No Ethernet Port in House? 5 Best Alternative Fixes

Today’s world revolves around the availability of high-speed internet connection services. Every day people are completing their tasks with the help of the internet. One can’t do anything that doesn’t need the help of the web. The internet plays a significant role in serving us in several ways. People carry out business jobs, receive education, do banking, and receive regular entertainment with the help of it. The usage of the internet extends beyond the above-stated activities. In this case, if there is no ethernet port in house which you need to access high-speed internet, it will be a problem for you.

What To Do If No Ethernet Port in House?

If there is no ethernet port in house then it is quite difficult to receive a high-speed internet connection. If the house was not built a long time ago, it will be easier to get access to an ethernet port or other ways to receive good internet service.

If you are looking for cheaper ways to fix the problem in question then the following points are going to help you a lot. But, one can always install a port if an ethernet port is not available in your house. For that, one needs to have the means to afford it because it can be very expensive at times.

No Ethernet Port In House
No Ethernet Port In House

As a result, if there is no ethernet port in your house, there are some ways you can follow to deal with this inconvenience :

1. Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter 

Even when there is no ethernet port in house, ethernet wired connection services are often easily accessible. If you want to get an easily accessible internet, use a wired ethernet connection. To serve that purpose you just need an adapter. And then –

  • You need to acquire Cat5E or Cat6 cables. Checking the type of cables before connecting everything up is necessary. 
  • Generally, a gigabit adapter or a USB 3.1, or a USB 3.0 adapter is required. That adapter needs to be plugged into one of the USB ports of a computer or laptop.
  • If this method is available for you, getting high-speed internet will be easier. Moreover, you get access to the Wi-Fi internet almost instantly.

Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

Using an adapter has its benefits like its data transmission range, signal strength, and fast internet.

  • It helps you to be able to transfer bigger files without affecting the signal quality. 
  • For people who have to work from home, this method will work very effectively as it is able to meet their demands of reliable connection.
  • It is very easy to carry. One can set up one of these at any place and time as per their wish. 

Before purchasing, compare the product quality with numerous other products and choose the one that is more reliable and comes with warranties. 

2. Using an Internet-Over-Power Adapter

If your room does not have an ethernet wall port to connect you to an internet hub, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get internet. The first and foremost thing you can try out is to get someone to install one. But if there is no scope to do that you can simply use an internet-over-power adapter.

Using an Internet-Over-Power Adapter

The idea of it might seem a bit unconventional at first but once you get the gist of it, you are ready to go! 

  • In this case, you’ll need an ethernet cable apart from DSL to connect the adapter to your router and plug it in. 
  • Similarly, another one of them needs to be connected to the power supply. You can have one at the gateway and another one in your preferred room. If you use a Netgear AV2000 adapter then you can get around 300mbps to 500mbps through it. 

The above process should help you to acquire an average-speed internet connection.

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3. Using Range Extenders

Some people have connectivity problems like certain portions of their homes lack a high-speed internet connection. If you are one of them then this option is best for you. 

A range extender is a device that is connected to the router which results in providing you with a better connection. If one uses a range extender then receiving a good connection in all the parts of the house is not a big deal. The only step is to connect your router to an internet-signal range extender. People with connectivity problems of this sort can rely on this.

Using Range Extenders

4. Switching Over To Cell Data

If you live in an area where you can get a good cellular data connection like MetroPCS, using 4G internet on your smartphone is an ideal option. It is considerably affordable nowadays too. This way, no wall socket is required. So it won’t make any difference if you have no ethernet port in house.

As society becomes more evolved, numerous companies have begun to provide improved cell data connections at a low cost that average people can afford. You need to look around for fast internet providers. 

Switching Over To Cell Data

The following steps can assist you in that regard:

  • While choosing a internet service provider, consider the one with the best signal range.
  • Compare the cost of the service provider with a few other providers in your area. 
  • If you are more comfortable working on your laptop then you can turn on your phone’s hotspot and continue working on your laptop or computer. 

Surely, this approach will only help you as an alternative to a cabled system. But if the service providers are reliable then you can easily enjoy high-speed internet. 

5. No Wall Socket? – What To Do

If the room lacks ethernet ports or wall sockets of any kind, but you still want to use a wired network then there are a few options you can try :

  • Use a long ethernet cable or powerline adaptors which use your main electricity as data signaling cables. 
  • Add specialized converter plugs at each end. But this will only work if there are available main power plugs beside your router and the desktop you would like to connect it to.
  • The newly built PCs have built in ethernet ports. So it is easy to connect the adapter. 
  • Finally, connect your PC with a Wi-Fi adapter card and then to the router or modem you are using.

Final Word

Even for setting up modems themselves, ethernet ports are not necessary. You can have a technician come over and do an initial install, test out the signal at your coax line coming into your house and install a modem that will be directly connected to the computer.  Now you know all the things that are to be done if you have no ethernet port in house. These might not be the most significant ways to deal with this issue but they will help you to enjoy a fast internet connection without any hindrance.

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No Ethernet Port in House? 5 Best Alternative Fixes

Today's world revolves around the availability of high-speed internet connection services. Every day people are completing their tasks with the help of the internet....