Can a Total Wireless Phone Be Switched to Straight Talk?

You are a savvy guy, right? Maybe looking for a decent carrier that can reduce monthly cellular bills. I think your budget fits with straight talk. Considering the customers, it has kept its plan price low. Straight talk is an MVNO provider, using a no-contract policy, offering prepaid phone plans at a cheap price. It has no own network, it runs At&t, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks. Straight talk is a best choice if you want to switch from total wireless. Straight talk is a better choice. So, can a total wireless phone be switched to straight talk? In this guide, I will give you a proper explanation. Let’s dig it.

Why Use My Total Wireless Phone on Straight Talk?

There are several reasons you may stick your mind to getting service from Straight Talk. Surprisingly, you will get previous privileges when switching Total Wireless Phone to Straight Talk including unlimited cell phone plans, Total wireless offer. Additionally, Straight Talk is one of the top-rated US carriers.

They continuously expand their network. When you look over the straight talk coverage map including modern 5G technology, you will see the significant change. No compromise in coverage, they put a solid punch on it, plus they maintain unlimited talk, text, data plans smoothly.

Can a Total Wireless Phone Be Switched to Straight Talk

What to Consider Before Buying a Total Wireless Phone to be Used on Straight Talk?

If you think about purchasing a total wireless phone and using it with Straight Talk, you have to follow the unlocking policy. See the few factors about Total wireless unlocking. 

  • Request for a phone unlocking
  • Make sure your previous phone is active on Total wireless network.
  • Achieve ownership of a Total Wireless phone that is working on Straight Talk. You may also check out straight talk compatible phones.
  • Your phone must be no bad history report such as lost, stolen, fraudulent activity and harassment complaint

In order to use a total wireless phone on Straight talk, you have to follow the above-mentioned unlocking policy. Though a lengthy process, it is possible. Try to get help from a Total Wireless customer representative. Or try our unlocking instructions.

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How to Unlock Total Wireless Phone?

It is possible to unlock any device with Total Wireless if it meets unlock conditions. Before moving onto the unlocking process, 3 things you have to know.

  • You can’t unlock the Total Wireless phone which is blacklisted 
  • You need a pin code to unlock your phone. To get it, Call Total Wireless at 1-866-663-3633 and send an unlock request to Total Wireless.
  • Total wireless will never unlock your device, you have to do it manually. Just need a pin code from them

Process of Unlocking Total Wireless

This is an effective way to successfully unlock total wireless-

Using Third-Party Service

In this process, I will use IMEIDoctor to unlock your device. It can unlock a few phone brands such as Samsung, iPhone, LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, and other 7 brands.

  • Go to IMEIDoctor’s official website then select your country and the locked network name
  • Find your phone’s IMEI number. Dial *#06# or get it from Settings > About menu
  • Confirm the mobile model
  • Enter email address
  • Then Unlock for Any SIM Card
  • Agree their terms and conditions
  • Use a credit card to complete payment

Normally, it takes 6 hours to 24 hours to successfully unlock. IMEIDoctor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will get your funds back if the phone isn’t unlocked.

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Straight Talk Bring Your Own Device Program

As an existing total wireless user, if you are planning to switch total wireless to straight talk without leaving your favourite smartphone, the BYOP program got you covered. With the process, you can save up to $45 per month. To keep your number on Straight talk, the following process will reach you at your destination.

Step 1: Check Phones Compatibility

All carriers have separate compatibility checkers. Straight talk also has a mobile compatibility checker, where you can check compatibility. You just need to input an IMEI, MEID, or ESM number.

Step 2: Get a SIM, Access Code, Pick a Plan

Without a previous plan or new plan, you can’t get over the activation process. Straight talk offers a $45 unlimited plan which has a great gigabit speed.

Step 3: Activate Device

  • Go to the Activation page
  • Tap on Straight Talk Phone Activate
  • Select “I want a new number” or “I want to keep my number”
  • Enter your number
  • Then follow screen instructions

The above process is helpful in Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP). I hope you can do it. Because you are brave and fortune favors the brave.

How To Check If You Can Use Your Total Wireless Phone On Straight Talk?

How to understand if your current phone can work with Straight Talk. In this matter, you have to check compatibility manually.

  1. Visit Mobile Compatibility Checker
  2. From the check compatibility option, Tap on “Check Phone”
  3. From “Devices Compatible Carrier”
  4. Two options named “Identify the carrier from my current Service provider” and “I have a GSM Unlocked device”
  5. Choose any option you preferred
  6. Follow the screen instructions

Your provided information is sufficient to recognize your phone. Additional information such as IMEI, MEID, or ESM number may be required. Be ready with this information.

Which Total Wireless Phones Can You Use On Straight Talk?

Are you feeling a dilemma with this question? You should use an unlocked or compatible phone with straight talk. Though some Total Wireless Phones are already unlocked, you have to check compatibility for sure. However, shading more light on the frequent question. In my research, listed phones are highly compatible with Straight Talk.

  1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  2. Moto G Power
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8+
  4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  5. ZTE Blade A5 2020
  6. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  7. SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  9. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  10. Moto G fast
  11. TCL 10 Pro Unlocked
  12. Samsung Galaxy S10
  13. Apple iPhone 12
  14. Apple iPhone XS
  15. TCL 20S Unlocked Android Smartphone
  16. Samsung Galaxy A51
  17. OUKITEL C21 Unlocked Cell Phone

Bottom Line

Straight Talk Wireless is a type of prepaid cell phone carrier, which led the internet era for a long time. Unlike Total Wireless, it has enough credibility and loyalty to users. More than 25 million users are connected with Straight Talk. They also provide several types of cell phones that you can get from their shops with lease payment or cash. So, can a total wireless phone be switched to straight talk? The interesting fact is you can bring a previous phone such as a total wireless phone to straight talk with minimal effort.