Cintex Wireless Activation (Full Guide 2022)

Getting a cheaper mobile phone service is a no-brainer, right? Many websites promise to just provide wireless services which will help you win a selection of different prizes, including smartphones and mobile phone subscriptions.

Among these companies is Cintex Wireless, a rising star in the wireless service industry. You can text, talk, and access data on the phone for a low price from the company’s plans. But because there are so many websites that offer similar services, you need to do a lot of research to make sure the site is real and not a fraud.

Cintex Wireless activation is something you may not be familiar with. Let’s have a look at this page below to learn more about Cintex Wireless activation.

About Cintex Wireless Services

Cintex Wireless is a major player in the U.S. cellular telecommunications market. It provides dependable Internet and phone service at a low cost. This company manages the government’s Lifeline Assistance Program and Affordable Connectivity Program. Through these programs, residents can get free remote help from the government.

Cintex Wireless Activation

Every year, Cintex Wireless offers a $750 benefit to all of its customers and potential customers. Besides, it offers free government phones. Free 4G/5G LTE smartphones with unlimited data, voice calls, and text messages are also available to low-income families and individuals who satisfy the eligibility conditions. All of this is possible because of the US government’s ACP, which aims to make communication available to people who can’t afford it.

Does Cintex Wireless Services Offer Government Phones?

Yes. People in the United States with modest incomes can qualify for free government phones via Cintex wireless. However, there are a few steps involved in getting these handsets. For a limited time, consumers who qualify will get a FREE 4G/5G LTE Smartphone from a high-end famous brand such as Apple or Samsung or Motorola or LG.

No other service provider in the country provides such devices for free to its customers, like Cintex wireless does. In addition to receiving a free government phone from Cintex Wireless, you will also be able to take use of additional services, including as caller ID, voicemail, three-way calling, image messaging, call waiting, and the capability to link your phone to WIFI.

What Phones Are Compatible with Cintex Wireless?

You can also get Cintex Wireless compatible phones through phone upgrades bought from Cintex Wireless. Most fully unlocked phones and GSM phones will be compatible with Cintex Wireless. Here’s a list of our top 5 favorite Cintex wireless compatible phones in 2022

  • Samsung S9 Plus
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Motorola Razr 5G
  • Apple iPhone 7 GSM Unlocked Cell Phone
  • OnePlus 8 5G

How to Get Cintex Wireless Free Phone from Government

Lifeline Assistance is a federal universal service fund that provides free phone plans and sometimes even free phones to low-income Americans in the United States. Cintex, for example, is one of a growing number of cellular carriers that have taken the Lifeline Assistance program’s $9.25 discount to the next level. Lifeline eligibility is required for Cintex Wireless’s free plan and phone.

Cintex Wireless Free Phone Lifeline Program Eligibility

It is necessary that you fulfill one of the following criteria in order to get a Cintex Wireless FREE plan or free phone:

Eligible households must have a total income of 135% or less of the poverty line. One household member can participate in a government-supported program. Here are some of the programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Pension or Survivors Pension
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) General Assistance
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Tribal head Start
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

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How to Apply for a Cintex Wireless Benefits?

It’s easy to apply for the Cintex Wireless. It is perhaps the most efficient method of submitting your application. It’s easy to get Cintex Wireless up and running:

  • Cintex Wireless has a webpage you should visit. Find and press the Apply button. Make sure to provide your name and email address here.
  • Fill in your name, date of birth, phone number, and address, and then click “next” to go on to the next stage.
  • Demonstrate your eligibility. You’ll need to identify your household and provide proof of eligibility here. Finally, choose a plan, phone, and finish your application by reviewing the information you provided. 

Usually, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to approve an application.

Why Should You Activate Cintex Wireless?

Is it necessary for you to activate your Cintex free government phone? The answer is a resounding no. The free government phones from Cintex Wireless have already been activated. All that remains is to put it to good use. 

When your free phone arrives, it will be safely packed with a charging cable, a Cintex Wireless SIM tool kit, as well as a Cintex Wireless booklet. Activating your Cintex wireless phone’s sim card is all that’s needed. Get started with your new phone right now!

How to Activate a Cintex Wireless Phone

It is not difficult at all to activate a free Cintex Wireless phone. All you have to do is call a certain number to activate it.

Simply dial 611 and choose option number #3 when asked to. You will get a notification within a minute, informing you that the Cintex device you are using has successfully been activated. As soon as you get this text message, you can start using your Cintex device. 

You will get a notification notifying you that your phone or other device has been already activated if it has already been done so.

How to Activate Your SIM Card?

If you simply want to use the free government internet connection, you must activate your SIM card. Thanks to Cintex Wireless, SIM card activation could well be done online. If you’d want to get started, here are the steps:

  • Go to Cintex Wireless’s website for more. Activate my SIM card by selecting My Service.
  • Select the option to activate the SIM card from the menu.
  • Type in your MDN and the number on your SIM card. In order to finish, press the Submit button on the page.
  • To make use of your new SIM card, provide the necessary information.

Make a test call after the pairing is complete.

How to Activate Cintex Wireless by Using Bring Your Own Device?

Cintex Wireless also gives you the option to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) facility. Activating it is a little more tricky, though. Here’s how to use it.

Use the Compatibility Checker on Your Phone

Enter your phone’s IMEI/ESN/MEID at to find out whether it is qualified for the BYOD program. Check out our guides on finding the IMEI, MEID, or ESN on an Android phone and finding the IMEI, MEID, or ESN on an iPhone to learn how to identify your phone. 

The Cintex Installation

They will tell you whether you require a SIM card kit once you validate your phone’s compatibility. If you do, Cintex Wireless will send it to you free of charge by postal service. To activate your phone, you do not need a SIM card.


Enter the phone number 611 and choose option 3.An email with a confirmation message will be sent to you shortly. If you haven’t received an email yet, please check your spam folder. Your Cintex device is ready to go after you receive this message.

If My Phone Didn’t Activate What Do I Do?

You should check to see whether there is coverage first, then go through these stages, activating the phones.

Activate “Airplane Mode” on your phone for 30 seconds. As soon as the phone gets coverage, switch off Airplane mode. Place a call to verify activation success once the phone has a signal.

On the phone, just go Settings as well as look for Reset Network Settings or Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, as well as Bluetooth. Once you’ve done this, the phone should be able to get a stable signal again. The activation should be confirmed by phone once there is a signal.

It’s that simple to restart your phone. Just turn it off, take out the battery (if necessary), wait a few seconds, and then put the battery back in. Once the device has a signal, make a call to verify activation.

Does Cintex Wireless Charge an Activation Fee?

Definitely not. Cintex Wireless is able to provide eligible individuals with a free mobile phone as well as free monthly service because of Cintex’s participation in the Lifeline & Affordable Connectivity Program, sometimes known as the ACP. In comparison to other Lifeline and ACP service providers, Cintex will provide free devices plus plans with really no deposits or activation costs.

Parting Words

Cintex wireless is one of the best professional carriers when it comes to providing services for people who need them. Cintex’s programs outperform those of other lifeline service providers in comparison. All of the above are about how to set up Cintex Wireless. Hope this information helps you use Cintex Wireless services. Visit for more details.

Today’s technology makes it possible to boost your net worth just by owning a mobile phone with internet connection. So why don’t you go ahead and activate your Cintex Wireless Phone?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch phones on cintex wireless?

Contact Cintex Wireless at +1(855) 655-3097 for assistance in porting a current phone number. Be sure to have a copy of your most recent wireless service bill on hand before calling.

How do I check my cintex wireless status?

Login into the system using to check on the status of your order. You can also call us at +855-655-3097 or chat with us online at, where we will be happy to help you further!

Can I Bring Any Phone to Activate With Cintex Wireless?

No. Under Cintex Wireless’ Bring Your Own Phone Program, Cintex Wireless’ services and network specifications must be met by your mobile phone

How Do I Know if My Phone Is Compatible With Cintex Wireless?

Here’s how you can check to see if your phone is compatible with Cintex Wireless.
-On your phone’s dial pad, type *#06#.
-Or, you can check the Settings:
-On an Android device, go to Settings > About > Status
-For iPhone, go to Settings > General > About

Can I Use a Cintex Wireless Phone Without Activation?

No. But most of the time, the free government phones from Cintex Wireless are already activated.

Do I Need Cintex Wireless SIM Card Activation After Replacing a SIM Card?

Yes. You’ll need to activate Cintex Wireless SIM Card After Replacing a SIM Card if you participate in the “Bring Your Own Device” program or sign up for a SIM card exclusively with free government internet access.