5 Best Tricks of FreedomPop Carrier Reset

FreedomPop is a recognized MVNO internet service provider. You might know that resetting the carrier could fix many kinds of issues. So, here we’re going to disclose some step-by-step ways for FreedomPop Carrier Reset.

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Why Carrier Resetting is Essential?

A carrier reset is mostly necessary because when you’ll activate a device that had numerous phone numbers on it before, this process will deliver your device’s fresh information to the network so that you can get assistance. It’s also beneficial to run this reset if you’re having difficulty getting a voice, message, or data.

10 Possible Reasons Why You Should Reset FreedomPop Carrier

Yesterday, I analysed this issue and found 10 reasons why users need to reset FreedomPop carriers. These are the basic and main reasons behind resetting. If you are unlucky and face these types of issues when using Freedompop, it’s high time to do it. Ensure backup job first before proceeding to the reset process.

  1. Suddenly, your FreedomPop can’t make calls due to internal problems.
  2. Though you have sufficient data ever so FreedomPop data not working.
  3. If you have an unlimited internet data plan, it is natural to connect to the internet, but FreedomPop does not work without wifi.
  4. You have sufficient data but FreedomPop says no data connection
  5. Though you are in a full network coverage area, ever so FreedomPop shows networks are not available.
  6. Sometimes cache or technical error may be found in the device that’s why FreedomPop calls not working
  7. Freedompop text message not working – This is also a technical error.
  8. Freedompop i/o error: This is the most annoying issue ever. Reset is final medicine.
  9. Freedompop global sim not working when you failed to create proper APN settings. It is ok if you are an expert in creating APN. Then if FreedomPop can’t work. Reset and try again.
  10. Moreover, reset is mandatory when FreedomPop phones are not working, FreedomPop has no network, etc.

Initials for Carrier Reset:

Step 1

Check FreedomPop Coverage

First, make sure in your living area, you’re getting good FreedomPop coverage. Visit the official FreedomPop coverage map at freedompop.com/coverage to check your area’s coverage. Enter your area’s name/address on the title bar to search your area.

Step 2

Check Your FreedomPop Account

To know whether any billing suspension alerts or errors exist, it’s very necessary to check or recheck your FreedomPop account. Your FreedomPop account will be suspended if you don’t clear up any failed charge before time. Other reasons for your account suspension are disabling top-ups and reaching the maximum limit of data uses.

Step 3

Downtown FreedomPop App-

Official FreedomPop application is usually used to make important calls and text messages. You can download this app on every kind of device including Android and iOS because of its compatibility. It can easily be run on the Operating System 4.0 of Android and more recent models of iOS.

Step 4

Browse the Official Website of FreedomPop-

To see if your smartphone is generated properly to use FreedomPop services or not, this step should be taken to assure it. For that, you have to enter the MEID number of your mobile which is given at the FreedomPop Website i.e. freedompop.com/activate.

After proper activation of your phone, you’ll be notified about your activation. But you might see an error if the activation hasn’t been done perfectly. Another necessary thing you should know is that the BYOD phone activation is a little different than usual. Active your BYOD phone from the following link- i.e. freedompop.com/byod

Step 5

Accomplish Resetting Carrier Process-

Steps are given below to end the resetting carrier process.

  • Shut off your phone’s Wifi
  • Allow mobile phone’s cellular data.
  • Find your FreedomPop application on your Home screen.
  • Tap on it to initiate the native phone application.
  • Click on the pre-installed native application on your phone. Don’t open your Freedom messaging App before doing that.
  • Afterward, dial ##72786# or ##SCRTN# or *#*#72786#*#* in the case of Nexus phones.
  • Let your device start resetting automatically so don’t tap on your phone until it’s done.
  • Now open your email and enter your MSL code.
  • Tap on confirm to complete resetting.

Quick note:- If you’re needed to put an MCC code, try to use 310 or 311 in the box. This numeric code varies with the network which your phone is identifying.

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There are many other companies like TextNow and US Mobile which offer free plans recently, but FreedomPop was first in the market. So they have main domination among other companies. Still, there are other negative sides to Freedompop when it comes to budget.

The free plan of FreedomPop’s allows short minutes, texts, and short data for a one-time $5 charge for the SIM card. Although you can customize its plans, the prices aren’t considered for everyone.

Final Word

With these simple procedures, you’ll be able to reset the FreedomPop carrier without facing any hassle. If you see any error while fixing, visit the official website again and ask a question for troubleshooting mentioning what went wrong. These 5 Methods are able to Reset FreedomPop Carrier.

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