33 Disney Plus Error Codes – 33 Ways to Fix (2021 Update Solution)

You may hear about OTT platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HotStar are popular OTT platforms. Nowadays, Disney Plus leads OTT platforms smoothly. It offers full video content to stream online. Recently, they have introduced tons of new content for users. Beside lots of entertainment, some glitches and errors you may experience already. We collected 33 Disney plus error codes and showed how to fix them simply. Some instructions and methods you have to follow step by step. We are going to provide everything in detail as much as possible. Additionally, you will understand the reason behind these annoying errors.

Disney Plus Error Codes

List of All Possible Disney Plus Error Codes – 2021 (Updated)

These 33 Disney Plus error codes you might come across, when using this app. Learn today how to fix them easily.

Note: Before going to a detailed fix, make sure you already tried the following fixes with Disney Plus.

  1. Sign out and Sign in again in Disney+ app
  2. Restart your router
  3. Restart the device on which you are using Disney Plus app
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the app

If everything you found is OK with this. Don’t try further fixing. Otherwise, please go on.

1. Error Code 1027

Error code 1027 occurs because Disney plus profile can’t load correctly. It says “Profile_Service_Init_Faliure” when you try to start the apps from your device.

How to Fix:

  1. Update software on the device
  2. Factory reset the device
  3. Restart your device
  4. Log out from profile then log in again
  5. Re-install Disney+ app
  6. Switch to Disney+ app (iOS or Android)
  7. Reset router or Modem
  8. Use premium VPN

2. Error Code 1026

Error code 1026 related only to Samsung Smart TV because users can’t start Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV. That is a compatibility issue between Disney and Samsung TV. They are working on it to fix it directly. However, we have a side solution for it.

How to Fix:

1. Cold Boot

2. Try Power Cycle

3. Update TV

4. Reinstall Disney+

Still seeing this error? Check it out.

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3. Error Code 90/91 (Internet service)

Main reason is limited data or unstable internet connection.

How to Fix: Restart the router, switch Wi-Fi to mobile data, turn on airplane mode the mobile for a few minutes then try again.

4. Error Code 87/32 (Login or Password Issue)

This error describes that Disney+ failed to find your profile. It could be an internal error of Disney+ or your profile may be deleted by the administrator.

How to Fix: Try to log out and log in again.

5. Error Code 86 (Blocked account)

Error 86 means your account blocked due to inappropriate usage or policy violation. Make sure you never give email and password to someone under 18 years. Or you used under 18 email address for Disney+ account. Disney+ strict their rules. You have to follow it anyhow.

How to Fix: Contact customer support for further review of your account.

6. Error Code 83 (Unable to Connect)

83 error means, Disney plus facing an unknown error on your device. Normally, it happens on incompatible devices, unstable connection or account issues.

How to Fix: If you experience error code 83 on a mobile device, the follow below steps to fix.

1. Close all apps on mobile devices

2. Clear all apps data of Disney Plus app

3. Deactivate GPS

4. Try to login again

5. If you don’t see any change, switch to a VPN service and change the region. Hope it will be fixed.

7. Error Code 82/72 (Account issue)

There is an unwanted issue with your account, that’s why it’s showing 82/72 error.

How to Fix: Just try to log in again, if you logged out already. Also consider changing the device you use. Lastly, contact customer support.

8. Error Code 76 (Connectivity issue or trying to stream with a slow connection)

This error occurred when internet speed doesn’t suit Disney plus requirements.

How to Fix: VPN users, try to change country or city. Or, connect Disney+ with another internet connection.

9. Error Code 75  (Multiple devices)

This error displaying, you have reached the streaming device limit for Disney Plus. It happens when 4 devices connect simultaneously. 

How to Fix: Don’t use the same login details for more than 3 devices. Log out from all devices, then log in again with only one device. (Gradually 3 devices)

10. Error Code 73/31 (Location availability issue)

This error says, you are trying to access Disney+ from an unavailable area where Disney+ has no coverage. Or, Disney+ catch you are using a VPN.

How to Fix: Deactivate the VPN service you use. Or try to use a different internet connection.

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11. Error Code 44/40 (Unavailable rights)

This error message indicates which video you are trying to watch is not available right now. It could be an internal issue or lack of availability rights. 

How to Fix: Use VPN to make it available. Or, wait a few minutes to resolve it by Disney+ itself.

12. Error Code 43 (Internet connectivity or Login)

When occurs an issue with internet connection and login.

How to Fix: Try to switch mobile data to Wi-Fi. Also use a premium VPN.

13. Error Code 42 (Issue in connecting to your service)

This error message occurred when you were facing connectivity issues. It also can be the reason that you are using a VPN or Disney plus outage issue. 

How to Fix: To fix it quickly, just restart the streaming device you use. Make your internet connection stable. Check Disney+ outage on downdetector.com

14. Error Code 41 (Playback Issue)

When a huge number of users download or stream the same content you are playing.

How to Fix: Nothing to do without waiting.

15. Error Code 39 (Used on multiple devices, or rights issue)

When you use multiple devices with the same account using the same username and password. This is called unavailable rights. 

How to Fix: Try to use a minimum number of devices. Or contact the support team for fixing.

16. Error Code 38 (Time Settings)

This is a simple issue. It occurs when the time and date is incorrect on your streaming device. That results is not being able to access content on Disney+. That is easy to fix, you know. Just tap on time settings on the clock, then set it to automatic. Hope you now run Disney+ without error.

17. Error Code 36/35 (Restricted Content)

This error occurs when you try to watch a video that is not available. It would be an issue of the internet system or you have no rights to see it.

How to Fix: Try with a good VPN. Connect it with different countries or cities. Now check if it is fixed or not.

18. Error Code 34 (Profile limit exceeded)

Usually, this error happens when you try to create a profile, but forget the total profile limits. Oldest profile must be deleted to create a new profile.

How to Fix: Delete a profile in Disney Plus.

1. Login to account

2. Go to profile

3. Tap on Edit Profile

4. You will see an option “Delete Profile Tab”

5. Tap on it

19. Error Code 30 (Device registration issue)

The error happens when you fail to add a device to your account. It can also happen for the following reasons.

1. You have reached the device limit. (Limit is 10 device only)

2. Error occurred when linking. Try to linking the device again

3. You already linked this device. Login with your device and check if it is added already

How to Fix: Try to login with proper credentials.

20. Error Code 29 (Problem in connecting to servers)

Internal connectivity issues are the main reason to face this error.

How to Fix: Restart Disney+ app and check internet connection, make it stable.

21. Error Code 28 (Unavailable Content)

Unavailable content will appear when you input the wrong search title to watch a video. 

How to Fix: Recheck the title name and try again. Make sure you input the right title.  

22. Error Code 27 Unavailable Rights)

This error means you have no available rights in your region of a specific title. 

How to Fix: VPN is the only solution to access this title. 

23. Error Code 25 (Internal Error)

This error code 25 displays an internal error due to incomplete action. It happens when you open a video at the same time you click on another video. 

How to Fix: Restart the app or refresh the current page in your browser. Hope it is fixed soon.

24. Error Code 24 (Login or Connection Issue)

This error indicates, there is an issue in connecting your account. It also may be an issue with your internet connection. 

How to Fix: To fix this issue, check the internet connection, make it stable, and then try again after some time.

25. Error Code 22 (Restricted Content)

Now, Disney Plus coverage is limited. It is not available in all countries. If you are a user, you have to stay in the coverage area. If you are in a place where no Disney Plus is available, you may face Error code 22.

How to Fix: Using a Premium VPN is the easiest way to solve this issue. Make sure your VPN is compatible with the Disney Plus app. Change the VPN location to US, so that you are able to get all the content that Disney+ provides.

26. Error Code 21/14

Your entering passcode is incorrect and you are trying to put it in again and again. That’s why it’s showing this error.

How to Fix:

  1. Power cycle your device
  2. Double check all information you provide
  3. Delete and Install again Disney plus app

27. Error Code 13 (Device Limit Reached)

It is happening when you are trying to download video content on multiple devices with the same account. Disney+ clearly describes the number of devices you can use at a time on the same account. They support only four devices logged in at a time. You won’t cross the number, if you want, you have to sign out one of the devices. Additionally, you can try to remove previous downloads from the previously loaded device. It may help you out to fix this error.

28. Error Code 11 (Content availability issue)

Disney+ TV shows and movies are available in certain regions. If you are in a restricted area, your content won’t be available. From the restricted region, you will see Error code 11 for tap on other region content. Sometimes, it may happen mistakenly.

How to Fix:

  1. Reset internet connection
  2. Use premium level streaming VPN to access any content apart from your current location

29. Error Code 9 (Login or Payment Issue)

Code 9 error just like Error 4. Your transaction is canceled because of some wrong information such as postal codes, zip codes, card expiration date, Security code and Non-Us based Card.

How to Fix:

  1. Triple check your billing details
  2. Also make you didn’t logged out accidently

30. Error Code 8 (Invalid Email or Password)

This error code appears when you try to login to your Disney Plus profile with an incorrect email or password. This also indicates your password doesn’t match Disney+ requirements.

How to Fix:

  1. Make sure you have correct account information
  2. Remember the password you use when creating Disney Plus account
  3. Put right email and password

31. Error Code 7 (Email or Password Issue)

This error indicates you have entered an invalid or incorrect email or password. So, try with correct data again.

32. Error Code 5 (Account information issue)

This error says you have input incorrect data. Disney Plus couldn’t update this account information, because you typed the data wrong. 

How to Fix: Please check your credentials data again, then input correct information and try to update account details.

33. Error Code 4 (Transaction Issue)

This error code indicates Disney is having a problem. It is trying to complete a transaction, but failed to do so. If you are a victim of this issue, my suggestion would be to try again 5 minutes later. Or,

How to Fix:

Some possible reasons and solutions:

1. Your input billing details and postal code or ZIP code is invalid

2. Invalid 3-digit credit card security code

3. Incorrect card expiration date

4. Non US issued card

5. Govt. issued card

Fix these problems, hope this error will disappear.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you clearly understood all possible Disney Plus error codes and how to fix them easily. I hope you will be able to fix these issues easily. If nothing is working, try to reach out Disney+ customer support, they will always hear you.

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