Fix Google Fiber Box Flashing Blue Light : 4 Proven Ways

Google Fiber is a high-speed internet service that Google offers only in the United States. It is one of the strongest mobile networks available in the United States. Google Fiber customers have complained about the performance of up to 1000 Mbps. Many customers have observed detecting Google Fiber Box Flashing Blue Light on the modem as one of the primary issues. The Google Fiber Web Development crew is dedicated to developing technologies that improve internet performance throughout the network and customer lifecycles.

What Does a Google Fiber Network Box Flashing Blue Light Indicate?

As per Internet Service, if the Google Network Box is flashing blue, it means it is preparing to connect. In most situations, it settles within a few minutes. However, the Network Box is rarely unable to make a connection, and in such situations, the blue light continues to blink. Employees of the Google Fiber Network Development team ensure that network operating systems are simple and secure. If you are experiencing this problem, there are several measures you can do to resolve the Google Fiber connection issues.

Google Fiber Box Flashing Blue Light

1. Perform a Power Cycle

If you are wondering, “My Google Fiber is slow”. There are other alternatives to follow regarding Google Fiber’s blue light issue. Follow these instructions,

  • The first step in resolving the situation is to power cycle the Network Controller. In most scenarios, power cycling resolves network problems.
  • To power source the network box, disconnect its power cable first from the Google fiber cable box. Give it about 10 seconds.
  • Plugin the power cable back to the port. Take 2 to 3 minutes to see whether the Light becomes solid blue.

2. Network Disruption

There is a chance that you will be witnessing power outages at night/day due to a service disruption in your region. Sometimes, it might be tough to determine whether this is the problem or whether there are other explanations. If users perform a Google Fiber Outage check on the Search Page, they can explore more. Users can enter their street address and track the progress to see whether their location has any known disruptions.

Customers can simply wait it out if there is an issue while the Google developers work to resolve the problem. Within several hours, you may observe it to be resolved. However, if no disruption has been reported in your area and you are still experiencing connectivity problems, the fault is most likely related to your connection.

3. Get in Contact with Google Fiber’s Customer Service

If you’ve followed the procedures above but still notice the google fiber router blinking blue light, one of the devices may be malfunctioning. May the problem is your fiber cable. Users need to get in line with Google Fiber’s customer care. Update officials about the issue, and they will teach you how to resolve it.

If you can’t resolve the problem over the phone, they will most likely send an expert to inspect the connection and the Google Fiber cable box to your home. The experts are ready to locate and resolve the problem on the spot.

4. Rule Out IP and DNS Errors

If your router’s IP or DNS server address is falsely configured, you may have trouble browsing the web while performing a google fiber address check. To ensure that these settings are correct, perform the following tests:

  • Locate Control Panel, head over Network Connections.
  • After right-clicking Local Area Connection, choose Properties.
  • Locate Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) and select Properties on the General tab.
  • Close the dialogue box by clicking OK.

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Final Words

Google Fiber, like most broadband connections, is a public network, which indicates that if several users are online at the same time, users may notice delays in their Google internet box. However, because Google Fiber is designed to handle 1,000 Mbps, the bandwidth is so strong that any particular user’s bandwidth is unlikely to be influenced by their neighborhood.

There are customers and clients with queries regarding how to reset Google Fiber. Since Google has stopped plans to build Google Fiber across the United States and dropped out of numerous locations where it attempted to execute, critics have referred to the project as a “disappointment.”

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