Assurance Wireless Sim Card Replacement Full Guide

No one plans for the day they’ll lose their phone or have it stolen. If something like this happens to you, you really do have to know how to get a new phone and Sim Card right away. If you lost your phone but still want to use it, you will need a new SIM card. You should download the free update for your Smartphone. If you qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program and can get a free phone from Assurance Wireless, it’s not that different. You should know what to do to get a new Sim Card, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Okay, so let’s check out at Assurance Wireless sim card replacement guide and dive into in.

Does Assurance Wireless Replace Sim Cards?

If your free Assurance Wireless phone from the government goes missing or gets stolen, you can now ask for a new SIM card. When you lose your SIM card or damage it in any way when switching it from one phone to another, you need to take the same steps as if your phone was lost, stolen, or broken. Time to call 1-888-321-5880 and talk to the customer service team at Assurance Wireless.

Make it clear that you only need a new Assurance SIM card because you lost, broke, or stole your old one. They will mail you a new SIM card and turn off the one you already have. No other payment or contract is needed. As soon as you get it, you just plug it into your phone and turn it on. After you’ve activated your new SIM card, you can call customer service to ask for your old phone number to be moved over.

How Do I Install a New SIM Replacement Card That Was Lost or Damaged?

Start by making sure your phone’s battery is charged, having a backup phone handy in case you need to get in touch with us for help, and having your new SIM card ready.

Assurance Wireless Sim Card Replacement
  • You should turn off your phone.
  • The back of your phone needs to come off.
  • You can find the SIM card slot.
  • You can gently pry out the old SIM card with your fingernail or a paperclip.
  • There are three different sizes of SIM cards. To get a new SIM card, you just need to measure your old one and use the template to cut out a new one with the same size.
  • Put the metal side of the SIM card down into the slot and gently push it in. Place the SIM card in your phone so that the angled corner faces the same way it did with the last SIM card.
  • Your phone needs a replaced back cover.
  • Turn on your cell phone and use it to make calls, send text messages, and look at websites.

That’s all you need to do. 

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Can I Use My Old Assurance SIM On a New Phone?

In a word, yes. Since your SIM card is your network ID, some providers may not let customers of other networks use their cards. But this depends on the rules of the SIM card provider. You can switch to a new phone without worrying. All you have to do is contact them, and they will tell you what your options are.

If the SIM card isn’t brand new and the previous provider didn’t put any restrictions on it, you can use it on your phone without worrying. Just take out your old Assurance Wireless SIM card and put the new one from Assurance Wireless Sim card replacement in the right slot, as long as you are not told not to. Even though it’s possible in theory to use a SIM card from a different carrier with your Assurance Wireless phone, the company doesn’t let you. 

Requirements for New Phones

SIM cards from Assurance Wireless can only be used in certain devices. As a result, there are stipulations for inserting an older Assurance SIM into a newer phone.

There are restrictions on where SIM cards purchased from Alltel/Assurance Wireless may be used. For the time being, customers of this carrier are not permitted to transfer their sim cards from one Alltel device to a non-Alltel handset. You’re out of luck also if you use AT&T and have either an LG Viper 4G LTE or an HTC One X+. Switching SIM cards is straightforward for the vast majority of GSM phones, but difficult for CDMA phones due to the nature of the data they transmit.

Theoretically, Assurance Wireless may use any SIM card since they are only an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and not the real carrier’s network. There might be serious consequences if you are using a SIM card from a different phone, or even an old phone, with your Assurance Wireless service. You should be OK switching to a new phone. All you have to do is check in with your service provider to see whether they are OK with it.

Nonetheless, you may still use your SIM card using an adapter kit in a new phone. Kits are available at no cost from any Assurance Wireless retail location or via mail order. Adapter kits may be purchased for under $10 and include everything necessary to restore phone service. The SIM card goes into the slot on top of the device, and the whole kit is inserted into the battery compartment of your new phone. To begin using the service on this gadget, provide your full account details when requested to do so.

Final Words

Millions of people use Assurance Wireless, which is a major national Lifeline provider. It gives out great free government phones through its Lifeline program, and in some cases, it will even give you a free new SIM card. If you keep the above tips in mind, it will be easy to replace your Assurance Wireless sim card by following Assurance Wireless Sim Card replacement guide. You can also replace your lost phone and get a new Assurance Wireless Phone.