What Bank Can I Withdraw Money From My Emerald Card?

Emerald Card (a reloadable prepaid debit card) offered by H&R Block to customers to receive tax refunds. With this Card, customers can instantly access funds without waiting for a paper check in the mail. Emerald Card users are often asked which bank they can use for withdrawals. Today, we will provide information about what bank can I withdraw money from my emerald card? Let’s see!

What is Emerald Card?

Emerald Card is a reloadable prepaid debit card. It is used for direct deposit of Tax refunds. With this debit card, you can easily access your funds. You can use Emerald cards anywhere Mastercard (Debit) is accepted. There are multiple ways to add money to your Emerald card.

Direct Deposits such as Govt. benefits, Unemployment benefits, Payroll, loading a check through the MyBlock app, transferring money to a linked account, or adding cash at retail stores are the easiest ways to add funds to your Emerald card.

How to Get H&R Block Emerald Card?

Here are the important steps you should follow to get a new H&R Block Emerald Card:

  • Visit an H&R Block Office: You can usually apply for an H&R Block Emerald Card at your nearest H&R Block office. Or go to Emerald Website to apply for this card, while you use their digital tax preparation product.
  • Complete an Application: Then you need to fill out an application form. This form will ask for your personal information, such as your name, address, social security number, and other details.
  • Verification: To verify your identification. You have to submit the necessary documents including Driving License, Passport, National ID, and Social Security Card.
  • Deposit: In this case, you might need to make an initial deposit onto the Emerald card. You can make a deposit from a tax refund, a direct deposit, or a cash payment.
  • Wait for Approval: After you submit the application with the necessary documents, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you should receive your H&R Block Emerald Card in the mail.
  • Activate the Card: Once you receive the card, you have to activate it before use. Visit Emerald Online, use the MyBlock Mobile app, or call 1-866-353-1266 to activate Emerald card.
  • Set Up Your Online Account: After that, set up your Emerald account online associated with your Emerald Card. It will help you to manage your funds, view transactions, and so on.

Can You Withdraw Money from Emerald Card to Bank Account?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Emerald Card to the Bank in 3 straightforward processes. 

  1. From Emerald card
  2. Using ATM
  3. Cashback or requesting funds

Emerald Card from H&R Block charges $3.00 per cash withdrawal. Customers may also be charged for requesting funds from the ATM. Additionally, you can use surcharge-free ATM networks like MoneyPass to avoid fees for withdrawals. If you withdraw money with Emerald Card from any financial institution, it will require a hefty fee of $35.

Using an ATM for cash withdrawal is a great option. Last but not least, Emerald card holders can use the Cashback method. It allows you to request cash back at the supermarket when you shop for groceries. If a store offers cashback, you can pay with Emerald Card as a cash back and it’s like a cash withdrawal.

What Do I Need to Withdraw Money from Emerald Card to Bank Account?

To complete withdrawals from your Emerald Card to Bank account, you may need a few things like-

  • A verified Emerald account online
  • Complete verification of Emerald card
  • Sufficient money on the Emerald account online

How to Transfer Money From Emerald Card to Bank Account?

You can transfer money from Emerald Card to any bank account. But, you must link a bank account to an Emerald card to start transferring. Make sure you link a bank account to use for daily transactions. Here is a straightforward process to link a bank account to Emerald Card.

  • Login: Use login information to access your H&R Block Emerald Card online account through the H&R Block website or the mobile app.
  • Navigate to Account Settings: Once you’re logged in, look for an option that allows you to manage your account settings. Here you’ll find the option to link a bank account.
  • Link Bank Account: From account settings, look for an option to “Link Bank Account” or “Add a Bank”.
  • Provide Bank Information: Enter the necessary information to link your bank account. That includes your bank’s routing number and account number. This information is usually found on your checks or in your online banking account.
  • Verify Bank Account: You might require to verify the linked bank account. Making a small deposit into your bank account and then asking you to confirm the amount deposited to verify your ownership of the account.
  • Confirmation: Once you’ve provided the required information and completed the verification process, you should receive a confirmation that your bank account is now linked to your Emerald Card account.

Steps to Transfer Money From Emerald Card to Bank Account

To complete transferring money Emerald Card to the Bank requires to submit a transfer request form. Here’s how you can transfer money from your H&R Block Emerald Card to your bank account by submitting a form:

  • Download and start by using a transfer request form from H&B website.
  • Fill out the form with necessary information such as SSN (Social Security Number), Phone Number, Emerald Card number
  • Follow the instructions on the downloaded form.
  • After completing, mail it to H&R Block
  • They will call and verify you once the form they receive.
  • After a while, they will send money to your chosen bank account.

What Bank Can I Withdraw Money from My Emerald Card?

Emerald Card from H&R Block is also used to withdraw money from any Bank’s ATM where a Debit Mastercard is accepted. There are thousands of banks in the United States that support the Emerald Card as it’s a debit Mastercard. But, few banks may not accept Emerald cards for ATM withdrawals.

It is wise to check a Mastercard logo when you want to withdraw from any bank’s ATM. Some of the best banks that accept Emerald Card ATM withdrawals include:

  1. Ally Bank
  2. Bank of America
  3. Barclays
  4. Capital One
  5. Chase
  6. Citibank
  7. Charles Schwab Bank
  8. Discover Bank
  9. Deutsche Bank
  10. Fifth Third Bank
  11. Synchrony Bank
  12. U.S. Bank
  13. TD Bank
  14. PNC Bank
  15. HSBC Bank
  16. KeyBank
  17. Santander Bank
  18. Truist Bank
  19. Regions Bank
  20. Wells Fargo

Final Words

We know a wide range of banks in the United States accept Emerald Cards. Because it is part of the Mastercard debit card. And you know most banks including major national banks and regional banks support Mastercard. Those who are looking for a hassle-free way to receive Tax benefits or govt. benefits, an Emerald card is a convenient way to access your funds.

So, if you are an Emerald Card holder, check out our resourceful information about what bank can I withdraw money from my Emerald card. These banks will help you to get money off of Emerald Cards quickly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What bank is associated with Emerald Card?

The H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard is issued by MetaBank®. MetaBank® is the financial institution that partners with H&R Block to provide the Emerald Card to their customers.

Where can I get money off my Emerald Card?

You can get money off Emerald Card from stores with cashback offers, supported ATMs and supported Banks with a fund requesting form.

What ATM Can I Use an Emerald Card at?

Any ATM in the United States that accepts MasterCard debit cards.