How to Transfer Money From Visa Card to Another Visa Card

Visa is a type of payment method ruling online transactions from 1958. In the long journey, it unveils plenty of offers to customers. People choose Visa cards as their primary payment method, the reliability did not come in a single day. They work restlessly for it. They have collaborated with some popular payment systems like PayPal, Master Card, Cash App, Rush Card, and so on. If you are a loyal Visa card user, you might get the opportunity from those methods.

Additionally, Visa offers a Visa Gift Card for purchasing online. You can use the card seamlessly when a store accepts gift cards for payment. Gift cards have a time limitation, you have to spend it within an exact time. However, today our discussed topic would be “how to transfer money from visa card to another visa card”. I will explore everything in detail. Just keep your eye on it, please!

Transfer Money From Visa Card to Another Visa Card

Deep research says customers are eager to know about the transfer process between visa cards. Technically it is not possible to transfer money from visa card to another visa card. Hold On! Use an indirect way to fulfil the wish of transferring a visa card to a visa card. Let’s explore the indirect way.

5 Steps to Transfer Funds Visa Card to Another Visa Card

I researched and found a helpful way to transfer money between them, though the path is tricky but if you have a little bit of confidence, definitely you will succeed.

1) Buy Visa Gift Card

As I mentioned before, Visa Gift Card is a card offer that comes officially from Visa. You may hear of Visa Store where all types of Visa Cards are available. Check out the list and find your Gift card for your girlfriend, friends, and family. Then purchase it with Visa card money.

2) Add PayPal

Nothing is really easier than Paypal. As a sensible person, you must have a Paypal account. Because Paypal has all kinds of transfer opportunities you basically want. To transfer a Gift Card amount to your friend, connect his/her Gift Card to your PayPal account. In this step, you have to connect PayPal to your Visa Card. To do this- 

  1. Open PayPal.
  2. Find your PayPal Wallet
  3. Tap “Link a debit or credit card.”
  4. Hit “Link a card manually”
  5. Enter your gift card information.
  6. Select “Link Card.”

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3) How To Exchange a Gift Card for PayPal Balance

After purchasing a Gift card from Visa Store, you can exchange it using Paypal. Do you really want to exchange this gift card for a PayPal balance? It is possible to exchange using CardCash. Then you can use the funds for online payments that accept Paypal. Further, you can transfer funds to bank account. Normally, it takes one business day to deposit into PayPal. The exchange rate for gift cards may vary from company to company. If you would like to exchange gift cards, check it out here.

  1. Go to CardCash
  2. Enter the Merchant’s number and amount of gift card. Then click Get Offer. If an offer is available, this gift card will display the amount of your PayPal balance.
  3. Just enter the information below to add another gift card then click Add Card
  4. To exchange the offer, click on Continue
  5. Enter your Gift Card number and PIN, Tap on Connect with PayPal
  6. Login to PayPal account
  7. Enter necessary information then Get My PayPal Balance

Finally, you have got the amount from the unwanted Visa Gift Card. Now you can transfer or withdraw the amount from PayPal to Visa Card.

Note: If you want to remove your previous Visa Card, just follow the below instruction.

How to Transfer Money From Visa Card to Another Visa Card

4) Remove Old Visa Card and Add Another Visa Card to Paypal

  1. Go to PayPal. Sign in with the necessary information
  2. Tap on “Wallet” from the left menu bar
  3. Open the “Wallet” to see which payment methods are currently linked
  4. Tap any of the cards, which you want to remove
  5. Scroll down and “Remove card”

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5) Again Add Another Visa Card

To transfer money from visa card to another visa card, you can further add another visa card. The process of adding visa card to PayPal-

  1. Open PayPal.
  2. Find your PayPal Wallet
  3. Tap “Link a debit or credit card.”
  4. Enter the card number, card type, expiration date, and security code
  5. Then Link Card
  6. Follow on-screen instructions

6) Final Step to Transfer Money to Visa Card

In this step, you can transfer your whole PayPal money to Visa Card. The process is super easy. Just follow it-

  1. Login to Paypal Account
  2. You will see the current balance in the left corner
  3. There is a “Transfer Funds” option available
  4. If you previously added a new Visa Card, you can easily transfer the current balance of Paypal to Visa Card
  5. Then you will see your selected Visa Card
  6. Write the amount
  7. Then transfer

Process in Brief: Buy Visa Gift Card> Add PayPal> Exchange Gift Card Balance> (Remove Old Visa Card)> Again Add Another Visa Card> Transfer Money to Visa Card

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Bottom Line

I think you are tired because the transfer process is tricky. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to transfer money from visa card to another visa card. If you really want to do it, you have to use Paypal as a medium. I hope this article clarified your doubt and a better understanding of transferring.