Transfer Money AMEX Gift Card to Bank Account & Cash – A Complete Guide

A gift card is a smart way to give money to your friends without an envelope of cash. But what kind of gift card would you give as a gift to your friend on his birthday? In my opinion, Amex Gift Card is a decent choice. This gift card is widely used as a monetary gift. It is pre-loaded with a fixed amount such as $50 or $100. An American Express gift card looks like a credit or debit card so you can link it with your bank account. Eventually, you can transfer money from AMEX gift card to bank account. My resourceful article will help you to do this step by step!

What is an Amex Gift Card?

American Express, also known as AMEX gift card, is a prepaid card loaded with US dollars. Gift cards are accessible with the amount $25, $50, $100, $200, and $500. It can be found in almost every store and retail outlet in the United States. AMEX gift cards are accepted by some online stores inside and outside of America. This gift card amount can be traded for cash in hand or cash at bank.

AMEX Gift Card to Bank Account

How to Register AMEX Gift Card?

In order to use or transfer AMEX gift card to bank account, you have to register it first. Then it will activate and be ready to use. AMEX Gift card is not associated with a particular person, so it should be registered before use. Here is the process of activating an amex gift card-

  1. Call Amex Gift Card Support at 1-877-297-4438
  2. Tell them Amex Gift card number and security code
  3. Your call will be redirected to another representative, who will ask for the billing address
  4. Now your AMEX gift card is associated with your name and address.
  5. Now it’s verified and activated
  6. Use it for purchase anything that supported Amex
Important Information

Keep Amex Card all information in a safe place. The necessary information are-

  1. Gift card number
  2. 4 Digit Card Identification Code located on the front side of Amex gift card
  3. Card security code (backside on the card)
  4. Customer service phone number

Having that information ensures you have full access to gift card funds even after stealing the card or loss anyhow.

How to Check an AMEX Gift Card Balance?

It is easy to check the Amex gift card balance using a phone or computer. The process is super easy. It is necessary to check the balance when you want to barter the card for buying goods. So, first, confirm your current balance then decide to buy.

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Checking Amex Gift Card Balance

To check the balance, simply just call the number on the back part of the gift card or visit the official American Express Gift Card website. Just enter gift card information and PIN. To check the balance online, go to the Balance Check Page, then enter the card number. Prove that you are not a robot, then continue. For further queries, get help from a representative by calling a toll-free number 888-846-4308.

How to Use an American Express Gift Card?

You can use an American Express Gift Card anywhere in the US where it is acceptable. Banks, restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, and retailers are well-known places for using Amex gift cards. You can also use it for purchasing regular items online.

How to Use It?

On the backside of the card, sign your name in the signature panel. Make a purchase then give the card to the clerk so that he can swipe it through a card reader. Otherwise, put the card number for online purchase. Set the card type as “Gift Card” if no option for Gift Card set it as a credit card. 

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How to Transfer Money from AMEX Gift Card to Bank Account?

Honestly, there is no direct way to transfer funds from amex gift card to bank account. But, some alternative ways can move your AMEX gift card money to a bank account easily. These methods are-

1) Via Square Reader Payment

Square payment is a legit platform that allows gift card users to make Point of Sale (POS) payments. A square account is necessary for this purpose, and your bank account must be linked to it. You may require to purchase a Square Reader from Amazon in order to swipe. After that, you can swipe your gift card over the square reader then transfer a specific amount to the square account. Now you can easily get the money to your bank account. For each transaction, Square Payment charges only 2.75%. Before transferring with Square, you have to create a free Square account and add your gift card to it. To do this-

  1. Login to Square account
  2. Tap on “Cash”
  3. Tap on “Withdraw”
  4. Use “Gift Card” option as withdrawal
  5. Enter any amount to withdraw from gift card
  6. Tap on “Withdraw”
  7. It will need 1-2 business days to move your funds to bank account

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2) Via Linking Gift Card to PayPal Account

As a PayPal user, you can link gift cards to PayPal and get the money from the amex gift card to bank account.  The process of linking gift cards and bank accounts to PayPal.

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How to Add Amex Gift Card to PayPal?

  1. Login with PayPal information
  2. Go to PayPal dashboard
  3. Go to “My Wallet”
  4. Tap on “Link a credit or debit card”
  5. Enter your “AMEX Gift Card Number”, “Expiry Date” and “CVV Security Code”
  6. Tap on “Link Card” to successfully link AMEX gift card

Once the gift card is added to a PayPal account, you can transfer funds to a bank account. To link a bank account and withdraw gift card balance, see following steps.

How to Add a Bank Account to PayPal?

To link a bank account from

  1. Go to Wallet
  2. Tap on “Link a bank”
  3. Search for your bank and select it from banks list
  4. Use bank login info to add a bank account
  5. Tap on “Agree and Link” to proceed

To link a bank on the PayPal app

  1. Tap 💼Wallet
  2. Tap on Plus (+) icon from “Banks and cards”
  3. Tap on “Banks”
  4. Search for your bank from the bank list
  5. Use bank login info to add a bank account
  6. Tap on “Agree and Link” to proceed

How to Withdraw or Deposit Amex Gift Card to Bank Account?

  1. Login to PayPal
  2. Go to “My Wallet”
  3. Tap on “Transfer/Withdraw” Button
  4. Select “Transfer to a Bank Account”
  5. Choose your bank to deposit or withdraw
  6. Tap on Continue
  7. Enter the amount to transfer, then next
  8. Review your details then transfer now

3) Via Cash App

Remember, Money can’t be transferred to the AMEX Gift Card to Cash App account directly, you have to add it as a payment method. To do this-

How to Add AMEX Gift Card to Cash App?

Here’s how to add amex gift card or any other credit/debit card to cash app. Learn more about online stores that accept cash app.

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Tap on Profile icon
  3. Tap on “Linked Banks”
  4. Tap on “Link Credit Card”
  5. Enter your “AMEX Gift Card Number”, “Expiry Date”, “CVV Security Code” and “ZIP Code”
  6. Tap on “Add Card” to successfully adding AMEX gift card

Note: Cash App only supports reloadable prepaid cards that have been verified by the card issuer and has American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard logo in the front side. So, call AMEX gift card’s customer care and verify the card with ID, SSN to make it reloadable. Because, Cash App only supports a card when it’s reloadable.

How to Add a Bank Account to Cash App?

To add a bank account to Cash App. See this

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Tap on Profile icon
  3. Choose “Linked Banks”
  4. Tap on “Link Bank”
  5. Tap on “Continue”
  6. Select your bank institution from banks list
  7. It will redirect to webpage, use bank login info to connect with cash app
  8. Now continue sign in

How to Withdraw Amex Gift Card to Bank Account from Cash App?

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Go to “Balance”
  3. Tap on “Cash Out” Button
  4. Choose your “AMEX Gift Card” to withdraw
  5. Tap on Continue
  6. Enter the amount to transfer, then choose your bank
  7. Review your details then transfer now

4) Via Apple Pay

Your American Express Card or AMEX Gift card can be added to Apple Pay easily. Here’s how-

How to Add AMEX Gift Card to Apple Pay?

  1. Launch Apple Pay Wallet from iPhone apps
  2. Tap on “+” icon
  3. Tap on “Credit or Debit Card” from Payment cards option
  4. Screen pop ups to Scan your Amex Gift card to add. You can use Scan feature or do it manually
  5. Tap on “Enter Card Details Manually” if you want to add it manually
  6. Enter your “Name”, “AMEX Gift Card Number”, “Expiry Date”, and “CVV Security Code”
  7. Then Next
  8. Allow all terms and conditions to end up the process

How to Add a Bank Account to Apple Pay?

To add a bank account to Cash App. See this

  1. Launch Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on your previously added AMEX Card
  3. Tap on “︙” menu icon
  4. Find and tap on “Bank Account”
  5. Tap Add a Bank Account
  6. Follow on screen instruction to add it successfully

How to Withdraw Amex Gift Card to Bank Account from Apple Pay?

  1. Open Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on your previously added AMEX Card
  3. Tap on “︙” menu icon
  4. Then Tap on “Transfer to Bank”
  5. Enter your amount
  6. Tap 1-3 Business Days
  7. Now confirm Transfer, then confirm with Face ID, Touch ID, Passcode etc.

How to Cash Out American Express Gift Card?

If you have an unwanted AMEX gift card, you can convert it to cash. Here are some ideas on how to convert amex gift card to cash.

1) Request for a Refund

If you got a gift card from someone you love or you purchased it for an unknown reason. You have multiple options for refunding. While there are some rules and regulations for amex gift cards, you may help with cardholder agreement. Get help from a representative by calling 1-833-205-8622 and tell them how you can get a refund from amex gift card.

2) Take Help from Local Laws to Cash Out

Ask for help from Local Law, it depends on the location you live. If the gift card amount is small, you may get a refund. Some local states law order all retailers to convert gift card balance to cash if the balance is within certain rules.

3) Add Amex Gift Card to Digital Wallet

You may hear about Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay. If you have any of these, add the gift card to your digital wallet so that you can purchase anything from supported stores.

4) Sell Gift Card

As I mentioned before, selling a gift card can get your money back. Online marketplace and kiosks and cashing stores will be able to give you money in a return for a gift card. Small % they will require for converting to the cash amount.

5) Buy A Money Order

If you are a lucky person, you may have a chance to buy a money order for cash. So, find a money order opportunity in your place. If you get it, instantly convert and cash out american express gift card.

3) Get Help from Merchants

There are numerous merchants available around you who are always ready to assist you. You can get help from and transfer the money from amex gift card to bank account. You just need to present it there with amex gift card and pay over POS or other card reader machine. Now provide them with your bank details so that they can instantly transfer money to their bank account. Though they require a small fee but you will get gift card money from the bank for sure. 

4) Use Gift Exchange Kiosk to Get Cash at Bank

Do you want to transfer money from amex gift card to bank account? You may find some kiosks in big shopping malls and supermarkets. Kiosks are small and temporary, stand-alone booths located in busy city streets for marketing purposes. They will help you to exchange gift card amounts. Hand over them the amex gift card and exchange it for cash or tell them to deposit your bank account. 

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5) Sell Amex Gift Card and Get Cash or Deposit to Bank Account

Online several companies are available to purchase your gift cards over websites or apps. If you have a gift card and want to sell it, try some online gift card exchange websites. This option is more convenient and lucrative. Here are few gift exchange and auction websites- 

  1. Gift Card Granny
  2. CardCash
  3. Raise
  4. Walgreens
  5. Target
  6. Walmart
  7. Coinstar
  8. Kroger
  9. Giant
  10. Safeway
  11. CVS

Frequently Asked Questions

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CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Samsclub, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. these retailers accept Amex or American Express gift cards.

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Final Thoughts on Amex Gift Card to Bank Account

Gift cards are treated as a gift to someone. You can apply for a gift card from a merchant if you want to give the Amex gift card to someone special. Online and physical stores are ready to hand over gift cards. After all, if your friend wants the money from an Amex gift card to bank account. Tell him to read the article, then it would be easier to fulfill his wish. I hope I have succeeded in covering everything about the transfer of amex gift card to bank account.