What Channel is Court TV On Optimum?

In a rapidly changing digital age, we used to consume in various ways. We watch shows and movies using online platforms like YouTube and on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu. But our thirst for diverse content knows no bounds. Even though streaming has reshaped our viewing habits, cable TV remains a diverse and reliable player in the entertainment landscape. 

Following this, many Optimum users like you search for the answer of what channel is Court TV on Optimum. The straightforward answer is that you can watch Court TV on channel number 111 on Optimum. Also, you should know it covers 21 states of the USA. Let’s dive deeper to know more about this context. 

What is Court TV?

In 1991, when cable TV’s were dominating the field of delivering visual content, journalist and lawyer Steven Brill launched Court TV. The start of this TV hit with a simple but powerful idea that says, “Everyone is intrigued by true crime.” 

Court TV successfully draws the attention of the viewers by providing continuous live coverage of trials with expert analysis. At that time, New York State allowed cameras in courtrooms. Court TV gained popularity with live broadcasts of high-profile trials, including the O.J. Simpson murder trial. As the network expanded, it incorporated prime-time programs like Forensic Files. 

Unfortunately, in 2008, Court TV underwent a rebranding as TruTV, focusing on reality TV, comedy, and live sports. The good news is that Court TV was relaunched in 2019 as a digital broadcast service. Now, its service is highly popular among people who like crime-themed programs.

What To Watch on Court TV?

Today, Court TV shows trials whenever you want, i.e., there is an on-demand basis. The channel also started to show crime documentaries and legal shows. At present, it has broadened its area, covering big criminal cases and news. Court TV is still grabbing attention, showing that it’s not forgotten. Its service is now available in 21 States in America.

Some must-mention shows on Court TV are NYPD Blue, Bowling for Colombia, The Ex, Guilt by Association, and many more. You will find that most all the available programs are TV movies and series. But, the count of movies is very low.

What Channel is Court TV on Optimum?

After a long break, at last, Court TV is now again entertaining us with its thrilling programs. You can watch it 24/7 on channel number 111 on Optimum TV. The most amazing thing is that Court TV has diversified significantly. 

Streaming ProviderChannel NameChannel Number
Optimum TVCourt TV111

The result is that it allows you to watch programs through cable networks, satellite TV, or streaming services. The channel is working on reaching 50% of the U.S. through agreements with local TV stations and aims to be available in 25% of households via cable services.

By using Optimum, you can watch Court TV on any modern device: Smart TVs, Androids, iOS devices, etc.

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Why Watch Court TV on Optimum?

In the following section, we detail the advantages of watching Court TV on Optimum.

  • If you live on the East Coast side of the country, watching Court TV on Optimum is a very good selection.
  • Optimum’s service comes with a voice-activated remote. 
  • It has diversified packages: Core TV, Select TV, and Premier TV. Depending on the package you select, the price ranges from $ 85 to $125 for a month’s subscription. 
  • It is equipped with multi-room DVR facilities. This unique feature allows you to record 15 programs in one shot.
  • It allows you DVR storage for 25-150 hours. 
  • Optimum TV’s plans offer a variety of channels, including Court TV, allowing subscribers to access captivating legal dramas and true crime content.
  • Along with Court TV, Optimum offers more than 420 channels through its Premium TV package, which will cost you $125 bucks.
  • The most amazing thing about this TV is that there is no contract. You can eliminate your subscription anytime. 
  • Its interface is highly user-friendly, and you do not need to be a tech-savvy person to watch Court TV on Optimum.

How Much is the Cost to Watch Court TV on Optimum?

As mentioned, the monthly subscription fees range from $85-$125 for a month. We must notify you there are some other costs you have to bear as well. Below is the list.

  • One-time installation fee: $99-$149.99. This fee is not applicable if you have already been using the Optimum TV plan online.
  • The modem cost is $12 per month.
  • The set-top box’s monthly charge is $12.00
  • DVR Cloud storage charge varies: for 25 hours, it is $9.99 per month; for 72 hours, it is around $17.99 per month; and for 150 hours, it is $21.99 per month.

Final Words

We hope that now you have a clear idea about what channel is Court TV on Optimum. It is the channel number 111. So, now you have no problem enjoying your favorite Court TV show on a large screen. Finally, we suggest you check Optimum’s service availability and performance in your area.

People Also Ask

Can I watch Court TV on Optimum online or through a streaming service?

Yes, Optimum offers the option to stream channels, including Court TV, through their online platforms or streaming services. Check with Optimum for details on the streaming option’s working process.

How do I find the Court TV channel number on Optimum in Long Island?

From July 12, Long Island residents cannot watch Court TV through a cable connection facility. If you are a resident of this area, you have to watch it by using the Internet.

How can I find the Court TV channel number on Optimum?

You can find the Court TV channel number by referring to the Optimum channel guide. This guide is available on their website. Also, you can contact Optimum customer service if you have failed to find the channel after several tries.