Cancel Target RedCard in 2024 With 4 Easy Methods!

Target credit card is also known as Target RedCard used in every Target retail store and website only for Target users. It offers a 5% discount on each purchase with no additional annual fee and a facility for returns and exchanges within 30 days. End of the day, it is very useful for card users. However, if you want to quit RedCard. See our complete step-by-step guide about Cancel Target RedCard.

How To Cancel Target RedCard In 4 Methods?

Since Target offers RedCard for customers to use at Target stores and online at You can’t use this particular card anywhere. It’s a little drawback. Decide for canceling to scale down the credit card number from your wallet. There are several options to cancel it. Remember, before canceling RedCard, you have to pay outstanding balances.

Cancel Target RedCard

1. By Phone Call

Step 1: Call 888-729-7331 and follow automatic voice directions to connect with Target service agents.

Step 2: Tell your account details like account number and name.

Step 3: Ask to close the RedCard credit card. They will ask for a particular reason. Tell any reason because your ultimate goal is to cancel RedCard.

Step 4: Before cutting the call, confirm with the agent, your card is canceled successfully.

2. By Online Live Chat

Step 1: Visit Target website at

Step 2: Use your Username and Password to Log into Target account.

Step 3: See bottom section of the webpage and tap on “Help

Step 4: Then “Contact Us

Step 5: Now tap on “ Order Experience

Step 6: For live conversation tap on “Chat Now

Step 7: Pop up chat box will appear with relevant questions and also a blank space to complain about Target Credit Card.

Step 8: Type “Cancel My Target RedCard Account”

Step 9: Continue your conversation with the agent. They may ask for account details.

Step 10: Chat will end when the agent confirms that your RedCard account is closed.

3. By Mail

Step 1: Write a letter about canceling the Target RedCard account. Here is a sample.

Dear Customer Service at Target,

I’ve made the decision to terminate my Target RedCard account for private reasons. My account number is [INSERT ACCOUNT NUMBER] and my name is [INSERT NAME]. Please delete this store credit card account as soon as you can, per my request.


Step 2: Mail the letter to:

Target Corporation

c/o Financial and Retail Services

P.O. Box 9491

Minneapolis, MN, 55440

4. By Email

Step 1: Open your mail which is already associated with your Target account.

Step 2: Be ready to send a mail at [email protected]

Step 3: The subject will be “Request to Close RedCard Account

Step 4: Insert your message about the canceling of RedCard. You can also use the above letter demo.

Step 5: Then “Send” it.


Beside Cancel Target RedCard, For other queries, you can visit Target Help Pages. There you will find the most frequent question and answer from agents and customers. Target agents are always ready to ensure better service for users. So, a great opportunity can come to you easily.