Can You Tip on a Gift Card? Is it Possible?

Tipping is a usual practice to showcase your dignity, respect, and sophistication. Your tipping not only makes the server happy but also it provides an acknowledgment of his or her better service. In general, previously, we provided tips by cash or check. And in this digital era, tipping is usually done by mentioning the amount on the credit card slip.

But what if you are paying the restaurant’s bill by using a gift card? How will you tip the server? Now, it is a burning question that can you tip on a gift card? In this article, we explore this context in detail while providing some way-outs.

Can You Tip on a Gift Card?

Yes, you can tip on a Gift Card. The tip giver and recipient have no issue giving and taking tips using gift cards. Now, let’s check the rules and policies.

1. Restaurant Policy

Many restaurants have the policy to accumulate tips in a single box, and at the end of the day, all the workers split the amount equally. In such cases, tipping with a gift card is a problem as it goes for only one person. Also, the restaurant must have technological arrangements to deal with tips given using gift cards. So, our suggestion is to ask the manager before tipping with the gift card.

2. Server is not Tech-Savvy

It is not like that every restaurant worker or server is used to advanced technological solutions. And the gift card payment procedure is comparatively new. So, if the server is not used to handling gift card money or does not know how to deal with the received tips through a gift card, the initiative will be worthless. 

In this case, it is essential to ask the server if he or she is aware or knows how to use gift card money, which the person is going to get as tips.

3. Tipping Amount Through Gift Card

It is not a decent job that you just provide a tip of one or a half dollar. But it can happen, even if the customer’s intention was not to go for such under-tipping. It usually happens due to the complex way of checking a gift card’s balance. 

Also, there are fees associated with using a gift card. If the customer is unaware of this, an under-tipping scenario can happen, which can disappoint the server. Again, the server may also feel disrespectful, though the customer is unaware of this.

4. Bring Some Cash

If it is not possible to tip with a gift card due to restaurant policy, the server’s lack of knowledge in technology, or no balance on the gift card, the best way to tip is using cash. It is always wise to keep some extra cash for tipping if you fail to tip without a gift card.

Learn More:

How to Add Tip to Gift Card Payment?

Follow the below stepwise process.

Step 01: Go to the paying option of the gift card on your device. Usually, it is known to be redeemed as a gift card payment.

Step 02: Now, check the bill according to the respective items.

Step 03: Now, below the “Redeem” button, there is an option named “Add Tip.”

Step 04: On the screen, you will see various options for tipping, mentioning amounts like $10, $5, $15, etc.

Step 05: Select the amount how much you want to tip. 

Step 06: Complete the transaction with the respective tipping amount.

Final Words

Tipping on a gift card can be a practical, considerate, and meaningful way to express gratitude. But, you must not forget to check with the restaurant policy and the server’s willingness. So, the next time you ponder whether you can tip on a gift card, remember that you are not only embracing modernity but also continuing a tradition of appreciation that has stood the test of time. However, we hope now you have a clear idea on can you tip on a gift card. 

People Also Ask

Can I tip on a digital gift card, or does it have to be a physical one?

Many digital gift cards, such as those received via email, can be used for tipping, just like physical cards. Check the terms and conditions provided with the digital card for guidance.

Does tipping with a gift card include taxes?

There is no separate tax. The tax will be based on the total bill, including your restaurant expenses and tips.

Is there a recommended percentage for tipping with a gift card?

The standard tipping percentage of 15-20% still applies when using a gift card. Calculate the gratuity based on the total bill before any discounts or taxes.