Best Fixes of Cox Mini Box Activation – Why It Takes Too Long to Activate?

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Cox Mini Box Activation

Connecting to Cox Mini Box for Activation

Process are given below accordingly on how to activate cox mini box accurately:

  1. Connect Mini Box to Cable TV Outlet

Connecting to Standard Definition TV

  • The mini box has to be connected to the cable outlet:
  • Bring out the coaxial cable that comes with the kit. 
  • Connect one ends to back part of cox mini box, other one to IN/Rf input, which usually placed in the back of TV.

Connecting to HD TV

  • From the kit, get the cable
  • Connect one cable to HDMI port, you will find it at back of the TV. And place other one to the end of cable box.

2. Get the plug into the mini-box.

3. Turn the tv on

4. It will activate automatically

This is the perfect way of Cox Mini Box Activation. Cox communication is the leader of penetrating cables all around the globe. However, there might be sometimes minor malfunctions in the system. For example, the activation of the mini box might take a much longer time than usual and it is one of the common problems. There are certain ways to fix the bugs, whether it be by yourself or the technician, the customer support center is always here to assist.

If there is any troubleshoot and it takes time start go through below:

1. Plugging

Plugging is one the most effective ways so far in fixing the activation process. Sometimes you might not be able to activate the mini box hence checking the plug to make sure you put it in properly if it takes too much time for activation. At first, mainly focus on the cables of the mini box, check if the plug is working and properly connected or not.

Technician can help you, if you find any issue with plug. Cox has experts to fix the bugs for you. Possibly be that the cox needs mending in the wire. Checking the plug should be mandatory in fixation because often in many cases by only mending the plug the activation path gets smooth and the damaged plug can cause severe destruction further.

2. Splitter Interference

Splitter is a device that helps in splitting cable outlets from one input. If the plugs are bug-free and everything is healthy with the plugs, there might be the splitter having some issues as the more screen you add the more the splitter’s function power decreases. The splitter is between the cable and the mini box and the connection can have slight interference and can take a longer time to get activated. The only solution to this is to remove the splitter. The certainly possible solution to splitter disturbance is to remove it simply.

3. Power Cycling Might Need a Shot

Power cycle is not only used for routers and the internet. Yes! It can have a positive effect on the mini box activation process too. Disconnect the power from the mini box and try reconnecting the plug of the mini box or change the coax.

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4. Internet Speed

The magic spell of cable internet like Cox Internet connection is to deliberately deliver internet to both tv and internet access by the same coaxial cable path. The internet is very vital in activating mini boxes. Check it right away. A poor internet connection can lengthen activation. You might be having slow internet speed and have to try again later. Having WIFI access to your smartphone will show the signal if there is an internet issue. If there is, then contact your Internet Service Provider. 

5. Absent Server

Internet speed and plugging issues may not be the only thing to blame on for activation however due to abrupt pikes in traffic the server might sometimes be down. Not only wiring and internet connection can be at fault but sometimes the activation server can be down and the only solution to it is to wait.

6. Use Updated Firmware

Firmware is the foundation that rules the mini box. This assists in input signals into the mini box and translates it into better quality output.  If none of the remedies worked to fix the activation process then check if you have the updated firmware. The mini box may have not yet installed the latest version of the firmware. You can find the latest firmware on Cox’s official website. Go there, install it and you are good to go.  

Activation Process of Cox Mini Box

After the troubleshoot is fixed, plug in the cable again and it will automatically restart. A “Welcome screen” will appear as the activation process becomes successful. Afterward, there will be a self-controlled connectivity checking done by the cox mini box.

1. Connectivity Trial

The trial has to be done to check if the mini box is connected to the server. If server connectivity disrupts, the “check again” message pops up. After checking all thoroughly so that it gets connected.

2. Keep Eye On Software Update

After accomplishing the connection the next step is to check for software updates. The mini will have a self- task of detecting updates and installing them. Then followingly the process of activation goes on.

3. Activating Mini Box

Once rebooting is done and the mini box is activated, it will get bonded with the channel lineup of the tv first and that is when you are ready to watch your tv knocking that neck on the couch.

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Do You Need to Call the Customer Service Center?

If the servers fail or connections get lost again, try restarting for once and if that does not work then it is better to call customer support and seek assistance.

The support team is always there to help with any technical issues, no matter if it is about the cox mini box activation or any query.