5 Fixes of Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

Disney plus is a video-content platform that streams tons of video and delivers it to subscribers. So, they can enjoy their free time with movies, series, tv shows. It meets the needs of both children and adults. No matter how old people are, there is something praiseworthy in Disney plus that meets everyone’s interest and attraction to use Disney as the best streaming platform. After Netflix, amazon prime, Disney plus has a wide range of video content, so Samsung tv owners rely on this. If you feel unhappy because it doesn’t work properly. Some compatibility errors may be found on Disney plus apps. When this app stops working, we sometimes feel a heavy loss. But, you may be aware, every problem has a unique solution, so we are here.

Possible Reasons Why Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

First and foremost things to be noted, Disney Plus is no longer working on Samsung TV. This issue actually originates with Samsung not being a streaming service. Second, this issue is mostly seen in the 2016 Samsung TV model. Samsung and Disney Plus are aware of this problem, and they are working together to solve it. There are sufficient ways to troubleshoot. If your Disney plus not working on Samsung tv, follow the below steps to make Disney plus alive. This instruction can be applied to Samsung TV models 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Fixed: Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

5 Disney Plus Issue You May Experienced

The most relevant Issues with Disney Plus are as follows. You can fix everything below by following the solution steps.

1. Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV
2. If Disney Plus does not appear on Samsung TV.
3. Disney Plus not opening on Samsung TV
4. Samsung TV Disney Plus Not Showing Up
5. Samsung TV Disney Plus Buffering Timeout

5 Ways to Fix Disney Plus Issue

1. Try to Clear the App Cache

This is a recommended solution for the Disney plus app. If the Disney Plus app on your Samsung Smart TV isn’t working or crashing, you should give it a shot. Cache files are temporary, these unwanted files prevent the Disney plus app from running smoothly. A report says a simple clearing cache solved this annoying issue easily.

How to Clear Cache of Disney Plus App
  1. Tap on the Home button from the TV remote
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Now select Open Apps
  5. Find Disney Plus App
  6. Tap on it then Clear Cache

2. Force Close Disney Plus App

When does an app need to close forcibly? The fruitful answer is, when an app not responding or responding too late, does not work properly. Disney plus has the same issue. Like other android apps, the Samsung Smart TV app creates a fetch file in the system that results in a loading screen on Smart TV. This minor issue can be simply fixed by force closing. Do you know how to close the Disney Plus app? Here’s what you do.

How to Force Close Disney Plus App

  1. Open Disney plus app
  2. Press and hold the back button
  3. It will instantly go to the homepage
  4. Now it’s force closing done

3. Samsung Smart TV Cold Boot

Cold Boot. Sounds new to hear? Yes, it’s new for you. It has separate feedback for Smart TV. It is slightly different than normal restarting. It’s a force boot. Cold boot lets your Samsung TV completely be turned off with other apps and programs related to this. Don’t worry it will restart itself. The cold boot helps to solve app and software crashing problems. 

How to Cold Boot on Samsung Smart TV by Remote
  1. Use a working remote
  2. Press Power Button until it turns off and on again
  3. It will take 5 seconds to complete
Another way to Cold Boot with the Plug
  1. Disconnect Smart TV from the power source
  2. Wait 25-30 seconds
  3. Plugin again

That’s it. This simple work will fix Disney plus and Samsung tv issues.

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4. Update Samsung Smart TV

Updating Smart TV is another solution to fix Disney plus not working on Samsung tv. Updates are not only required for the issue, sometimes it helps to increase video streaming quality plus smooth connection in a low signal. Besides, file updates fix App crashing, loading, not opening issues. So, take a look at the official latest version of the firmware. Updating takes a few minutes to complete. Just a stable internet is needed for this.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV Firmware
  1. Go to Settings from Samsung TV
  2. Select Support
  3. Tap on Software Update.
  4. When a software update is available, Download and Install it.

5. Reinstall Disney Plus App

Still, now, you are facing crashing, loading, not working issues on Samsung Smart TV? Really bad luck. Nothing to do but just delete the app from the TV. Then install it from the app store again. After deleting the Disney Plus app, your saved username and password will be wiped out. So, make sure you note everything properly in a safe place.

How to Delete Disney Plus App
  1. Press Home Button from Remote
  2. Use remote to operate Disney Plus app
  3. Select Disney plus, Press the down button from remote
  4. Select Remove

Now restart the TV and download the Disney plus app again and install it.

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Final Thoughts

We have outlined most of the ways to fix it. So, no question on your mind like “How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung Tv”. Ever so, you have to look up Disney plus outages in your area. If an outage is running, you can’t run the Disney app anyhow. You can check out outages by visiting downdetector.com. This valuable advice is applicable for all users who face Disney Plus issues, regardless of the kind of TV you own. You can also keep an eye on Samsung Support and Disney Plus Twitter accounts. They will probably post when the issue is resolved.

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