How to Avoid Comcast Regional Sports Fee? – 3 Working Ways

Everybody wants to save money and still be able to watch their favorite sports on cable. But how can you get rid of the Regional Sports Fee and other fees that sneak up on you? There are a lot of extra fees that customers don’t know about until they see their first bill, but the Comcast Regional Sports Fee is the one that hurts the most. Customers are sometimes surprised by how much they have to pay each month because they didn’t take the time to fully understand all the costs that come with their package. Keep reading to learn the best ways how to avoid paying the Comcast Regional Sports Fee.

What is Comcast Regional Sports fee?

How to Avoid Comcast Regional Sports Fee

In some places, if a subscription includes a Regional Sports Network, it may cost extra each month for regional sports. The price of this service may change depending on what kind of local sports network you have access to. The Regional Sports Fee is a made-up cost that is meant to make your bill look bigger than it really is. Companies like Comcast buy TV shows from different networks and send them to their customers.

Sports cost a lot of money. In order to do this, the Regional Sports Fee pays distributors a portion of what it costs broadcasters to get the right to show regional sports networks. In the past few years, the costs of regional sports networks have gone through the roof, which is a big reason why programming costs are going up. Regional Sports Fees are not made up, like the Broadcast TV Surcharge, which almost all providers charge. Comcast Regional Sports costs $14.45 a month, which is a lot of money.

Do You Have to Pay for a Regional Sports Fee if You Don’t Watch Sports Channels?

Unfortunately, yes. Since almost every pay TV plan is a bundle of channels, you can’t get a custom channel package without paying for sports programming. Everyone who lives in the viewing area will have to pay this fee. It doesn’t look like your viewing preferences will be taken into account when deciding if you have to pay or not.

But you might be able to avoid the fee if you ask for a plan without sports channels. But if those games aren’t included in your TV plan, expect Comcast to pay for them. You could also just stop getting TV service and use the internet instead. In this case, the fees in question would be taken care of for free.

How to Avoid Comcast Regional Sports Fee? – 3 Ways

Only if you stop using Comcast’s TV services will you not have to pay this fee. Even though some people might call third-party service providers to hold the talks, the issues would be pretty small. If you want to go this way, you only need to do a few simple things. In reality, this is how to go about it:

1. Call Comcast’s Customer Service Staff to Get Help

Contacting Comcast’s customer service or client experience team should be your first step. Since they are the first way the company talks to people, you will have to talk to them. Usually, you have to wait anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes before an agent answers the phone. Don’t end the call until someone picks up. If an agent or representative answers, move on to the next section.

2. Just Let Them Know That You Have to Cancel

If you complain about the cost of broadcast TV right away, they will tell you they can’t do anything about it. You should instead tell them that you will be canceling because you have found another service provider who will not charge you this fee or will charge you less. Try to talk to them nicely instead of getting angry. Explain in detail why you think Comcast should get rid of its Broadcast TV charge. If you do it this way, you might be more successful and have less trouble.

3. Talk About a Possible Middle Ground

They usually make callers wait for one to two minutes, depending on whether they are calling to cancel service or keep it. Now is when they will look for a better and more satisfying solution to your problem. On the other hand, you may also. Go to to talk to them right now. Make your case and ask that the extra fees be taken off the bill.

It’s possible that a third party will negotiate with Comcast on your behalf. The second step is to see if they can get you excited about doing business with them. The fee for a mediator is due whether or not they help reach a settlement. Still, it seems that less than half of the people who asked to cancel over the phone actually got their money back.

Some of these clients have been working with them for a long time. So, if you have only been a member for, say, a year, you shouldn’t expect to get it. Even if they do things to try to help you save money, it’s up to you to decide if you want to stay. If you don’t want to pay that fee, you should be honest and let them know. And that’s pretty much it! When you’re done with your call, your service will end right away!


After reading this article, you should know more about the how to avoid paying the Comcast Regional Sports Fee and what you can do to avoid it. To get the service you pay for, you need to pay close attention to every detail ahead of time. Even though this extra fee is hard to get rid of, there are ways to avoid it. If you don’t like your cable TV bill, you can do many things: negotiate a lower rate, cut back on your cable tv service, switch providers, or cancel your account altogether.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Other Companies Charging Regional Sports Fee Or Is It Just Comcast?

If you look closely at your monthly Comcast TV bill, you may have noticed the Regional Sports Fee. This fee is charged by service providers such as Verizon, Cox, DirecTV, Altice/Optimum, and Frontier.

Is Xfinity streaming free?

Even if you don’t have a Xfinity TV package, you can still watch some free content if you have Xfinity Internet or Xfinity Internet Essentials. This could be some broadcast channels, basic digital channels, or On Demand content.