5 Best Sites to Buy Gift Cards Without CVV

Gift Cards are the most alluring gift we expect to get on our birthday. Behind other gifts, we expect someone will give us a gift card so we can use it for several purposes such as shopping.

Due to technological advancement, we can use gift cards as a cash method and easily can buy something with the gift card amount.

Giving a gift card is an inner satisfaction for both the sending and receiving person. Gift cards are convenient in all ways that meet costs and offer to buy anything you want. Nowadays, Gift cards are also redeemable.

That means, if someone gives you a redeemable gift card on your birthday, you can redeem it and get paid. If you are a person who wants to give gift cards to someone, we can help you to buy gift cards without CVV.

This process doesn’t require your CVV code that exists in the backside of Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. Let’s see how to buy gift cards without CVV.

Can You Buy Gift Cards Without CVV?

Yes, you can buy gift cards without CVV. CVV or Card Verification Value is an important code that you usually need when you purchase online. However, few gift card providers offer multiple payment options such as Bank Transfer, ATM Transfer, P2P Payments, RazorPay, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and NetSpend.

In this case, you don’t actually need the Credit or Debit card’s CVV code. You can use any of these options to make gift card purchases. Don’t try a credit or debit card for payment, it might ask you for a CVV code in order to confirm the purchase. Sometimes, the CVV code asking depends on the merchant.

Also, you can pay with a POS machine that won’t ask for a CVV code. It only asks for a PIN code.

Can I Bypass a CVV When Buying a Gift Card?

No, you can’t bypass it! It’s quite impossible to bypass the CVV code if you buy a gift card from an online shop where merchants impose a CVV code for verification. Actually, merchants want to make the purchase authenticate that’s why you need the CVV code there.

For offline gift card purchases, you can use a Cash payment method that doesn’t need to bypass the CVV code. As per my research, there are few virtual stores where you will see beautiful gift cards. They don’t ask for a CVV code even when you use a credit card.

How to Buy Gift Cards Without CVV?

Cash is a great option for gift card purchases because you don’t need to input a CVV code. But, a Debit or Credit card requires a CVV code purchase authentication from the bank’s end. Each Debit or Credit card is already linked with particular banks.

So, when you input the CVV code at the shop, the bank authorizes and confirms the transaction. By the way, if you want to buy gift cards without a CVV code online, there are some online stores available for gift cards where you do not require a CVV code to purchase anything. 

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5 Gift Card Websites That Don’t Require CVV Code

Since the gift card market demand is high, plenty of gift card websites decided to get the opportunity for buyers to buy gift cards without CVV requirements. Gift card websites compete between them and in the middle we get the opportunity. Let’s see what gift card sites don’t ask for a CVV code.

1. Amazon.com

Amazon is a great online store that offers attractive deals on gift cards for its customers regularly. It is super user-friendly for customers to buy anything including gift cards. Fortunately, Amazon sells tons of gift cards that customers can buy for their love.

No doubt, Amazon is a great choice for gift card purchases. It enables customers to explore a variety of items on Amazon.com. Amazon also allows customers to purchase gift cards without the need for a CVV code.

There are different types of Amazon gift cards, including Physical Gift Cards, Digital Gift Cards, and Print-at-Home Gift Cards that customers can buy for their gifting needs.

2. Bebe.com

Bebe Stores is a women’s clothing brand established in 1976. As an online retail company, it offers exquisite dresses for women. But, this online clothing store has an exclusive collection of gift cards. Customers are open to buy gift cards without a CVV number. Buy Bebe gift cards for your friends or loved ones. So, they can use your gift cards to buy some clothes and accessories at the Bebe Store.

3. Lacoste.com

Lacoste is a French company that sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, perfume, watches, and towers for men and women. It’s a famous clothing brand in the fashion industry. In fashion and sports, Lacoste set movement to each person’s life that encourages self-expression.

This store enables customers to develop their personal style by showcasing them with stylish clothes and other items. They also offer gift cards, which is a cute way to share fashionable items with someone. Lacoste gift cards are available on multiple category products such as footwear, clothes, accessories, and fragrances.

These gift cards are only available for purchase at retail locations. Only California customers can redeem gift cards when the balance is under $10.

4. Target.com

Target is the most famous retail store in the United States. On Target.com customers can shop for their regular needy items such as home goods, clothes, furniture, toys, groceries, electronics, and more.

From food items to household items, everything you will get in Target. It also offers some digital and physical gift cards for customers. Target uses multiple payment gateways to buy gift cards. So there must be an option that doesn’t require any CVV code.

5. Walmart.com

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that offers all types of products such as clothing, groceries, home goods, toys, and many more. Walmart has 10,586 stores and clubs in 24 countries.

This company is active in the wholesale and retail business with plenty of products. It’s a one-stop shop for every essential item. A good news for all Walmart Plus customers. They will get free unlimited delivery, mobile scans facility, fuel discounts, rollback price, savings on items, and in-store shopping.

It’s not even new, Walmart has an extensive collection of gift cards. You can buy any gift card with a customizable design. And yes, it doesn’t require a CVV code as it offers multiple payment gateways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy gift cards with a stolen credit card?

Yes, you can if your gift card store doesn’t ask for CVV or PIN. But it will come with many risks. There is a 2nd layer of security involved in this matter. So, you shouldn’t try it.

Do virtual Visa gift cards have a CVV?

Visa gift cards are available in both physical and electronic formats. Each gift card contains the cardholder’s name, card number, expiry date, and CVV code.

Is CVV and security code the same?

CVV means Card Verification Value and CSC means Card Security Code. Both are the same and used for security purposes. These numbers come with 3-4 digits on debit and credit cards.

Can a CVV be 000?

No, CVV can’t be 000. If anyone inputs 000 as a CVV code, the system will decline the transaction automatically only for security reasons.

Can you generate a CVV number?

No, you can’t generate a CVV number. The card issuer has access to create and print CVV numbers.

Does PayPal ask for CVV?

During the checkout process, PayPal doesn’t ask for a CVV number. Because you already linked PayPal with your debit or credit card. That time, you provide a Card Number, CVV, and Expiry date. So, further, you don’t need any of these.

Final Take

Remember, purchasing a gift card without a CVV number makes you more capable of online threats. Most of the time low-security sites usually give you access to pay without the CVV method. However, the whole article clarifies the information about how to buy gift cards without CVV number.

We also share a few online stores that are popular for selling new and unused gift cards. Be aware when you shop online, because you can be a victim of online thefts and fraudulence. Use the proper payment gateway, you trust most.