The Best Mint Mobile Deals for Existing Customers 2022

If you’re looking for a low-cost mobile phone plan, you should definitely check out Mint Mobile. And if you’re ready to purchase all of your data at once, the top Mint Mobile Deals will save you a substantial amount of money. There are some amazing prepaid discounts from Mint Mobile this year if you’re wanting to save some money while still getting outstanding service.

When it comes to saving money, there are a number of options available to current customers, even whether you’re searching for a new plan, new phone or both. If you’re interested in learning more about Mint Mobile Deals for Existing Customers 2022, or if you’re already a client, this article is a great place to start your search.

Why Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile offers some of the most affordable rates across the market. If you’re concerned about the low prices, don’t be. The service is excellent. Mint Mobile gets great feedback from customers who are happy with their service, and it uses T-Mobile’s excellent national network.

With Mint Mobile, you’ll get great service at a low price, but you’ll never have to settle for anything less than the best service. Mint Mobile offers great value, a powerful 5G network, and reasonable pricing for international calls.

How to Save with Mint Mobile?

As part of Mint’s continuing introductory offer, all fresh Mint Mobile subscribers would pay the lowest monthly fee for the very first 3 months of service. Renewals are available in 3-, 6-, or 12-month increments after the first three-month period. To save money on a monthly basis, buy in bulk.

Unlimited talk & text are included in all three of Mint Mobile’s phone plans. Four, 10, or 15 GB of high-speed 4G LTE high-bandwidth data per month are available on each plan. All of Mint Mobile’s plans and monthly bundles are shown in the following table.

Mint Mobile Plan Pricing

4GB Plan10GB Plan15GB PlanUnlimited Plan
Intro Deal (First 3 Months)$15/mo$20/mo$25/mo$30/mo
3 Months$25/mo$35/mo$45/mo$40/mo
6 Months$20/mo$25/mo$35/mo$35/mo
12 Months$15/mo$20/mo$25/mo$30/mo
Source: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile Deals for Existing Customers

Read on to see the Mint Mobile Deals for Existing Customers 2022.

Mint Mobile Deals for Existing Customers

Mint Mobile| 4GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | $15/month ($180/year)

Plans for Mint Mobile start with a 4GB data limit, which is the most limited but also the best value plan here on service as a whole. This plan is a great deal because you can talk and text as much as you want and use your phone as a hotspot. However, if you use your phone for more than just the basics, you’ll go through the same 4GB of 5G data in no time.

Mint Mobile | 10GB | $20/month ($240/year)

You can increase your data limit to 10GB for a small price increase. For the majority of users, this plan is the best option, since it provides enough bandwidth for streaming movies, gaming, and other activities. With this package, you can choose between 4G and 5G depending on the signal strength in your area.

Mint Mobile | 15GB | $25/month ($300/year)

It’s Mint’s most generous data package without going all the way to unlimited data. In this case, 15GB of data costs $25 a month. You can use the 15GB as just a hotspot like the other data plans choices without any speed restrictions. Make sure you don’t run out of hotspot data before you know it!

Mint Mobile | Unlimited Data | 3-months: $30/month ($360/year)

This new deal from Mint Mobile, a newcomer to the unlimited data plans market, is expected to create ripples in the industry in the coming months, though. Currently, Mint is offering a three-month unlimited package for only $30 per month.

As a result, this is a great opportunity to test out the government proposal for a modest upfront cost before committing for the long term. Keep in mind that if you don’t agree to a 12-month subscription, you’ll continue paying $40 each month for the next three months until you sign up for another year.

Mint Mobile: Family Plans Starting at $15/mo

Mint Mobile’s new family package allows you to save even more money by combining two or more lines. Depending on how many lines you have, Mint will automatically enroll you in the three-month plan with the lowest monthly fee for each one. As a result, you’ll pay only $15 a month for the 4GB data plan, which is normally reserved for new users or those who sign up for a year-long subscription at a discount.

How Does Mint Mobile Pricing Work?

We talked about how much Mint Mobile deals cost earlier in this section, but it’s worth going into a little more detail. Mint has a 7-day money return guarantee, which isn’t well publicized. If you withdraw within seven days after activation, Mint will reimburse you in full, including fees and taxes.

A three-month introductory deal is the default duration of service when you first sign up with Mint. You can buy three months of Mint for the lowest price with this deal. You can then decide how long you want your plan to last. If you join up for a longer period of time (either 3, 6, or 12 months), your pricing will go down.

There are two things to keep in mind: after you’ve introduced a unique plan, you can’t adjust the duration. Second, you’re not paying on a monthly basis, but rather in one lump sum up front. The initial pricing of unlimited data is $90, and if you sign up for a year’s worth of unlimited data, you’ll be spending $360. Even though it isn’t the most convenient method of payment, long-term costs are still quite low.

Final Verdict

Mint Mobile is worth it if you want a cheap prepaid cell phone plan. If you compare it to other carriers, it’s not the most feature-rich service, but for the price, it’s hard to match.

We think that Mint Mobile’s set data allowance plans are especially good value for existing customers, especially the 10GB/mo and 15GB/mo plans, which should be in the “Just right” range for most people. You can get both of these plans for less money than the competitors, that’s for sure, Mint Mobile Deals for Existing Customers in 2022.