How to Troubleshoot No signal on DirecTV – Best Guide

It’s annoying to every DirecTV user to abruptly lose their transponder signal while enjoying favourite tv shows. Afterwards, your trusted powerful source of recreation becomes a big headache. But luckily there are some easy ways to troubleshoot these types of issues about no-signal. If you understand those technical reasons for the error signal, it will be much easier to resolve. Topic is about how to troubleshoot no signal on DirecTV. But before that you’ll need to acknowledge some basic information about Rain Fade, unsubscribed channels, signal strength etc.

Definition of Rain Fade

One of the common reasons for DirecTV’s no signal is rain fade. It often occurs when atmospheric circumstance disrupts connectivity between DirecTV’s broadcasting network and home receiver. Although we say it as Rain Fade, any kind of odd weather pattern could adversely impact your reception even though it’s not raining at all. Rain Fade affects certain regions like the mid-western in the US. It’s quite unusual in the southwest part of the country.

How to Troubleshoot No signal on DirecTV

There isn’t any accurate way that can be done to impede rain fade. Trying to adjust the angle of your satellite internet dish depending on your location may help to lessen incidences of disconnection in the signal. You should consult with your regional DirecTV technician before any procedures because their usefulness depends on your actual location.

Identify Unsubscribed Channels  

Those who are new to DirecTV are might unaware of unsubscribed channels which is another common cause of confusion. These are the plenty of channels like CBS that DirecTV offers but uninvolved in your current programming package.  They can be specified with their grey appearance in your channel list.

Unsubscribed channels are not related in the stability to the signal of DirecTV, they just show up on your display so that if you could add to your subscription. But if you don’t want to see unnecessary channels, you can easily remove them from the list.

Just press the “GUIDE” button on your DirecTV remote and navigate to the yellow button. This will show the guide options menu afterwards. After that choose “Change Favourite List” and then choose “Channels I get” After this procedure, you will only see your subscribed channels.

Test the Signal’s Strength

Verify signal loss to identify what’s causing DirecTV’s system not to work properly. This test for troubleshooting on DirecTV will return you a numerical value between 1 to 100 which symbolizes the signal strength of each DirecTV satellite that your receiver has communicated with.

To test, choose the “Menu” button on your remote control and then choose the option named “Parental, Fav’s And Set up” Again choose an option named “System Set Up” Navigate to the “Satellite” option and pick the option “View Signal Strength” You’ll see a list of each satellite transponder on your screen and its current strength. Wait a few moments to show up all reading together.

You’ll probably notice some transponders that show zero strength of any signal. It’s completely normal and You only need to be connected with some certain company’s satellite to acquire full of functional signals. You should be relaxed if you see a few transponders with reading around 100.

Resetting DirecTV’s Receiver

You should try to reset your DirecTV’s receiver to fix the “No signal” error message. But it’ll only work when Rain Fade occurs. It will help your DirecTV system to operate through its usual procedure and reconnect to the satellite network forcefully. Resetting the DirecTV receiver is often enough to fix a small software glitch and return it to its usual functional condition.

Firstly, you need to press and hold the red coloured “Reset” button which is located back of the access card door in front of the receiver panel. In another alternative way, you can do this through your remote. Press “Menu” button on the remote then select “Parental, Fav’s And Set up” Then select “System Set Up” And in the end, choose “Reset.”

It’s importantly noted that because your reset your data programs may temporarily be affected. So remember this while watching shows and recording any program.

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The aforesaid steps are the basic steps that have to be checked necessarily before contact with your local DirecTV technician or help centre. After making sure that you’ve tried all initials, don’t bother much and contact for directly.

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