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Both MetroPCS and At&t are highly reliable internet service providers in the USA market. They are now well-known and reputed ISP, but they did not earn this fame in a single day. They have had sleepless nights to work for the people. Their role in connecting the whole world is immense. However, between the two of them, there are many differences in terms of benefits. Some love At&T, some MetroPCS again.

The good point is every provider opened a path to switch one provider to another and this also applies in At&t and MetroPCS time. We found various opinions about the At&t internet. Some of At&t’s ex-users said they had found a good experience as well as benefited with monthly plans. While some user had passed very bad experience. Both providers have upside and downsides. Although, some changes in the use of services are not too bad. Today, we will describe why you should switching from At&t to MetroPCS.

Switching from At&t to MetroPCS

Switching from At&t to Metro PCS
Switching from At&t to Metro PCS


Undoubtedly, At&t has praiseworthy fame in telecommunication service in the USA. At&t always ensures its flexibility, unthrottled and endless service to consumers including At&t phones, At&t data plans, At&t Wireless, and internet facility, in some cases it has failed to meet all the needs of the users. At&t offers reasonable plans to the customer. Some are on a contract and some are none. It has some exciting offers in entry-level for new customers. But, We At&t users a little bit concerns about the stemming from contract service and overage fees.

While surely pay-as-you-go plans are vulnerable to data throttling, customers are charged $15 per GB for service charge. Most of the customers complained about slowness connection from the first start after availing particular plan and it has network coverage, really annoying pricing issues. Finally, At&t merges with Metro PCS. Their merging brings good effect to many users as they can use flexible plans in MetroPCS and able to switching multiple plans that carriers by SIM Cards.

Metro PCS

Metro PCS working as a prepaid wireless service. It is the sixth-largest telecommunication network in the United States. It has CDMA technology, including nationwide unlimited calling, texting, and data coverage in T-Mobile’s networks. Now Metro PCS is powered by T-Mobile. It offers internet service at a cheap rate as well as offers no-contract cell phones. Their business strategy is attractive, I found a piece of information from a dedicated employer of Metro PCS.

He worked there in product development for 8 years. The reason behind the cheapest service in high-density markets, reliability. In Metro PCS, you don’t need to worry about network coverage, they perfectly cover the whole era of the United States. Most of the users had a better experience on it, so they applied cheap rates to engage more and more customers. You can freely switching At&t to Metro PCS. Additional charges may apply for this. 

Unknown Facts of Metro PCS by T-Mobile

  • Metro Got Massive Coverage compared to before. In 2013, they used to cover only 103 million people. After merging with T-Mobile, now this portion increased to 323 Million people. That means 99% of US people.
  • Previous days, Metro used to offer few smartphones for specific customers. Now T-Mobile increases its limitation and service maximum number of devices, both are Android and iOS smartphones including the latest versions.
  • Metro used to run connections in just 15 cities. But T-Mobile covered the whole nation with more than 10,000 branded retail locations within a short time. So, if you want to switching from At&t to Metro pcs, your area customer help center can help you out by giving alluring plans, phones, and attractive offers.

With fewer bucks, now Metro users get more. Customers can save up to 45% compared to At&t or Verizon (Now Verizon running campaign of discounts for retirees). And eventually, they save more than $1000 per year! There are no service charges or phone contracts, taxes and regulatory fees are adjusted with all plans. Check the pricing of the new Metro by T-Mobile and decide should you switching from At&t to Metro PCS.

Switching from At&t to Metro PCS
Metro PCS Plans

Opt-in BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) to Switching from At&t to Metro PCS

Switching At&t to Metro PCS is easier than ever but remind that, Metro PCS won’t allow every phone to be adjusted with their current service. Metro PCS Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) service provides a smooth way to have your favorite phone. The purchase will be done at an affordable price which Metro PCS offers. There are 1,000 stores in the United States that have Metro access.

So, you can buy any compatible phone or get BYOP service from them. Below following steps are to switch metro from any other carrier and BYOP service.

  • First, make sure the phone is unlocked and compatible with Metro.
  • Select your favourite Metro cell phone plan
  • Search for a Metro Store near you and talk to them personally
  • Authorized Metro Staff will touch you and help to get a new SIM
  • Do you want to keep your existing contact number? Let the Metro reps. Know. They will handle the rest. To keep the current cell phone number to Metro takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Now insert the new Metro SIM card into your phone. Let’s enjoy.

Check Phone Compatibility

Before switching At&t to Metro PCS, and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP), make sure your phone is compatible. If a phone is unlocked then check whether a phone is compatible or not online. Just input the IMEI number then check. 

For Flagship Phones

For newer phones such as the latest iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, you won’t face any issue with Metro service, just be sure it is unlocked. Compatibility issues are found in older phones, especially if it is used by CDMA technology.


CDMA and GSM are two basic technologies used in cell phones. Phones which run with CDMA network (e.g. Verizon, Sprint), won’t work on GSM (e.g. T-Mobile, At&t). However, newer phones are compatible with both technologies.

Cost of Switching At&t to Metro PCS

When you are switching At&t to Metro PCS, a small portion like $10 you have to pay for the new SIM card. If you haven’t any contract with the previous provider, there will be no other fees associated with switching. However, you will receive a final bill report from the previous provider that you just cut down. A final bill will show the remaining balance you owe for.

So, your first payment be-

  • $10 for SIM Card Fee
  • Your desired plans cost

Metro adjusts all fees and taxes in monthly prices, so won’t regret surprising fees. 

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Why Choose Metro

Except for affordable plan options, there are plenty of benefits to choosing Metro by T-Mobile, such as:

  • Best Service on T-Mobile Blazing Speedy Networks
  • Free Music Streaming opportunity on some plans
  • In unlimited data plans, Metro gives you up to 15GB of Mobile hotspots data
  • Google One storage available in unlimited plans
  • Amazon Prime Membership in the premium unlimited plan only
  • Discounted family plans

Is it not enough to choose Metro? Cancel your At&t and move onto Metro. 

Contract-Free Plans

Metro PCS has exciting contract-free plans. You won’t pay any subsidies for phone devices. That’s why Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) has added a huge advantage for valuable customers who switches to contract-free plans.  

Method 1 to Switching From AT&T to Metro PCS:

Let’s see how you can switch from your At&t service to Metro PCS

  • Go to https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/. Also, you can contact Metro PCS
  • Send a request with “SIM Unlock”
  • After a while, you will get Unlock Code from At&t
  • Now insert the Metro PCS SIM Card on the Phone
  • Reboot and Re-open the device.

After completing these steps, your device will be unlocked permanently for the LTE/GSM/UMTS network of Metro PCS 

Method 2 to Switching From AT&T to Metro PCS:

  • Dial 611 to Contact At&t Customer Service
  • Tell At&t reps. To give your account number with a PIN
  • Now go to the Metro PCS store and show them the Account Number and PIN. They will switch your provider definitely. 

Final Word

We explained the whole matter of switching At&t to Metro PCS transferring. I think you gathered a piece of clear information about switching. Now the decision is in your hand. But one word some strategy, pricing, terms, and conditions may change by the specific provider. Better to talk to them directly, clarify your doubt and finally decide to go. Thank You.