afford. You need to look around for fast internet providers. 

The following steps can assist you in that regard:

  • While choosing an internet service provider, consider the one with the best signal range.
  • Compare the cost of the service provider with a few other providers in your area. 
  • If you are more comfortable working on your laptop then you can turn on your phone’s hotspot and continue working on your laptop or computer. 

Surely, this approach will only help you as an alternative to a cable system. But, if the service providers are reliable then you can easily enjoy high-speed internet.

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7. Add Ethernet Port to House

This option is expensive. If you shift to another area where there are no ethernet ports, you may need to add this to the house. This is quite possible by infrastructure walls and installing new cables. Make sure you choose the best internet service provider in the place you live.

Older houses use traditional technology, sometimes these houses are not designed with modern ethernet cables and plugins. But, the combination of your chance and financial support may acquire ethernet ports in every corner of the house.

To maintain a stable internet connection in every room, all ethernet ports are always connected to a rack that is already connected to a compatible modem and router.

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8. Run Ethernet Cable to Another Room

Are you feeling angry? Because you can’t set up ethernet in a particular room. No worries, change the plan and shift this cable to another room. Setup ethernet cable to another room is necessary, when Ethernet connection is failed to set up in a single room otherwise no ports are accessible there.

Transfer a cable from one room to another might be tricky, that actually depends on your layout. Some cables can be visible in the interior. Dig some inch of the wall so that you can hide the cable to dig part.

Ethernet Cable

Top Ethernet Cable to Setup Ethernet Connection

The cable will give you a more consistent internet connection rather than Wi-Fi if other devices do not harm signal strength. Remember, ethernet cable has limitations, it can’t catch a proper signal if the cable is more than 328 feet.

Question of the day

What Is the Suggested Limit for Twisted-Pair Cables in the “Ethernet” Segment?

  1. 10 megabytes/second 
  2. 100 megabytes/second 
  3. 300 megabytes/second 
  4. 350 megabytes/second

Answer: (2)=100


Due to high-speed “Ethernet”, twisted pair cables are limited to 100 meters (330 feet). 10 meters will unnecessarily limit the installation process. The 300m and 350m recommendations will be significantly exceeded, which could lead to potential signal errors.

9. No Wall Socket? – What To Do

If the room lacks ethernet ports or wall sockets of any kind, but you still want to use a wired network then there are a few options you can try :

  • Use a long ethernet cable or powerline adaptors that use your main electricity as data signalling cables. 
  • Add specialized converter plugs at each end. But this will only work if there are available main power plugs beside your router and the desktop you would like to connect it to.
  • The newly built PCs have built-in ethernet ports. So it is easy to connect the adapter. 
  • Finally, connect your PC with a Wi-Fi adapter card and then to the router or modem you are using.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

#Q: Do I Need Ethernet at Home?

It’s up to you. Obviously, ethernet is a good choice to run a decent internet connection but alternative options like wifi, cellular data access are so good. If you are okay with ethernet or there is no hamper in finance, you can set up an ethernet line in your house.

#Q: Is Cat6 Faster Than Cat5?

Though Cat 6 and Cat 5 look the same. But, at higher speeds than Cat 5 or Cat 5e, Cat 6 cable is more dependable. Cat 6 and Cat 4 are backward compatible. So, no problem in mix-match. Cat 5e cable has been improved to decrease interference and consistently offer gigabit speeds.

#Q: Does Ethernet Adapter Affect Internet Speed?

Technically, No. Ethernet adapter is just a medium that is used to attach ethernet cable. There is no actual report we found that Ethernet adapter affects internet speed.

#Q: Does Ethernet Adapter Affect Internet Speed?

Technically, No. Ethernet adapter is just a medium that is used to attach ethernet cable. There is no actual report we found that Ethernet adapter affects internet speed.

#Q: Do You Need Ethernet Port For Router?

Not, actually, because the maximum router has an integrated ethernet port. If you have an ethernet line, you can connect your computer to the internet. And use the router’s ethernet port. That will help to attach and run the connection well. In my opinion, ethernet gives you the maximum speed rather than wifi.

#Q: Is Ethernet Faster Than WiFi?

Obviously, Ethernet is faster than wifi. Ethernet never makes any difference in how far or nearby the router is. As long as the ethernet cable reaches the point you want, it will give a little to good performance.

Final Word

Even for setting up modems themselves, ethernet ports are not necessary. You can have a technician come over and do an initial install, test out the signal at your coax line coming into your house and install a modem that will be directly connected to the computer.  Now you know all the things that are to be done if you have no ethernet port in house. These might not be the most significant ways to deal with this issue but they will help you to enjoy a fast internet connection without any hindrance.