How to Transfer Walmart Gift Card Balance to Another Card?

Walmart is one of the largest retail chains in the USA. It offers a variety of gift cards that can be used for a wide range of products and services. Following this, many people purchase Walmart gift cards for their loved ones. We bet you also have received many of these cards. Sometimes, you prefer to purchase products from other sellers than Walmart. This requires transfer Walmart gift card balance to another card. Here, we detail the process for your convenience while elaborating on some other relevant aspects.

Can You Transfer Walmart Gift Card Balance to Another Card?

No, you can’t transfer Walmart gift card balance to another card directly. Its clear Walmart does not allow you to transfer the Gift Card balance to another card. The balance on Walmart gift card is not transferrable to any other card or you can’t withdraw it from any ATM.

Walmart strictly maintain the policy for gift cards. Don’t worry you have several options to transfer Walmart gift card balance to another card. These are indirect option, which are the secret techniques to get benefitted.

Why Is Walmart Gift Card Not Directly Transferable?

The very first reason is, Walmart Gift card is not reloadable. Only reloadable cards are transferable. Simply you can transfer funds from Walmart gift card balance but every other cards are always transferable. Just like Amazon Gift cards, eBay gift cards deny any fund transferring when the recipient is Walmart gift card.

Can You Transfer Gift Card Balance to Another Gift Card?

Sometimes it is possible to make transfer between Gift cards. However, some barrier may prevent your wish. You have to follow this steps before make transfer.

  • On the back side of Gift card, you will see the customer care service number. Ask the customer rep, is it possible to balance transfer with other card. Sometimes they block transfer and some gift card provider allow it for a while.
  • If gift card provider don’t allow transferring funds, you can transfer the gift card to another person. Directly, it’s sell process of Gift card, which is acceptable by many gift card provider.
  • If you are a buyer, you can combine the gift card balance when the transfer process ends.

4 Ways to Transfer Walmart Gift Card Balance to Another Card

We have already mentioned that you cannot transfer the Walmart gift card amount to another card in a direct way. But there are indirect approaches to do that. In this section, we inform you of those strategies.

1. Using Cash App

  • Login to your Cash App account first.
  • Tap on “Add Money”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Tap on “Add Card” as a payment option
  • Input your Walmart gift card details.
  • Tap “Continue” to add money successfully

You just added a card and its money to Cash App. The next step will instruct you how to transfer this money to a card.

  • Login to Cash App again.
  • Tap on “Send Money”
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • Enter bank details
  • Choose the previous added card as a “Payment Option”
  • Continue to send.

Great! You have successfully transfer the Walmart gift card balance to another card in an indirect way.

2. Using Gift Card Selling Service

  • Create an account on any reputed gift card seller website like CardCash, etc.
  • Log in to the site by using your ID and password.
  • List your Walmart Gift Card in the selling section. Here, you have to enter the details of the card.
  • Insert the remaining balance in your gift card from Walmart.
  • The system will do an analysis and will come up with an offer. We must inform you that they usually offer less amount than the actual value of the card.
  • Sell the Walmart gift card and use the money to purchase another gift card from CardCash.
  • Finally, you have successfully transferred your Walmart gift card balance to another gift card.

However, CardCash offers you gift card exchange solutions as well. In this case, you do not need to sell the Walmart card; exchange it for another gift card.

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3. Using PayPal

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Tap on “Add Money”
  • Enter the transfer amount.
  • Then tap on “Add Card” as a payment method.
  • Enter Walmart Gift Card details to add this card.
  • Tap on “Continue” to add the money

Your Walmart gift card balance has been transferred to PayPal. You can now shop for any other card as per your desire. You can even add the money to your debit card. To purchase another gift card-

  • Go to a reputed online gift card-selling website like CardCash, Raise, etc.
  • Select the card you want to purchase and add it to shopping cart.
  • On checkout, pay with PayPal.
  • Finally, you have made a transfer of your Walmart gift card’s balance to another card.

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4. Sell to a Friend or Family

Use your social media account. Generate a post mentioning that you want to sell the Walmart gift card. Tag this post to your close friend. Family members, colleagues, etc. It is for sure that you will get several responses. We suggest you mention a bit lower selling price to grab the attention of the potential buyer from your close circle. If you receive multiple responses, compare and choose the most advantageous one.

Go to that person. Handover the card and collect the money. Now, load the money into the Cash App or your debit card. Go to any gift card seller’s website and purchase the desired card using the added fund in your Cash App or debit card. Lastly, you have converted a Walmart gift card to another card.

How to Transfer a Walmart Gift Card to a Bank Account?

Transferring Walmart Gift Card to a bank account requires few steps. In this process, we will be using Cash App. Here’s how you can do it.

  • At first transfer your Walmart Gift Card balance to Cash App.
  • Login to your Cash App account first.
  • Tap on “Add Money”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Tap on “Add Card” as a payment option
  • Input your Walmart gift card details.
  • Tap “Continue” to add money successfully

After successfully adding Walmart balance to Cash App, it’s time to add your money to bank account. So, you can get it at hand.

  • On Cash App home screen, tap on “Money Tab”
  • Enter the amount
  • Tap “Cash Out”
  • Tap “Fast Transfer” or “Standard Transfer”
  • Confirm with PIN or touch ID

This is super easy way to move funds to your bank account. But, you can also linked a bank account to Cash App then start transferring.

  • Open Cash App
  • Tap on profile picture, tap “Link Banks”
  • Enter bank details
  • Then “Continue”

Now you can easily transfer funds to bank account.

How Much You Get in Transferring Walmart Card to Another Card?

The exchange rate for Walmart’s gift cards varies based on the specific type of gift card. For instance, Walmart gift cards tend to offer a more favorable exchange rate compared to gift cards from other retail brands. According to Walmart’s policy, customers can typically expect to receive between 80% to 97% of the gift card’s original face value. 

However, this higher exchange rate is applicable only for swapping a Walmart gift card for another Walmart gift card. When exchanging gift cards from other retailers, the rate may range from 70% to 80% of the gift card’s face value. 

Final Words

The process of transferring a Walmart gift card balance to another card is critical as Walmart only allows purchasing their products using the Walmart gift cards. We hope that now you have a clear understanding of how to transfer Walmart gift card balance to another card. 

By applying the strategies mentioned above, you can easily do a fund transfer. Finally, if you are using a platform like CardCash, we suggest you wait a bit and do not hurry, as the value fluctuates on the basis of demand. When you see a better deal, then sell the Walmart gift card.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you transfer money from your Walmart gift card to cash App?

Yes, you can transfer money from Walmart gift cards to the Cash app. You just need to add a card and add money to Cash App.

How do I turn my Walmart gift card into cash?

There are few websites such as Raise, CardCash, CardPool, Gift Card Granny can help you to convert gift cards into cash. They buy unwanted Gift cards and pay you.

Can you transfer Walmart gift card to another card?

Yes, you can transfer Walmart gift card funds to another card. But, directly it’s not possible due to Walmart’s strict policy. But, with the above mentioned methods, you transfer funds to another card. It’s possible but in an indirect way.

Is there a way to merge Walmart gift cards?

Merge is only possible if you have two or more Walmart gift cards. Just you need to buy another new Walmart Gift Card that has equal balance of your current Walmart Gift Cards.