5 Fixes: DirecTV Mini Genie Not Connecting to The Server

One of the best platforms DirecTV is ultimately used by people who love to watch movies. Users can also access HD service on various devices through only one DirecTV Mini Genie HD DVR. But what actions you can take if your Genie Mini isn’t connecting properly to the server. We’re going to give consultancy for DirecTV Mini Genie not connecting to the server.

DirecTV Mini Genie Not Connecting to The Server


You’ll notice this kind of error messages when your DIRECTV appliance isn’t transmitting any signal with the main Genie receiver. Here are the chief reasons: An improper connection between Genie DVR and wireless video bridge. All cables should be securely plugged into your devices and wall outlets.

  • The wireless video bridge failed to connect with power or is rebooting.
  • The wireless video bridge is outside of your home but still appears on your Genie DVR menu.
  • You displaced your Genie DVR from usual.

5 Different Ways to Troubleshoot DirecTV Mini Genie

1. Confirmation of DIRECTV Outage 

For that, you’ll need to browse the DIRECTV outage reporting page, sign in or up and just enter your zip code. The page will disclose some of the known outages. If you find your outage is on the list, DIRECTV is already operating to restore assistance. You can also file a report so they can get to repair it.

2. Check the Network Light 

Genie Mini is structured with a network light. The light must be yellowish-green when it is connected to the server. When you’ll notice the network light has switched to red or orange color, you have to understand that Genie doesn’t have any connectivity to the server. This issue might occur if the cable is ripped or harmed. In that case, you have to examine the cable and replace the cable if a new cable is required.

3. Plugging

Your DirecTV Genie also may not connect to the server due to the plug hasn’t appropriately plugged. This is normal for the hardware which is being used for a long time or the new equipment installation. If you remove the part it’ll perhaps fix the issue on its own. The uses of coaxial cables often adversely affect network connectivity by Genie. That’s why we highly recommend you to shift HDMI cables from coaxial cables. Also, make sure that your DVR is connected to the device appropriately while plugging cable for nicer connectivity.

4. Activation

Time it’s normal for every device including Genie to take some time to stabilize a connection. Some people don’t wait some time after client activation or after updating Genie. So, you should take some to let Genie establish adequate connectivity to the network.

5. Reboot

Every hardware device required to reboot sometimes to work properly. Your Genie isn’t that exception. To reboot your Genie you need to press the red button. It will take 1-1.30 minute but this will help your device to resolve the maximum problem.

If the red blinks for a few seconds, nothing to worry about as it’s usual. You’ll find the red button beneath the front door of your Genie depending on your model. Keep it in your mind that for a complete reboot at least 5 minutes are required.


The aforesaid techniques are enough to troubleshoot connectivity issues. But if an internal issue occurred in Genie those methods are probably not gonna work out. Thus you should look for an expert or mechanic by contacting DirecTV.

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