How Can I Activate My Wells Fargo Credit Card – 5 Ways

You are going to activate Wells Fargo credit card in five different ways. First, know What type of card is it? And what are its facilities?

Basically, it’s a purchase and payment card. With this physical credit card, you can make payments and purchase anything online, as well as you can get cash or manage your money at ATMs. I found a list of 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs available in the US. You can access your accounts at ATM Booth and get cash, make deposits, transfer money from anywhere. It is a well-known company in San Francisco, USA.

Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card

How Can I Activate My Wells Fargo Credit Card
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With many branches spread throughout other states in America, it offers community services including banking, financial services, investments, insurance. One report says 10% of small businesses use Wells Fargo’s financial service. For customers, they recently started the latest mobile banking services. Wells Fargo is always aware of customer satisfaction; that’s why they ranked their position at the top. You are a lucky person to be a member of Wells Fargo family.

Things to Know about Wells Fargo Credit Card Activation

Wells Fargo Card’s Apply Process

Wells Fargo Card applying process is tricky There are some criteria for getting an introductory bonus to qualify for this card. In my opinion, you should check their official website or check the introductory bonus requirement of Wells Fargo Credit cards before hooking up to apply process. You can also apply with requirement documents from your nearest branches. After accepting the application, they will send it to you via email, or attach the phone number and name you previously provided to the envelope. The card is usually shipped within 6 to 10 days.

However, there are several ways of Wells Fargo Card Activation. In this article, i will explain five steps to do this successfully.

Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card

The following points may be required for the next steps

  • Official name, Date of birth, Social security number
  • Physical Credit card.
  • Account number.
  • Verification code
  • Credit card number.

Method 1

Activate Through Website

This is another simple method to activate Wells Fargo credit card. The following steps show how to do that online through their official website.

How Can I Activate My Wells Fargo Credit Card
Source: Wells Fargo Official Website
  • Go to Activation Link
  • You have to fill all the credentials by logging in to your created accounts username and password
  • Navigate the card section from the dashboard and follow the instructions
  • Now fill blanks with the Card number, Social Security Number, Card Expiry Date, Card Holder name according to the card.
  • Finally, submit the activation request by clicking “Activate now” or “Activate my card” option from bottom section.
  • Then, you will be notified about the successful activation.

Now you are like a free bird; you can use this card without any hassle.

Method 2

Activate Through Calling in Wells Fargo Department

If you don’t want to use a PC or mobile phone, there is another activation way. This is simple and straightforward, but it takes more time compared to other methods. Follow my instruction below.

  • To activate Wells Fargo credit card through phone, this customer service number 1-877-294-6933 can help you out there.
  • Dial the same number; you will be touched with an executive who will ask you some queries that are relating to your cards and documents.
  • You can be sure about excellent and fascinating service from a service representative; they are much more capable of fixing your problem.
  • If you have any suggestions, queries, questions, tell them. They eagerly hear customers’ feedback, compliment, complaint that helps improve limitations in the future.

By following the above procedure, you will get your activation process complete.

Next Up

Method 3

Activate Through Wells Fargo Mobile Apps

This is an activation process through mobile apps. Let’s take through Wells Fargo credit card activate method in Mobile apps currently suited for Android and iOS. Follow the onscreen instruction; may you require some valid details that will go you in activation space.

Download the required apps before going to activation.

Apps make our life easier; instantly, you can manage your Wells Fargo account. The following things you will be able to operate through Wells Fargo app.

Account Management

  • Quick access Cash, Credit, and Investment.
  • Review activities, Balance in the account.
  • Credit card transaction results.
  • Easy replacement of credit/debit cards.

Deposit Checks

  • You can use your phone camera to deposit checks quickly.
  • Views for deposit processing in your account.

Make Transfer and Payments

  • Quickly can transfer money from Wells Fargo to other bank accounts.
  • Use Zelle’s email or phone number to send and receive funds with friends.
  • Use Wells Fargo Bill Pay Program to pay your bills.

Investments Track

  • Track Balance, Holdings, Account, Activity.
  • Get real-time Charts, Quotes, Market info, News.

Method 4

Activate Through Wells Fargo ATM Booth

Very few people know about this cool method of activating credit cards. Though, it is not the most convenient method at all. But, you can try it once. Two things you may require to show off in front of service holders at the ATM Booth. These are.

  • Wells Fargo Credit Card itself
  • Pin Number of Credit Card


If you have forgotten your PIN-code and need a new one, bring the card with identification to Wells Fargo Branch or contact through official phone number (1-877-294-6933) to request for a new PIN which is usually generated by the system.

Remember, your card will not get a PIN code. For security, they will send cards and PINs separately. After accumulating these two things, you should use any Wells Fargo ATM. To activate this card, you must use it once with a valid PIN in any ATM Booth. Then it will automatically be activated.

Method 5

Activate From Wells Fargo Branch

Lastly, Wells Fargo Branch can help you for sure. Go to the branch with your credit card and required documents you used before, such as identification cards, documents, etc. Then talk about your activation issue; they will do it without any complications on behalf of you.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Pros and Cons


  • It is the fourth largest bank in the world and considering as a United States fourth largest bank as per Total Asset’s market value
  • It is most visible and most prominent appearance in the US, which consist of 6000 branches and 13000 ATMs


  • If you haven’t any ATM nearby, you will be charged $ 2.50 to check your account.
  • No best rates in deposits

Keep Your Wells Fargo Credit Card Safe Once You Activate.

Once activated, please make sure your credit card is safe and secure in a safe place. Now you have much knowledge about operating Wells Fargo cards, but there are several ways to protect it.

  • So, first, make sure you turn on “suspicious activity” alerts. If anything goes wrong in your account, such as a vast amount of purchase without your permission, Or out of state shopping, immediately, this alert will contact you to verify the purchase.
  • Never share your credit card details, and make sure that you keep your contact information up to date with the card issuer so that you can be informed of any unauthorized conduct on the card.
  • Check account status frequently and see if any disallowed purchase happens on it. If you find any problem, contact the issuer immediately to report.
  • Use the card for online purchases on secure websites and never log in to your account when connected to the public or out wi-fi. Avoid giving credit card numbers even in online merchant stores.

If you can protect yourself from fraud and identity theft, knowing that you have significantly reduced your chances of becoming a victim and you will likely sleep better at night.

Frequently Asked Questions –  FAQ’s

Q: Is Wells Fargo a good credit card?

A: Wells Fargo’s best credit card is the Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card since it has a $0 annual charge plus an initial incentive of 30,000 points ($300) to spend $3,000 in the first three months. If you want 0 percent APR, the Platinum Card will be best for you.

Q: What happens if I never activate a credit card?

A: Your account will be deemed open from the day you are approved to use the card. If you don’t activate it, the account will remain open, but you will not be able to transfer or pay.

Q: How long do I have to activate a credit card?

As far as I know, Total activation process will take less than five minutes. Then you will be able to use your credit card anywhere freely.

Q: Does an inactivated credit card hurt my score?

A: Credit card lenders may check your credit if they check. This kind of rigidity will reduce your credit score by five points or less. But it will affect only the first year; after two years, it will disappear from the credit report.

Bottom line

Here I have outlined five useful tips to activate Wells Fargo Credit Card. Choose any of the methods according to your preference. I hope you will successfully do your work. I recommend using Mobile apps or website methods because that will be time-saving.

At the same time, I also answered some frequently asked questions about Wells Fargo Credit Card. I hope this answer will clarify all your doubts.

Goodbye for today, see you someday with more hot topics.