Popmoney vs Zelle – Who Won This Battle?

There are minor differences between Popmoney and Zelle. You can call them identical twins. When you decide to make a transfer, both apps use a faster way to transfer funds from a bank account. Users happily transfer funds through phone number, address and recipient’s email. It’s an easy process for both of them. However, there are a few minor variations between Popmoney vs Zelle. We are going to unveil it for sure.

What is Popmoney?

Popmoney is a payment service that electronically moves money from one bank to another. Particularly, it is designed for making transfers between family and friends but Small Business owners can also use this freely. Fortunately, you don’t need a new account to send or receive payment. From Current bank account, Popmoney uses Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to instant transfer with routing and bank account number without verification. You can use the Popmoney mobile app to login with bank information then start transferring money with others.

  • It’s online based. If you have no smartphone, you can access it from Computer to make transactions
  • To send money, the receiver doesn’t need a Popmoney account. Just need a bank account, phone number, email address
  • Bank to bank transfer. No middle accounts need to transfer money in or out
  • Small And Sturdy And Easy to Use
  • Phenomenal beast
  • You can’t use only an email address to transfer
  • It took more time to transfer money from bank to bank
  • Popmoney provides only USA based transaction

What is Zelle?

Along with Popmoney, Zelle is a peer-to-peer money transaction app that can instantly send money with friends and family. It also helps to manage small businesses efficiently. Its payments network makes any transaction easily, quickly and securely from bank to bank. Zelle also uses the ACH payments system to transfer money quickly between US banks.

  • Quick & Fast
  • Secure transactions
  • No receiving limits
  • Work with banking apps
  • No need recipient’s bank information
  • No fraud protection
  • No access to transfer from credit card
  • Only US bank transfer
  • Can’t cancel specific payments

Popmoney vs Zelle: A Comprehensive Comparison

In this comparison, we will delight in the most diverse money transfer service provided by CashEdge and Early Warning. Both payment services run in the United States and successfully developed mobile friendly apps to make all transactions easier. Ultimately, Popmoney and Zelle both are mostly used for for online money transfers. But, at the end of the day, we should pick one which is best overall.

Send MoneyWith Popmoney, you can send money
to anyone by using
recipient’s phone number,
email address, and information of
eligible transaction account
With Zelle, you can send money
by only using
recipient’s phone number
and email address
Receive MoneyYou can receive money
through your bank account
or can access Popmoney.com
You need to accept the first payment
manually and other payments
will go to bank automatically
It takes approx.
1 business day or longer
Funds deposit within minutes
LimitsDaily and 30-day requesting
and sending limit
Sending and receiving limits
depend on the banks
FeesPer transaction fees $0.95No fees
SafetyYou can’t get money
back if scammed
You can’t get money
back if scammed

Popmoney or Zelle: Send and Receive money

Sending and receiving money through Popmoney and Zelle is super easy. Doing transactions is quick and easy with both Popmoney and Zelle apps.


Sending money with Popmoney needs only the recipient’s phone number, email address, and transaction account which must be eligible to send funds. After that, enter the transaction amount you wish to send. When you use the recipient’s email address, Popmoney will send an instructions email to complete the process of sending money.


Sending money with Zelle is quite easy compared to Popmoney. All you need is the recipient’s email and phone number. Then enter an amount to send money and follow the on-screen instructions. It takes a few swipes and taps to send your money. Normally, sending funds takes no longer for successful payment.

Sometimes, it can take 3 more days due to holidays or internal processes. But, when it is time to receive money, you just need to accept the first payment and the rest will be sent automatically to your bank account.

Zelle vs Popmoney: Sending and Receiving Limits

Here’s a simple overview of sending and receiving money limits for Zelle and Popmoney!

Send Limit (Per day)Up to $500 in debit card
Up to $2,000 in a bank account
Daily limit depends on bank
Send Limit (30 days)Up to $1000 in debit card
Up to $5000 in a bank account
Monthly limit depends on bank
Requesting Limit (Per day)Up to $1000 sending a request
Up to $2500 paying request
Daily requesting limit depends on bank
Requesting Limit (30 days)$2500 sending a request
$4000 payment request
Monthly requesting limit depends on bank

Popmoney or Zelle: Which Has Lower Fees?

No matter if you transfer large or small amounts of money. You should really think about transfer fees. Who is cheaper; Popmoney or Zelle?


When it comes to money transfer, Popmoney is a secure service. It charges various fee for each transaction, these include:

  • Though receiving money with Popmoney is totally free. But sending money requires $0.95 for each debit card and bank account transaction
  • On the other hand, when you request for a payment, it charges $0.95


While multiple peer-to-peer payment services are in front of you. Zelle is the most common brand that easily integrates with supported banks. Surprisingly, no banks and other mediocre service doesn’t charge any fees for receiving and sending money. Zelle clearly describes the fee as they don’t need it. Double check if you need. Zelle also recommends further checking of credit unions or banks to ensure extra fees.

Verdict: Zelle is selectable brand because it is free

Though, Popmoney doesn’t require much money, its fee structure is a little bit tricky. In comparison, Zelle has no fees in all options and is ready to get your head around.

Which One Offer Better Exchange Rates?

Exchange rate is a variable amount of foreign currency that some legal organization can buy or sell. It is very important to check out the exchange rate before transferring overseas payment with any brand.


Popmoney is available only in the USA. There is no opportunity to accommodate users from other countries. Also, Popmoney doesn’t support other currencies apart from USD. Its exchange markups depend on mid-market exchange rate. 


Also Zelle’s money transfer is only available in the USA market. Zelle doesn’t support GBP currency. It only supports US Dollars. No currency exchange markups is possible here. For one US Dollar, you will get one US Dollar.

Verdict: Popmoney wins due to mediocre exchange rate

In exchange rates, Popmoney uses mid-market exchange rates. Few markups applicable here. In contrast, Zelle has no Markups rate. So, Popmoney wins here. 

Which is Safer?

When it comes to talking about safety, Popmoney and Zelle are similar in many ways. They prevent your money from being touched by a third party. Popmoney uses another layer of security, as they ask for a verification code before sending money to you. In contrast, Zelle or Popmoney can’t retrieve money when the transaction is already completed.

It is also impossible to get money back if you get scammed. So, be aware of sending and receiving money and transferring funds between the people you trust most. Also, before making a transaction, make sure you input the correct recipient details.

Which is Faster?

This is the most important part we ensure before starting transferring. How long will it take to deliver money from my account to others, Popmoney or Zelle? This question hits up heavily.


Funds delivery speed is an important factor. Between sending and receiving money is the actual delivery speed. In Popmoney, your recipients can enable the auto-deposit option to get payments automatically. 

Standard Transfer: Generally, funds are deposited within 1-3 days. (If no holiday) 

Instant Transfer: It needs 2 business days if the recipient accepts auto-deposit.


Zelle is a free payment service which ensures great transfer speeds. By using the same currency, Zelle can transfer funds from one account to another. Typically, Zelle money is sent and received within minutes. But, make sure you and your recipients must be enrolled with a Zelle account. Additionally, if you withdraw money from a bank account, make sure it is linked with Zelle. To complete currency conversion by sending money to a bank account requires 3 to 5 days.

Verdict: Zelle Wins

Zelle offers short time transfer speeds that makes it easier for customers to deliver money in a convenient way.

Zelle or Popmoney – Which One Offers More Transfer & Payment Options?

For online money transfer, customers expect different transfer and payment options. We will look through which brand offers more payment flexible options.


Following transfer options are exist in Zelle:

  • Sending money to friends and family
  • Standart Transfers
  • Instant transfers

Following transfer options are exist in Zelle:

  • Bank account
  • Credit and Debit card
  • Paypal
  • Cash app


Following transfer options are exist in Zelle:

  • Standart Transfers
  • Instant transfers

Following transfer options are exist in Zelle:

  • Bank account
  • Credit and Debit card

Verdict: Zelle Wins due to multi access

Zelle and Popmoney provide multiple opportunities in various categories. However, it seems Zelle is more accessible to customers in the US.

What Do Users Have to Say About Each Brand?

Due to the competitive money transfer industry, it is necessary to justify a brand before using their service for transferring.


Popmoney has been marked as a simple and minimal payment app in the Finance category offered by leading financial institutions. Now sending and receiving money is easy as pie! Popmoney users rated 4 out of 5 stars at the Apple Store. These feedback are for instant payments, easy sending ways, user-friendly interface etc. Besides, Negative comments are hunted every time because of poor customer service so it failed to achieve 5 stars. Similar criticism also on Google Play store for the same reason.


The Zelle app has been rated by over 5 million people on Google Play Store and iOS app store. It got 4.1 out of 5 on Google Play Store and 4.8 on App store. Positive sides are easy and fast transfer with data encryption, two factor authentication. The major negative side is it has no fraud protection. That means if you unfortunately got scammed, you won’t get better help from Zelle’s ends. 

Verdict: Zelle’s Victory

Zelle grabs the top spot in the race of online reviews. It indicates there are far more positive sides that largely impact people’s mind and influence them to use their service.

What Brand Offers Better Ease of Use, Accessibility, Transparency & Security?


Accessibility: To register with Pomoney, customers don’t need to connect a bank account. It is quite easy for users to receive and send money from the main account.

Ease of Use: Popmoney unveils a simple and minimal interface to make it simple to navigate when receiving and sending payments, no matter if it is for rent or other bills.

Security: Unfortunately, Popmoney is not insured by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp), which means banking features are limited for each user compared to other payment apps.


Accessibility: Zelle is always aware of customer satisfaction as they are making their official website  more accessible and user friendly to customers. In the United States, there are more than 86-million people who use the Zelle app for payments. Though they can’t expand networks outside the US and only have one currency ($), they earned huge people’s love only in the US. 

Ease of Use: Zelle is familiar in the US mostly because of its excellent payment system, quick and straightforward design to start transferring. That’s why the Zelle Pay app has been awarded a vast number of ratings online.

Security: Zelle uses a special data encryption feature to keep users’ accounts secure. PIN codes, Security Question, Touch ID, Fingerprints are basic verification to protect transferring through mobile apps. Also several verification needed when you login to the app.

Transparency: Yes, there is a lack in Zelle’s transparency. Users complained about account lock for no exact reason, trouble enrolling with Zelle®, etc. Zelle is continuously trying to fix these issues as soon as possible. Nothing to do without waiting.

Verdict: Both are winners for different reasons.

Bottom Line – Which is Better?

After researching a long time, it’s clearly understood that Zelle is the winner in this Popmoney Vs Zelle comparison, due to its expandable features and speciality. That being said, Zelle doesn’t offer much exchange rate but when we decide in whole terms, it has great potential to achieve people’s trust. So, my vote for Zelle. On the other hand, Popmoney needs to acquire great achievements. Hope they can do it.

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