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Straight talk is a worldwide prepaid phone service. Also a great option for major network coverage. It is owned by TracFone Company. Straight talk phones and plans are sold by Walmart, now carriers operating by Verizon Wireless network, At&t, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

The network you choose would be determined by what carrier you first selected from when you bring your own phone to Straight Talk. For example, whether you buy it from an MVNO running on the Sprint network, or if it is a Sprint phone (like Boost), this is the network that you are connecting to.

Straight Talk Coverage Map

Straight Talk Wireless Coverage Map

Another hand, when you are buying a Straight Talk device, your network will also be dictated by the specific device you choose. Other phones are simply tuned with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and At&t. Let’s take a look, how a Straight talk coverage map looks like.

Networks That Straight Talk Support

I mentioned earlier, four major networks such as Verizon, At&t, Sprint, and T-Mobile run by Straight talk. Even, your phone will also be dictated by his network. Here is an explanation about these four networks, how they differ from each other.

Verizon Network

Verizon placed its position on the basis of sufficient covered area. The below map clearly shows Verizon’s coverage in cities. This major network connectivity provides over 70% of country coverage with 4G LTE service. The United States also didn’t miss out. City-level or street-level coverage information says Verizon provides 90% of cellular coverage in 27 states. From those states, Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas are the major area which is covered by Verizon. But other carriers faltering in rural areas, like Verizon and at&t.

Verizon Network

AT&T Network

At&t feels proud to supply the best coverage in the country. The map also shows At&t’s reliable coverage breadth and neck. Even, Verizon and T-Mobile also leading the industry for money in certain areas. 5G technology interested users Those who are interested in 5G technology, above coverage map reflects At&t’s 5G and 5G+ spectrum’s. At&t also offers a 5G network to 6.15% country. I think it is better than Verizon’s service.

At&t Network

T-Mobile Network

T-Mobile 4G LTE network achieves 62% coverage in the United States. Its competitor At&t just ahead of 6% only in the nationwide carrier coverage. Especially it focuses on urban cities and areas with a large and medium population. That’s why T-Mobile admitted that they cover 99% of American places with its 3G and 4G networks. There is no doubt about service, they are doing their best to serve excellent service in a crowded place. The carrier has started to rapidly expand its network and add the 600 MHz range.

T-Mobile Network

Sprint Network

Sprint’s 3G and 4G LTE covers a small amount of area in the United States of other 4 big providers. It has highly strong coverage in populated areas. Its wireless plans are relatively low in cost compared to other carriers. Sprint has more than 95% coverage in the following states such as Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, etc. Aside, there are more states that have less than 50% coverage. If I compare it to Verizon, Verizon will pass, because it reaches 70% but Sprint reaches only 30% to 50% in whole states. However, in some regions of the world, their network offers extremely reliable service, specifically across the eastern seaboard.

Sprint Network

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Reliability of Straight Talks Network

Reliability consists of four extraordinary networks. Here is structured numerical data that show how the 4G coverage exists in these carriers.

  1. Verizon: 70% 4G coverage
  2. T-Mobile: 59% 4G coverage
  3. AT&T: 58% 4G coverage
  4. Sprint: 30% 4G coverage

Verizon passes the threshold, now it is the most reliable 4G connection in the United States.


Coverage Availability from Straight Talk

You can check availability from the official straight talk website. They already acknowledged about straight talk coverage map. Customers just need to enter Zip code, where they will use their favorite devices to see localized versions available in the specific areas they live.

Note: Always remember, a coverage map is a kind of road map that is used for informational purposes. It is designed by a carrier to help you to find where the service available, but no guarantee that this service really exists or not. 

Way to Improve Cell Phone Reception

There is a hidden way to improve cell phone coverage without moving to another place. Technically, it is far better to upgrade to a newer device. A newer phone gives you better performance and coverage than an old one. Because radio technology is upgrading continuously. That’s why it’s not really a perfect suit for the old model phone. For example, T- Mobile announced spectrum as Band which works four times faster in inside buildings.

Maybe you don’t know, iPhone 5S haven’t any radio to works on Band 12, whereas iPhone 7, 6S, 8 all work perfectly. Same though for other phones and carriers, the newest models will be more adjustable because it has built-in latest radio technology which will be best to operate the latest spectrum without any hassle. So, select devices which are really come for work in coverage.

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