10 Ways to Fix Router Not Getting Full Internet Speed

In this fast and busy world, it is vital to have a full internet connection speed. Besides performing daily work, it is also used for recreation like chatting, online gaming, and so on. While doing all this stuff, many people say that why am I not getting my full internet speed through the router, or I can not get full internet speed because of its slow connection. Its work is to bear the workload through the internet operating systems and various gadgets. It is basically in charge of conveying messages from all gadgets to the wi-fi for bearing all internet-associated works. Not getting full internet speed through the router will get a superb solution by following some easy steps.

Not Getting Full Internet Speed Through Router
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10 Superb Solutions To Get Full Internet Speed Through Router

1. Modern Router Is Needed to Be Used

To avoid not getting full internet speed it is needed to use fastest modern routers instead of outdated routers. Because, more than older ones, newer wifi 5 or wifi 6 (Google Nest Wi-fi or ASUS RT- AX86U) routers are qualified for delivering good speed and network. Router settings should be placed on the high walls or high area as it provides the signal to the down.

To keep the router continuing with the brand new upgrades is also highly suggested. For upgrading the router, anybody can communicate with their ISP to speed out the wired connection. One article has stated that on extreme rate programs it is alright for ISP to supply 50-60% of the highest speed plans like 500+ Mbps when wi-fi is utilized.

You will get 100 Mbps stable all the time when the ISP plan is slower and 100 Mbps. There is one solution to contact the internet provider customer facility group of your router producer that can also solve this problem.

2. Wi-Fi Router’s Password Should Be Changed

Many people have complained that they are having slow speeds on the internet systems or not able to get full internet speed through the router after changing the old one. If someone is having entry through a password, it can be a problem for obtaining short connection speed.

To get rid of this, it is advised to modify the password of the router and stop unlicensed entry to your network. If you have an app like NETGEAR Genie, TP-Link Tether, or Xfinity xFi, you could simply discover errant links and detach them without having to unsettle your entire Wi-Fi network. It will shorten all kinds of unneeded connections and will give the connection a priority bandwidth.

The quantity of bandwidth consumed is generally based on the network plan offered by the internet service provider. Broadband is an excessive speed that provides Wi-Fi joining in terms of transmission strength. Cable service is one of the wideband internet services. Category 6 cable or cat 6 is a graded tangled team cable for Ethernet and other internet material coverings.

While Wi-Fi technology is reaching out, if you fit that Cat 6 ethernet cable straight into your computer, then it can supply finer speeds. So for the better safety of internet connection, it will be intelligent to keep switching the password every few weeks.

3. Router’s Position Should Be Changed

Limited internet speed is certainly not good for anybody to fulfil their needs. For this, the router’s position matters a lot. If a router is sitting in one corner of the home surrounded by many objects, then it can reduce speed.

No matter how big furniture or smaller like a baby monitor the object is, the router should be placed in an open central location. By being surrounded by these things it can make the router hot. Many things can decline the sign from the router to the Wi-Fi adapter. Under the absolute situation, anybody can get  80-90% of the speed but it is uncommon.

To get a proper connection router’s position should be changed if requires. The best way to get a proper connection is to place the router in an upright location.

4. Wi-Fi Network Expansion

If the router doesn’t give actual support, even after changing the position. Then a Wi-Fi extender can help out. A Wi-Fi extender will not only provide a boost up the signals but also will permit the gadget to get strong signals. Using various gadgets can expand the network.

  • Wifi boosters rearrange and boost the resting signals into the new field.
  • Wired access points, just like wifi boosters, join the router through an Ethernet line for conveying Wi-Fi and LAN signs.
  • The powerline extender kit has two gadgets. One can be connected through the router and the other one through the power circuit.

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5. Settle the Router’s Antennas

As routers generally have Omni-directional antennas, that’s why they deliver signs in every corner squarely. Or, wi-fi signals can get horizontally if placed vertically. So it is essential to balance an antenna horizontally to perform signals to several floors.

6. Resetting the Router

Because of overwork, the operations performed by the router can force its task slow-moving. In this state, rebooting or resetting the router can make the gadget more workable than before. Unplug and re-plug the router only for ten seconds can make the router more active. It is probably one of the best ways to test the internet connection. If routers are facing problems that slow down. It may be because of the following two reasons:

  • The software bugs are hampering it from doing its vital functions correctly by making it slower.
  • The router is either facing hardware insufficiency or running various services for which it is not up to date.

7. 5GHz or 2.4GHz Frequency Band

A router with a 2.4 GHz band is applied for both Wi-Fi and plenty of other wireless signals has slower speeds while 5GHz has a quick speed. Though the 2.4 GHz frequency band is steady it can extend a huge space while 5GHz frequency covers fewer than huge spaces. But sometimes even on 5 GHz, the wireless network is much steady like 50%.

Both dual-band routers have their own benefited and non-benefited sides. So, you may choose dual-band Wi-Fi routers that are designed to help both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies at a time.

If the network is clear, low frequency is the main disturbance when using Wi-Fi. The 2.4 GHz band controls low frequency greater but is an extra concern to obstruction. The 5GHz band is few subject to obstruction but has more problems with low frequency. Besides, it is still only to gain speeds covering out around 600 Mbps.

5 GHz Band Best for Links:

  • Game speed
  • PCs
  • Clever phones
  • Clever TVs

2.4 GHz Band Best for Links:

  • Clever announcer
  • Clever dwelling gadgets
  • Safety cameras

8. Swap the Wi-Fi Frequency Channel

For swapping the router frequency channel, confirm that relations are on the right Wi-Fi frequency band. Frequency channels can turn jammed, so if you and all your neighbour’s are utilizing the equal channel in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, then it can decline the network speed. To search for the perfect Wi-Fi channel, you can utilize the Wireless Diagnostics quality.

For Windows, you will require an app like NetSpot. Both of these should suggest the top Wi-Fi channels to utilize. To swap the Wi-Fi to the top channel, it is required to sign in to the router-connected border. After signing into, take a view of the Wi-Fi settings to swap the band channel.

9. Network Settings Should Be Changed

By following some easy steps one can change the network settings and fix the router from troubleshooting.

  • The phone’s Settings app need to unlock
  • After that, pressing the internet connection and wifi.
  • At the lower side, press Wi-Fi choices.
  • Then select a choice that options are different for various android versions.

10. Router’s Firmware Need to Update and Upgrade to a Faster Internet

Updating the router’s firmware can increase its abilities or join any problems. If your router does not have instant firmware updates, you should systematically examine them to have both security and a quick speed. Also, upgrading to a swift network plan can be a cause to get fast wifi speed.

Bottom Line

If somebody is not getting full internet speed through a router, it is not only the router’s problem, other sectors are also responsible for this. While somebody is not getting full speed from the router, to get the actual network is to examine all wifi-related things like coverage, performance, security, and controls that the modern routers provide.

Routers perform both as DHCP hosts and troubleshoot the IP addresses. If anybody is noticing throttled internet speeds then ISP throttling will assist to make out. It is unthinkable to spend time without the internet for a single moment.

So, why I cannot get full speed on wifi? this question will not be a question anymore if only all the instructions are followed properly.

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